Ok, little notice for this one. I wrote this entire chapter at work. It was the original ending to "Angel Chronicles". However, this was written before chapter 4. Which I introduced more characters and the story line veered away from this plasuible ending. So if it makes absolutly no sense at all dont worry i will explain. In the previous chapter Angel had moved out on her own and while out in the feilds of Rolandberry she was attacked by a vampire. Whooo, spooky. Anyway, as a vampire herself she had gone missing and was just recently been found a day before. Another thing, in the previous chapter Angel had attacked and drained Ziggeraut of almost all of his blood. That being said have fun with this little sample of what happens when i get bored at work. When your done with this "chapter" go read "Forever Dreaming". It is book two of the trilogy... Perhaps i have said too much...

Everyone stood there watching her. Angel sat on the ground feeling the eyes of her friends.

"What are we going to do?" Ginryu asked

"What else. First we are taking Zigg to get medical attention then we will deal with the next problem." Kiary said.

"What's the next problem?" Noxes' asked

"We will get to that when we can. Everyone lets take him to Jueno." Kiary said

As they moved back Ginryu stood with her sword ready watching Angel. Kiary walked towards her.

"Angel. You know where this guy is. Lead us to him."

She continues to sit huddled up looking to the ground.

"Angel. You have to help us, if you don't we may not be able to help you."

She looks up to her.

"Then what? We go back to the way things were? Zigg is lucky I had enough control to not kill him. Few have gotten away from me. I have lost count of the people I killed. I can't just go back. After this who knows what will happen." She spoke softly

Kiary stepped back.

"When I get thirsty I cannot control what I will do. If you stay around me I will attack you and there will be no one who can stop me."

Angel got up and looked at her. Through her eyes she stared.

"If you want to go to stop him meet me at the entrance to the citadel."

"Where are you going?" Ginryu asked

"To feed." She answered

Angel was gone. She looked so weak and tired but moved quickly through the fields. Kiary and Ginryu walked to Jueno.

"This wont end well." Kiary said

Off in the desert Angel moved quickly. Not so much that she was running, she was just moving so fast the rest of the world seemed to slow down around her. Two were ahead, a small creature and a medium human. Angel growled in hunger. As she neared, the small one was the first to go. He had little to offer. She snatched him off the ground while she was still moving. Two gulps and it was drained dry. She stood from a perch on top of the cliff looking down. The food called out to his fallen friend. Drops of blood rained down on him. He looked to the sky to see her watching. All he saw was a grin under two eyes of tears.

"I'm sorry."

"Alright, we have to go at this with everything we have. From what we know about vampires from old lore they are allergic to garlic and silver. We have all our weapons edged with silver wire. Everyone who can use a bow we have arrows with blessed silver arrowheads. We don't know how well holy water will work but we have a few vials of that. And finally comes the main course. Garlic cloves. Carry these with you so they wont attack you."

"Kiary, Ginryu, we though Angel attacked you both." Kadak said

"No, she is waiting at the entrance to the citadel for us. She will help us locate the vampire who turned her." She said.

"Ok we have some stuff to pass out and we will head out." Kadak said

Soon after, the remaining group of travelers set out to kill the unknown enemy. Moving swiftly they arrived to see Angel sitting down by the door. Her eyes closed she looked as if she were asleep.

"So now what?" Kadak asked

"Now you follow. Now you listen to yourself."

Angel opens her eyes.

"Now is the time to run."

She stands up and walks into the dark halls of the old citadel. The rest followed her in. The walls were dank from wet soil. Torches lit the way for them all too see. They traversed the halls to see a large door. It stood 12 feet in height. Angel stood at the base.

"This is your last chance to run." Angel said

With a single hand she pushed the door open. No light could wash through the darkness on the other side. She stepped in and disappeared. The rest that stood outside looked at each other to see who would be the first to follow suite. With her sword drawn Kiary walked through the doorway.

