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Codename: Kids Next Door Mission

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Chapter Seven – Recess trouble


Writing Operatives:


Dark Magician Fairy


Storyboard Operatives:


East Primary School: 304's classroom

After that embarrassing moment, I couldn't pick my head up so I kept my head down until Mrs. Rose told me to sit up straight. When I looked back up, guess whose face I see? Yep! You are right! That cruddy girl's face and the worst part is that she is smiling at me.

"Alright class, we are done with the attendance. Let's go over your homework for tomorrow" Mrs. Rose said to the class.

What! What homework? I look over at the board where the homework was. Where did that come from? Did I put my head down that long?

"Since it is the first day, you guys won't get any real homework. Your homework for tomorrow is to bring in your supplies for the class. Now I am passing out the paper with the list of supplies you will need to bring in" Mrs. Rose said while passing out the papers to each of us.

I took the paper she gave me and look at it. I took out my supplies my mum prepared for me. Pencils? check! Notepad? Why will I need that for? Markers? I guess for coloring? Color pencils? Same thing. Glue? check! Okay done with the list! Now to check what Kuki is doing. Wait! Did I just call her by her name? I mean cruddy girl! Crud! What is-

"Hey Wally!" Kuki shouted at my ears causing me to cover my ears.

"What!" I shouted back and checked my ears if I was deaf.

She smiles at me and said "its recess time silly!" That when I notice that we were the only ones in the room. I turn red from embarrassment of not noticing everyone left and being alone with her in the room. I quickly ran out not noticing she was right behind me.

East Primary School: Backyard

I ran out of the school still not noticing she was right in back of me. I stop at the wall and pant. I turn around and see her smiling at me.

Why is she following me around? Why didn't that cruddy teacher tell me it was recess time? Why didn't Hoagie tell me? Why is she following me around?

"Why are you following me?" I asked her while she was looking at the sky.

She turns back slowly to face me and said sadly "I am new to this school and I don't have any friends." Then she smiles again and said "Can you be my first friend?"

I just look at her weirdly. Say No! No! My mind says, but there was something about her I just couldn't say no to. Before I could answer though, I heard a very familiar voice.

"Hey Squirt!" someone shouts at me. I turn around and meet the bully and his friends behind me.

"I told you not to call me squirt or you will get a bigger whooping than last time" I said while trying to hold back my fist. By that time the whole place was very quiet and looking at us.

The bully just ignored me and looks at Kuki who looks scared. "Who's that girl behind you? Your girlfriend?

I try not to blush and protest back "She's not my girlfriend!" I was getting angrier by the second, ready to throw a punch in that cruddy bully' face again.

He walks up to Kuki and said "Well then you won't mind me touching her will you?" Then he got closer to her and was about to touch her that's when I blow up and jump at him knocking him down.

All the kids around me start to chant "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Before I could land a punch on him, he throws me off of him and got up in a fighting position. I fell to the floor and got up with my fighting position too. For a moment we just look at each other in our fighting positions.

Somewhere on the roof of the school was a dark figure watching the whole thing.

"Be careful Wally!" Kuki shouts at me.

"Teach him a lesson!" Hoagie shouts at me. I smiles back at him.

The bully looks at me and says "Awww! Your little girlfriend and fat friend is concern about you!" That's when I throw the first punch at him which knocks him down.

The figure on the roof smiles and took out a PIPER.


PIPER- Phone in Pipe Emergency Radio

Static "You got him Numbuh One?" a girl asks from the PIPER.

"Roger that Numbuh Five! He is in a little fight right now though" Numbuh One answers her.

"Uhh... so we wait?" Numbuh Five asks him.

"Yep. We wait" Numbuh One reply. Static

"She's not my girlfriend and don't call my friend fat!" I shout at him on the ground. He got up from the floor and looks at me. Then he quickly tries to punch me, but I was ready and caught his hand. Everyone gasps. Then I twist his hand causing him to cry in pain. Then I kick him in the stomach so hard that he fly all the way to the back. All his friends look at me in terror and ran to him.

I slap my hand up and down and said "well, that was easy."

I turn around and all of sudden Kuki screams "Watch out Wally!" I heard everyone gasp. I turn around and see the cruddy bully pointing a weapon at me. He fires it at me and everything became slow motion as the laser get closer to me and I get closer to my death

Transmission Interrupted…

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