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Aftermath of Camp Wannaweep – Chapter 16

Kim and Ron relaxed in the living room at her house. Tara and Josh would arrive soon so they could all head for school. The two teens were still a little sore, but they were able to move around with no problem. Yet Tara and Josh noticed something this time they had never noticed before, Kim and Ron were different, they were easily startled, they acted distant, they having trouble with their concentration, and their tempers were short on occasion. The two teen heroes were normally edgy after a particularly difficult mission but this time something was different. Josh and Tara just put it off till they could talk to Roscoe.

"Hey Angel, how are you this morning?" Josh asked as he entered the Possible living room. Kim was sitting on the couch and she smiled as Josh entered.

Tara came in behind Josh and went straight to Ron. "And how is my Ronnie, this morning?"

Ron grinned at Tara as he stood. "I guess we are both doing pretty well. Just a little tired. You two ready to head to school?"

"That's what we are here for." Josh said with a smile. He reached for Kim's hand and noticed that it was shaking slightly. She smiled at him as she shook her hand out like it was wet then took his hand. Josh helped Kim to her feet and put his arm around her as she stood.

"Come on, Ron, let's go, we don't what Barkin on our cases this morning." Tara joked smiling.

"I'm coming" Ron snapped back. He then turned around to stare into space as Tara's eyes flew open wide at the manner he had talked to her. There was complete silence in the house as everyone looked at Ron. He turned back to Tara and took her into his arms.

"Sorry, Tara, oh I am so sorry. I've just been a little out of sorts for the past couple of days." He said as he held her close.

Ron forced his trademark goofy grin and took her hand.

"Come on let's go, we need to get a move on."

"Josh, can you come here a minute?" Mrs. Possible called from the kitchen.

"Sure thing, Mrs. P" Josh answered. "Why don't the three of you head for the car? I'll be there in just a minute."

Kim, Ron and Tara headed out of the door to Josh's car.

Josh entered the kitchen and saw Mrs. Possible standing there with her arms crossed with a worried look across her face.

"Josh, both of them have been like that ever sense they came home. Kim is not sleeping well, and I noticed that shaking hands deal. Mrs. Stoppable called and told me that she was worried about Ron. She told me that he has been short-tempered and also not sleeping well."

"I think you might want to call Tara's grandfather. The last time I spoke with him he told me some things to look for when Kim and Ron might need help. I don't know what happened on this last mission but it has really affected them. They need some help whether they know it or not." Josh suggested.

"Thanks Josh, just needed another opinion, I'll get up with Richard as soon as I can and have me call his father. Now you better go. Oh here."

Mrs. Possible have Josh a list and some money.

"This is some stuff I need from the store, if you would help Kim get it I would appreciate. This will also give you an excuse talking to me. Now get moving." Mrs. Possible ordered.

"I'll take of everything, and also grab Tara on the side and let her know what is happening." Josh turned and headed out the door to the other calling him to come on.

Middleton High School

Kim and Ron were sitting in Latin class. This was their first class for that day and there was a major test that day. Mrs. Horne the teacher had passed out the test and the students began. Kim and Ron glanced at each other shrugged and began their tests. Soon Mrs. Horne noticed that Kim and Ron were both acting strangely. This was one of Ron's better classes but it seemed that he was having difficulty with the test. He keep rubbing the back of his neck and staring at the paper. Miss Possible seemed to be having difficulty with the test. She would try and write something then stop shake her head and just go to the next problem. Mrs. Horne kept a watch on them till time was up.

"Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, could you both stay for a moment." Mrs. Horne asked.

"What's wrong, Kimmie, you and the loser get caught cheating?" Bonnie asked with a sneer.

"Miss Rockwaller, unless you proof of any cheating, I would be careful of saying anything. Especially with your last grade." Mrs. Horne announced to within hearing distance.

Bonnie's face went vivid red. "Whatever" she hissed and stalked out the door.

Mrs. Horne stood and closed the door behind Bonnie, then turned back to her desk. She rummaged through the papers on her desk and found the two teens papers. She looked over them then gazed up at the two of them with surprise. Both tests were barely completed and looked like the answers went all over both papers. Mrs. Horne stared up at Kim and Ron.

"Would you two mind telling me what is going on here. Just from what I can see here, I can tell you that both of these are failing papers. This is completely unlike both of you. Now I heard about that last mission, did that mission effect your preparation for this test?"

Kim and Ron looked at their feet, then each other then the ceiling.

"We studied Mrs. Horne, it's just….." Kim started to speak then stopped as she threw up her hands.