Inside she could see nothing it was too dark for even her torch to shed light upon her surroundings. More walked in till torches all around them lit up. There before them sat a large man. He sat on a throne of human bones and blood. Beside him was Angel. As they all were in the room the doors behind them closed and locked.

"Ha hah hah hah hah. You have done well my pet. Now sit and wait for your turn." He spoke

Angel sat down; they saw she was wearing a chain collar keeping her to the wall.

"Angel what is this?" Kadak said

"So you still call her angel. She has changed a lot in a week, very submissive too. I tell her to round up a group of people and she does exactly what she is told." He spoke

They all drew their weapons and stood their ground. Taking defensive positions arrows went flying. Few struck their mark. The silver burned at his flesh. But he brushed them off and his wounds healed themselves.

"Throw the barrage!" Kadak yelled from behind.

All the people in the front line threw vials of holy water at him.

"Now that won't do." He said

With his mind the bottles stopped in the air. Everyone stood in awe at what transpired. He walked up to one bottle and pulled it out of the air and walked to where Angel was sitting.

"You all are entertaining me. But I have noticed that none of you are attacking the one that led you all here."

He held the bottle over her and let drops of it hit her. It sizzled on contact. The burns grew over her as he continued to pour the liquid upon her. Her cries grew louder as he still talked.

"Even though she betrayed you all and brought you to your death you wont attack her."

"STOP IT!" one from the group yelled "Stop hurting her."

He held the bottle still. No more fell upon her. He walked forward and threw the bottle to the ground. Angel was sobbing from the pain as he stood before the group of hunters.

"Well is that enough to get you all riled up. Come on attack me."

They rushed him. Swords slashing and people dodging out of the way from his attacks, each hit burned a cut into him. The vampire threw some back hitting the wall. A quick stab came from behind him. He grimaced in pain as he turned quickly to the one who caused him pain. A tall elvan woman stood with sword and shield. He picked her up by the neck and held her over him. He squeezed her throat closed. Smiling as she kicked and struggled in pain.

The group attacked him stabbing and casting spells upon him. He stood unfazed laughing. The man pulled the elvaan close to him and spoke.

"You know I always had a thing for elvaan blood. And a female blood is always the best."

He opened his mouth, his fangs lengthened as he breathed out. Ginryu was fixated on his teeth. Her mind was frantic not knowing what will happen and what is happening. All of the sounds happening were being drowned out, either the lack of oxygen or because she was panicking. But something was ringing, a voice. It was faint but she could hear something being shouted.

"…ooo… …innnn…"

It got louder. The shouting kept coming till she felt herself falling.


Angel was clawing at the restraints on her neck. Her fingers were too weak to pry it off but she kept thrusting forward trying to pull it out of the wall.


He dropped Ginryu to the ground.

"You stupid child. How dare you defy me!"

He slowly walked towards her.

"After all I have given you."

Angel continued to struggle at her collar. Her neck was bleeding from her pulling at it. A circular cut lined her neck.

He grabbed her collar by the chain and ripped it out of the wall. Like a whip he threw her around the room. Smashing her into the walls and floor. He lets go of the chain and moves on.

"I will deal with you after I am done with these people."


Angel lies face down on the ground. Her body is cut, broken, and bruised. Bones have been fractured and broken. She gathers what strength she has left and pushes her self up.

"I may have lead them to their death. But I wont let you be the one to end their lives."

"How are you going to stop me? You can't even get up no less hold a sword."

"Who said I would use a sword?"

She huddled her self to her knees.

"I know what you are. Simple weapons wont hurt you. Holy relics you can repel. But there is something you forgot to take into account. You are a vampire."

"So? You even told them I was a vampire. What will that accomplish?"

"Vampires are not of the living. Nor are they dead. They are animated corpses by the use of a curse. You are undead. Death can negate pain and tolerate plagues."

She leaned back and looked around to her forgotten friends. She puts her hands together and speaks again with light and wind flowing around her.

