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Twin Signal: Finally Left Alone

Chapter 1: Through the Wall

A combat robot. Why did they have to make him a combat robot? Why? Why go to all the trouble of giving him a conscience and the ability to feel human emotions and sensations if all he was meant to be was a weapon? These and similar thoughts ran through Signal's head as he raced through the forest, trying to escape the military's search and retrieval squad, a.k.a. the 'clean-up crew'. They didn't care if what they caught came back dead or alive, just so long as it came back.

Of course, Signal-Ookai, as he was named by the scientists who had created him, wasn't really 'alive' to begin with, was he? Maybe he was. After all, he did think, reason, feel, and understand. Maybe that was all that mattered. Yes, he was definitely 'alive'. He just wasn't 'human', whatever being human meant. As far as the military was concerned, he was just 'Weapons Project S-13-01', the most advanced combat robot ever created.

He came to a break in the forest, one of the clearings where he had trained in hand-to-hand combat, and stopped to listen. In the background he heard alarms going off and people yelling, but that was to far away to worry him. What put him on edge was the quiet. At this time of night there should be all kinds of sounds, from owls to little field mice. Instead, it was quiet. That only meant one thing: dogs. All of the creatures in the forest were afraid of the military dogs. They were bred to be vicious and smart. It was almost impossible to run and hide from them. If the dogs were loose then any more time wasted would mean he would be caught. Signal took off running, heading for the wall that surrounded the compound. If he could get past that wall... How though? As far as he knew, the wall has impenetrable. No one could get through anywhere but the front gate, and that would surely be watched. Well, he'd just have to find a way.

"Rawrawrawrawr!" Speaking of a way... 'Uh-oh, it looks like they've picked up my scent,' he thought. 'Time to take a shortcut.'

He changed directions to take him through the trees, hoping the smaller spaces would make it harder for them to keep up. "Rawrawrawrawr!" He sighed. Of course, hoping didn't always work. His only chance now was to make it to that damn wall. Where the hell was it!? He knew it was there somewhere!


'Oh. There it is. Owwwww!' He sighed again. 'Maybe I should watch where I'm going next time.'


"Shit. Time to get going," he said, trying to find a way to climb over. Unfortunately, the fates seemed to be against him today. He just couldn't find a good grip!

"Rawrawrawrawr!" The words 'You're running out of time!' kept running (were they flashing in red!?) through his head. How to get away!? He was just one combat robot with... Oh yeah! 'Now why didn't I think of that sooner?' he though, seriously pissed with himself. Then he placed his arm on the wall and pushed. Hard. The entire section of the wall came down! (A/N: Way to kick some serious butt Signal!) He calmly stepped through and picked the wall back up, placing it back where it had been. Then he ran.

"Finally, I'm free!" (A/N: Famous last words...)

End Chapter 1

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