"Well, I haven't decided how much this test will count toward your final grade, but both of you need to straighten yourselves out. I would suggest stopping these missions for awhile. I will also suggest some extra credit work for both of you to help with these grades. Now, head for your next class, I will give you both a hall pass and a tardy excuse slip for your next class." Mrs. Horne stared at Kim and Ron as she waved the failing papers at them.

"Yes, Mrs. Horne." Kim and Ron answered. They picked up their books and headed for their next class which was gym. Mr. Barkin frowned at the excuse slips and told the two teens to dress out and get to class. Barkin was passing through the dressing room as Ron was changing and he stopped and stared. Ron's back was a mass of black and blue bruises. There also appeared to be a number of scrapes across sections of his back. Barkin shook his head and continued out into the gym.

Kim and Ron had finished changing and were waiting to join the classes. They did not see Bonnie sitting back behind and above them on the bleachers. Bonnie whispered something to one of her friends and silently giggled. She picked up one of her larger textbooks and crept up behind Kim and Ron. The two teens were standing there quietly when Bonnie dropped the book behind them. When it hit the floor it sounded like a small explosion.

Both Kim and Ron yelled and leaped from their spot. Everyone turned to see Kim jump into fighting position. Ron was enveloped in a blue haze as they stood back to back. Everyone might have thought if funny till they looked at Kim and Ron's faces. They saw something they had never seen in the two friends. That was shock and fear. Both teens were wide-eyed and stood back to back eyes searching watching for the smallest movement.

Bonnie started to laugh but her laugh choked off as Ron turned to the sound of her laughter. She saw his eyes burning blue, and then out of the air the Lotus Blade appeared and molded into the shape of a spear. Ron hurled it in Bonnie's direction. She dodged and the spear embedded itself in a seat near her. It then changed back into the blade shape and flew back to Ron. Kim was backing up to Ron when a loose basketball rolled to her feet, in a smooth spinning motion she grabbed the ball and hurled it at the far wall. It hit the brick wall with such force that it exploded.

Students screamed and ran to the far end of the gym. Mr. Barkin ran up and touched Kim on the shoulder. In an instant he found himself sailing through the air to land on the floor. He looked up to Kim above him arm drawn back ready for another blow. Her eyes blank yet wild. Ron already as her side backing her up.


Kim and Ron seemed to hesitate then they blinked their eyes. They both seem to cave inward. Their eyes cleared as they looked around, Kim realized she had Mr. Barkin on the floor and she pulled back.

Mr. Barkin stood and raised his hands palms outward and open.

"Kim, Ron, stand down." He said quietly.

"Monique, go get Tara and Josh right now." He ordered. Monique nodded and ran from the gym.

"Kim, Ron, you are at school. You are not on a mission, you are safe, and no one here is going to hurt you." Mr. Barkin continued.

"Clear the gym, everyone out." Barkin ordered.

The students left the gym quickly, as the last students left Tara and Josh entered the gym with Monique. They slowly approached Kim and Ron.

"Kim, Ron; Tara and Josh are here." Mr. Barkin said quietly. "Tara, Josh, do not approach them; just let them see you, talk to them quietly."

Tara and Josh nodded quietly and moved so that Kim and Ron could see them.

Kim and Ron were still back to back, but did not seem to be in full battle mode. They slowly relaxed. Then they both seem to lose all strength as they sat down. Josh and Tara stepped quickly forward but were stopped by the gazes from Kim and Ron. They knelt close to both of them speaking softly.

"Kim, Ron, take it easy, no one is going to hurt you."

"Tara, you need to call your grandfather and right now." Josh whispered.

Tara pulled out her phone and called her grandfather. "Granddaddy, that thing you said to watch out for has happened. Yes, sir, it happened in the gym, Josh and I are there now. Whatever happened, Kim had Mr. Barkin on the floor and from what I have heard Ron came close to hurting Bonnie. "

Tara walked over to Mr. Barkin and handed him the phone. "Mr. Barkin, my grandfather wants to speak with you."

Mr. Barkin took the phone. "This is Steve Barkin. Yes, Mr. King, I have heard of you from Tara, and I know of your group. I think you better get one of the members of your group to the Possible residence as soon as you can. I will discharge Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable for health reasons for the rest of the day."

Barkin closed the phone and gave it back to Tara and nodded. "Tara, you and Josh get Kim and Ron dressed and back to Kim's house. I will sign both of you out along with Kim and Ron. Don't press them, don't push them into anything. I would not suggest even touching them unless they make the first move. They have suffered a rather bad shock and they need time to recover. It was only a matter of time that this would happen. They are only teenagers, and the world expects them to handle pressures that most adult can't handle. Go ahead now get them home."

Mr. Barkin stormed into the school office and gave instructions to the secretary about Kim, Ron, Josh and Tara. Then he went to the card file and looked up Bonnie's class list. He then went to the intercom system and called the teacher.