"Death cannot be touched by the healing light of the mages."


She finishes casting the spell. A blue aura flashes around her and envelopes the vampire. The healing light sears into his flesh scarring and burning all over his body. He dashes towards Angel grabbing her head and tossing her aside like a rag doll. She hits the other side of the room with a thud. She lies motionless on the ground. The damage from the one cure spell could be seen to have a strong impact on him. The others did not waste their chance.

Flurries of curing spells were cast upon the vampire. He tried to fight back but with each spell cast he was pushed back in pain. He had become so weakened that the melee attacks could hit and do damage to him. Soon he found himself overwhelmed.

"How could this happen. I am too strong to be simply be beaten by a bunch of travelers."

With the last of his strength he ran for the doors. He pushed them open and charged out into the halls.

"Don't let him get away!" Noxes' yelled

Kadak rushed to Angel. She lied there motionless. The blunt trauma caused from her being thrown around knocked her out cold.

"Angel wake up." Kadak said

"Leave her alone. She has betrayed us. She shall die just like we will kill the other one." Chster said.

Angel opened her eyes slowly to scan her surroundings. She saw a few teammates around her while a few others were guarding the doors. She moved her arm to push herself up. As she slowly got up a foot came down on her back thrusting her back down.

"You're not going anywhere. As long as that thing still walks you cannot be trusted." Chster spoke.

"Well she did show us how to beat him. She did turn against him." Amand said

Angel squirmed under Chster's foot.

"His heart." She faintly spoke. "You must pierce his heart to finish him."

"So if that will kill him it will kill you too?" Chster asked

"Yes it will." She answered

He kicked her over so she lay on her back. He drew his sword and held it over her.

"I'm sorry but it must be done this way."

"Chster stop."

"No Ginryu this must end now."

With his attention off of her she moved quickly. With a spin she knocked him to the ground. She got up on her feet looking wobbly.

"Please forgive my behavior. But I must make things right."

With that she took off down the hallways. The rest just looked as she moved out of sight so fast.


Kiary took out her bow and chased after her. Further down the hallways Angel caught up with the vampire.

"You don't think you'll be getting out of this do you?" Angel said

"Heh, do you think you'll get out of their alive either?"

"I don't plan on it. With everything I have you won't get out of this place to harm another person."

She took a battle stance facing him. He lunged at her she side stepped to dodge his attack. As he passed her she dropped low sliding in her foot to trip him. He hit the floor face first. Angry he charged again but she spun around him throwing sharp jabs in his back.

"Damnit. How could I have let this much slip by? You and your friends will not be the death of me."

"You talk too much."


She turns to see who it is. Her moment of frailty is exploited completely. He grabs her holding her still. Kiary rushes up to see the vampire use Angel as a human shield.

"Well look what we have here. If you want your precious Angel to live you better drop your bow and leave."

He drew a finger across her throat scratching it. Angel looked directly at Kiary. Kiary stood with her bow drawn silver arrow aimed at them both. Angel closed her eyes and spoke.


Her voice echoed through the halls as a swift strike struck flesh. Kiary's arrow hit its mark. Hitting Angel in the chest it passed through and caught the vampire in the heart too. He screamed in agony as he slowly melted into ash. She fell back into the darkness with Kiary's arrow still in her chest. She landed on her side looking up at the ceiling. Kiary rushed over to her aid but it was too late.

"But then what happened?" A child spoke

"I think that is enough for tonight."

"Awww, but we want to know how it ends."

"Now kids you'll just have to wait till tomorrow night."

The kids all got up and walked out of the room. The woman who sat in the chair who read from a tomb closed her book and got up. She walked to a table and laid the book down.

"I may have to add another chapter to this story soon." She said

A knock at her door rang through the room.

"Come in." She called

The door opened and in stepped a mithra woman.

"I came to see if the rumors were true."

The other woman turned to the visitor.

"It is you. I have looked in all of cities to see if you were still around."

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