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Codename: Kids Next Door Mission

Operation: I.N.I.T.I.A.T.E…














Chapter One – Past Sector V's decommission time


Writing Operatives:



Storyboard Operatives:


KND's Moon base HQ: Numbuh 362's office

A girl was looking out into space from her office. She was trying hard not to cry. She was wearing a light blue suit with the number 362 in the front. She was Numbuh 362 and commander of the organization, Kids Next Door or KND that protects kids worldwide from adults. However, you had to be a kid, in order to be in the KND, so when you turned 13 or became a teenager, you would had to erase your memories of your KND's life. This was why Numbuh 362 had an unhappy face because Sector V was getting decommissioned today.

KND's Moon base HQ

The Headquarter was filled with kid operatives talking about Sector V's decommission. The question on every operative's mind, would Sector V go peacefully or violently? Past sectors had gone violently, so the majority says violently. However, some operatives say Sector V might be different. Numbuh 86's decommission team already left for Sector V's tree house. All the operatives waited for Sector V and the decommission team. Numbuh 362 hated this time of the year, but then again nobody like this time either. She sighed and looked at the papers on her desk of Sector V's profiles. She would miss them, everybody would miss them.

"Numbuh 362 they are here!" said Numbuh 274 on the intercom.

"Ok!" Numbah 362 said to the intercom. She pushes on a button and spoke in the intercom. "Kids Next Door Sector V is here!" she shouts in the intercom "Remember what to do!" She heard Numbuh 274 yelling "Move into your positions!" Numbuh 362 sighed and went out of the office.

KND's Moon base HQ: Space Dock

The decommission team's ship landed on the pad. The door of the ship opened and Numbuh 86 stepped out.

"We got Sector V Numbuh 362" Numbuh 86 said "They put up a hard fight, but we stopped them. " Troops bring them out!" Numbuh 86 shout. The decommission team bought Numbuh 1-5 out one by one. All of the operatives 1-5 looked like they fought a long battle. All of their clothes was either torn or had mustard on it. They were also crying and hugging each other.

Numbuh Four was shouting "I don't want to be decommissioned!"

"Shut up teenager!" Numbuh 86 shouted at Numbuh Four. "Troops take them to the decommissioning room!"

"Yes sir!" they shouted back.

"Nooooooo!" Numbuh 1-5 shouted. Numbuh 362 looked at them screaming while being taken away. She couldn't take anymore and ran to her office. She locked the door and started crying.

KND's Moon base HQ: Decommissioning room

The decommissioning room didn't look like a dangerous room. In the middle of the room there were a lot of chairs and something that looked like a television.

"Alright you teenagers!" Numbuh 86 shouted at Sector V who was tied to the decommissioning chairs. "Any last words?"

"Yeah, can I go to the bathroom?" Numbuh Four asked.

"No!" Numbuh 86 reply "Start the decommissioning!" Numbuh 86 shouted.

"Yes sir!" answered the troops. They pushed a button on the panel and a toilet plunger came out the television screen into Sector V's faces. Sector V were all screaming and trying to get of the chairs, but couldn't. Every operative heard the screaming, including Numbuh 362.

"Kids Next Door Mission Accomplish!" Numbuh 362 spoke on the intercom. Finally there was silence and every operative started to go back to their rooms or tree houses. Numbuh 362 was looking out into space and was glad it is finally over. However she knows it will happen again sooner than she thinks.

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