"Mr. Warren, is Miss Rockwaller in your class at this moment? She is. Good then inform her that she has 5 minutes to be in my office. She will need to bring all the books she will need for the next few days as she just got herself a little time away from school."

The Possible Residence

The Possible home was quiet as numerous adults moved through out the house. A number of them wore the uniform of GJ medical staff. The Possibles and the Stoppables were seated in the living room. Roscoe King was there speaking with a Dan Baker, who was member of the support group and had been there to help Kim and Ron. He nodded as Roscoe shook his hand, he then turned and left.

Josh came down the stairs quietly as Tara arrived from the back room. Both of them were haggard and frightened. There was a GJ medical staff person with both of them.

Tara went up to the Stoppables. "Ron is finally asleep. They had to give him something to help him go to sleep. I have never heard Ron cry before, but I just got a real good dose. He broke down after we talked for awhile."

Josh spoke up. "The same for Kim. She is finally asleep."

The doctor from GJ spoke up. "They both have had a severe shock. We learned that a prank was played on them at school. A prank that simulated the sound of an explosion right behind them. They in their own words went into "mission mode". I know of the capabilities of this team. They could have gone through most military teams at that moment. We are very lucky that Mr. Barkin realized what was happening and got everyone out and got Kim and Ron calmed down. Right now those two young people are hurting, not physically, but on the inside. They both have been on almost continuous missions lately. This last mission was the key. Those suits they had to wear to fight Drakken and Shego nearly killed the two of them last time. The destruction that was laid down and the pressure to complete the mission and not harm any civilians had to be hard on the two of them."

Mrs. Possible stood and asked. "What can we do?"

Roscoe spoke up. "Anne, I have arranged for Kim and Ron to join a group of us. We help each other through these times. I think letting them go on with a normal life as much as possible is the best thing. I have arranged for Tara and Josh to attend another support group for those partnered with needs like Kim and Ron have and will have."

"How about the Global Justice Dinner that will be here Friday night?" Mrs. Possible asked.

Dr. Director came into the room at that point. "The medical staff has assured me that the two of them will be able to attend. Besides, it wouldn't do for the two main honorees to not be able to attend."

Dr. Director turned to Josh and Tara. "So this is Josh and Tara, well I must say that Team Possible has excellent taste in friends. I hope that both of you know that your participation will be very important Friday night."

Josh smiled. "Yes, ma'am, when Tara and I found out what was going to happen you could not keep us away with a pack of wild dogs."

"Thank you, Josh and Tara; this will be a special night for Kim and Ron." Dr. Director said smiling.

Upperton Convention Center

The Convention Center was abuzz with action as foreign dignitaries, local government leaders, and other personalities as well as many students and teachers from Middleton High School. There was even a table reserved for the Cheerleading Squad. The Center's main hall had settled down after the dinner. This was Global Justice's annual dinner. Kim, Ron and their parents were at a reserved table along with a Tara and Josh. Tara was wearing a formal gown; Josh was in a black tux. Kim and Ron were in uniform. Josh had been drinking some water at the Possible residence when Kim had walked in the kitchen in full uniform. This was the first time he had seen her in uniform and it was a slight shock.

The dinner was over and Dr. Director stood at the podium. "Ladies and Gentleman, tonight is a special night for Global Justice. This is our annual awards dinner and tonight we gather near the home of two of our own. Team Possible."

Dr. Director proceeded with the program until she came to a part of the program at the end that was titled special awards.

Dr. Director stood at the podium. "Tonight is a historic night for Global Justice. We are to honor a special team that has been a great asset to Global Justice. Honor Guard will you please escort the honoree's to the stage please."

Four GJ agents marched to the table where Kim and Ron were seated and saluted. "Agent Kimberly Ann Possible, Agent Ronald Adrian Stoppable, will you please accompany us to the main stage with your friends."

Kim and Ron looked at each other then to Josh and Tara. The four of them stood, Kim taking Josh's arm and Tara taking Ron's. The honor guard escorted the four to the stage where Kim and Ron stood to the side of the podium and Tara and Josh stepped back. The students that had been invited to the dinner marveled at Kim and Ron standing on stage in full military style uniforms.

"Global Justice agents, Attention to Orders." Stated Dr. Director.

Kim and Ron snapped to attention as did every agent in the room.

"Ladies and Gentleman, tonight is a historic night. In the entire history of Global Justice the Honor Medal of Crossed Palms has only been given a number of times. Team Possible were the youngest receipts of the highest honor for bravery and dedication that GJ can give. However tonight, we honor Team Possible again with a historic second Honor Medal of Crossed Palms, never before in the history of Global Justice has this honor ever been repeated."

