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Aftermath of Wannaweep

Ron Stoppable stood glumly in front of the shattered remains of the cabin he had stayed in at camp that summer. The past 24 hours had been interesting to say the least. He had to face for the first time a villain by himself and this villain was only interested in getting at him instead of Kim. In fact the creep had captured the entire cheer squad after luring them to the camp just to get at Ron. Kim had been the last captured, stuck to a tree with the glop that the freak spit/threw out. Ron and Rufus had defeated Gill and rescued the whole team. The whole team was impressed, even Bonnie. But the memory that was burned into Ron's mind was two very soft, very sweet lips that touched his cheek. Those lip belonged to Tara. Ron nearly melted where he stood. Kim was impressed and was proud of Ron. But….as always when Ron had some ideas of calling some of the shots on the next mission, well Kim shot that down real quick. Why didn't she trust him, just once in awhile would be nice.

"Stoppable, come on son, the officers are giving us a ride back to school" Mr. Barkin yelled. "Possible, Tara one of you get the car 56, the other get in car 24 with Stoppable."

Tara reached out and grabbed Kim's arm as Kim turned to get in car 24. "K, if you don't mind. I…I would like to ride with Ron. I know you two are really close, but…but if you don't mind I would like to ride back with him."

Kim smiled to herself. The rest of the team would be crammed in the other cars. Tara and Ron would be the only two in the back seat of the cruiser. Tara was started to blush as Kim looked at her. Kim just nodded and said "Sure, Tara, I don't mind a bit."

Tara giggled a little and said "Thanks, K, uhh, by the way, I know you two are tight but … "

Kim smiled at Tara knowing what she was asking. "No big, Tara. Ron's my best friend and he and I had experienced a lot together but friends is as far as it goes."

"So you wouldn't mind if I…" asked Tara with a raised eyebrow.

"Go for it, Tara. I think it would be good for Ron and for you. You might be surprised in what you might find in him." Kim said.

Tara smiled a dazzling smile and ran to get in the other car.

Ron was looking the other way when Tara got in the car. Ron started to speak as he turned back "Hey, Kim what do you…" Ron stopped when he realized that if was Tara in the car instead of Kim. "Uh, sorry Tara. Uhh..mmm..uh.. just that normally Kim is the only one who will sit near me."

"That's okay Ron." Tara said. "I told Kim that I wanted to ride with you." Tara slid a little closer to Ron as the car pulled off. They had put their seatbelts on and instead of Tara taking the outside seat, she choose the center one, right next to Ron.

Ron started to feel warm, and found he was having a little trouble breathing and concentrating. Those feelings exploded when Tara took his arm in hers and laid her head on his shoulder. "Ron, thanks for what you did back there. You were really something. I mean you faced down that guy with no problem."

Ron really started to get warm now. "Officer, you turn on the ac back here, it's a little hot." He reached and pulled his collar open just a bit. He swore to himself that he saw steam come from out of his shirt. The officer who had been watching everything in the mirror smiled and said sure as she reached over and started the controls for the ac. She smiled to herself 'poor guy, his hormones are probably about to melt him'.

The ride back to the High School had been rough for the team as they had been crammed into the other cars. Of all the luck, the car Kim got in was the one with Bonnie in it. The two of them had to sit next to each other so the trip was not pleasant. The ride for Ron and Tara on the other hand had been great. That is for Tara at least. She had her head on his shoulder all the way back. She had cooed all over him on the way back to the school. She played with his hair and his shirt all the way back. He was near full cardiac arrest by the time the police cruiser pulled into the school parking lot. As the car pulled to a stop Tara giggled and said "My folks are here so I'll see you later, Ron. Call me. I'm sure my folks would like to meet you after I tell them what you did." She then leaned over and gave him a kiss full on the lips. Then giggling she hopped out of the car and ran to her parents car.

Kim had gotten out of her car and looked for Ron. "Miss Possible, Miss Possible, I think you might need to come over here." Kim turned to the officer who drove the car that Ron was riding in waving at her. She jogged over to see what was wrong. "Is anything wrong officer, nothing happened to Ron did it, I mean swimming in that water didn't have an effect on him did it?" The officer laughed with a bright gleam in her eyes. "No Miss Possible, nothing like that. But Mr. Stoppable there will most likely need an ice-cold shower to bring him back to reality." That is when Kim looked into the car and saw Ron sitting there with a total blank look of shock on his face. She also noticed that he was soaked in sweat. "What happened to him?" Kim asked.

"Well" said the officer. "Let's say the young man is in hormone shock."

"HORMONE SHOCK? What do you mean?" asked Kim.

"Well" the officer said and then beat over to whisper in Kim's ear. As she spoke Kim's mouth opened wider and wider as did her eyes. Also, her face started to approach the same color as her hair.

"TARA, did WHAT!" Kim questioned quietly continuing turning red.

"Oh, that's not all" the officer said as she continued to whisper in Kim's ear. When she finished she stood back as Kim turned to her with an incredulous look on her face. The officer laughed to herself wondering which reaction was funnier. Ron's reaction to Tara or Kim's reaction to what was just told to her.

"Let's just say that your friend there is most likely in hormone overload." The officer finished. "I don't believe that lipstick on his face is not quite your color."

Kim looked over at Ron who had not moved. He was still sitting there with the same blank look on his face. She reached over and undid his seatbelt and guided him out of the car. "Time to go home Ron" she said.

"Home, yeah home" Ron said in a bland distant voice. His facial expression had not changed.

Kim leaned him against the cruiser. "Officer, I can't get him home in this condition. Do you have anything that could snap him out of it."

"Well, I have an idea, but I would prefer that you do it since you two are friends." The officer said.

"What do you have in mind?" asked Kim.

"Well" the officer whispered something into Kim's ear. Her jaw dropped to her chest. "I couldn't. That…that would be…cruel.."she stopped for a moment, then smiled an evil little smile. "on the other hand, that might be fun."

The officer went to the back of her cruiser to a cooler and got a large cup of crushed ice out. She then turned to Kim and gave it to her. "Where should I put it?" Kim asked. The officer looked a Kim with a gleam in her eyes.

Everyone was getting ready to leave. Kim's parent were waiting for her at the van. Ron was supposed to go home with them so they were waiting for the both of them. It was then that a blood curdling scream that they recognized as Ron's came from the direction of the car that he had been riding in. Everyone turned and ran for the car.

The ride back to the Possible's was a quiet one for the most part. Kim's parents in the front were valiantly trying to keep straight faces. Kim and Ron were in the back with Ron and one side and Kim on the other. Ron sat sulking with his arms crossed with his wet clothes. Kim sat on the other side trying not to laugh.

"Ron, I'm so sorry." She said giggling. "But, I had to bring you back to reality."

Ron just grumbled as the car continued down the street toward the Possible home.

Hi folks, hope you like this one. I came up with this one just today as I was watching a tape I made of several shows. This one will continue for awhile. I thought I might do a Tara/Ron story and see where it lead me. Kim's reaction will be in on the deal as well as everyone else's. This will be set immediately after the first Wanaweep episode, so Kim and Josh are still together. I had noticed a great deal of Kim/Ron stories so I thought I would do this as a change of pace. I hope you liked it. I didn't put in the story just where Kim put the ice. I will leave that to your active little imaginations. I will just say that his clothes were wet and leave it at that. Please read and review.