The entire audience rose in applause, none louder than the table of cheerleaders, with the exception of one brunette headed young lady who remained seated with crossed arms and a cross face.

Dr. Director continued "By order of the Global Justice command staff, be it known that on that day in Sao Paulo Brazil, that Agent Kimberly Ann Possible and Agent Ronald Adrian Stoppable did pursue, locate and engage in combat one Drew Lipski aka Dr. Drakken and one Shego. Team Possible had been ordered to find and recover vital combat suits and technology that had been stolen by Dr. Drakken and Shego. Team Possible entered the area wearing the same combat suits stolen by Dr. Drakken. This was the same technology that nearly led to the deaths of Team Possible just over a year ago. Team Possible located Dr. Drakken and Shego in a populated industrial area of Sao Paulo. They engaged in combat with their adversaries and in the mean time Team Possible had to evacuate the workers in the area. Team Possible worked in tandem with each other to get the locals out of the area and also stop Dr. Drakken and Shego. Team Possible at the extreme risk of their own lives were able to defeat Dr. Drakken and Shego, recover the technology and keep the noncombatants safe. For their dedication to their orders, for recovering the stolen material and data and for keeping the local populace safe in the midst of a major battle that ending in the destruction of 4 blocks of Sao Paulo, it is the decision that Agent Kim Possible and Agent Ronald Stoppable be awarded for the second time the Honor Medal of Crossed Palms. Will the presenters step forward."

Josh and Tara stepped up to the side of Kim and Ron. Two GJ agents stepped up to them with two pillow upon which lay the medal hanging on the ribbon. Josh and Tara picked up the medals by the ribbon and placed them over Kim and Ron's heads. Each then gave their loves a peck on the cheek and stood to their sides. The entire audience roared with laughter and applause as both Kim and Ron's faces bloomed brilliant red.

Camp Brilliant Water

It was spring break and the four friends were camping at Camp Brilliant Water. It had been only a few weeks since the awards ceremony. GJ had given Kim and Ron a leave of absence. The news release had said the leave was in thanks for their award. In reality the leave was to give the two teens some time to collect themselves. They had been in the groups with Roscoe and his friends. They also had participated in a number of sessions with Josh and Tara.

Over the past weeks Kim and Ron had gotten over most of the incident at school. Bonnie had been suspended for only for a couple of days for causing an incident at the school. She still hassled Kim and Ron but if Ron gave her a certain look she would make excuses to be somewhere else. The students at the award ceremony had spread the word and pictures of Kim and Ron around the school. Mr. Barkin placed one of the pictures in his office.

Now the four of them were camping out for a few days. They had a backwoods campsite overlooking the lake. Josh and Tara were learning when to be close to the two teens and when to give them room. Kim and Ron were still recovering from the mission and the incident at school and the two couples were growing closer each day. It was early evening and the four teens were sitting around the fire in the middle of their campsite. The girls shared a tent as did the guys. Tonight was the last night of their trip and tomorrow they would have to hike out. But tonight as the fire died, the two couples stood and gazed out over the lake. A crescent moon was shining bright over the lake as the two couples each embraced. Kim and Ron knew that they would always be friends and that was all. Josh and Tara both knew that they dearly loved their partners and that their partners would always have a special place for each other.

Ron turned to Tara and reached up to pull a stray hair from in front of her face. Tara looked into the brown eyes of a guy who to so many a great hero. But to her, he was a fine growing man, whom she loved dearly. She placed her head on his shoulder and melted into his embrace. Her head seemed to fit his shoulder just perfect.

Josh had turned Kim to him and pulled her into an embrace. He knew that he dearly loved this girl who was a hero to millions, but to him she was just a very special girl who needed him. Kim looked up and saw Ron and Tara in an embrace. She smiled at her blonde haired partner. He meant the world to her, but the man who held her meant just as much.

The four young people knew that somehow their futures were to be connected. Kim and Ron would still go on missions and Tara and Josh would stay behind and wait. Kim and Ron would be forever friends. They had come a long way since the incident at Wannaweep, each had new loves and they clung to them dearly. The sun slowly settled on the horizon, and darkness fell on the two couples and this part of their lives. Tomorrow would be a new day and the opening of a new chapter in all of their lives.

I would like to thank all of you out there who have read, reviewed and keep up with this story as I post this the final chapter. This has been a different work for me as it was not a K/R story. It actually placed both of them with other partners with them remaining friends. I have enjoyed presenting this story to you. I do have a sequel in mind to be called "Four Friends". This series will be a continuation of the lives of Kim, Ron, Josh and Tara. It will concentrate on their relationships and the missions that Kim and Ron will continue to face.