Love The sequel to Life.
Draco Malfoy starts going out with a student from Hogwarts.
But which one?

Chapter One: Secret Love
Professor Flitwick, now a year before retirement, had something to tell his class. Ginny Weasley, a student in the seventh year, stood beside his desk. "We've got a new Professor coming to study our classes this afternoon. I'm sure you will recognise him." "Is he a death-eater?" Luna Lovegood asked. She was still as loony as ever, and her father was still the editor and printer of The Quibbler. The magazine now sold only three copies a day, but the Lovegood family was refusing to give up. "Is he my father?"

"Don't be stupid," Ginny snapped, sitting down next to her. Luna had insisted on them both being partners for the Magic Recital, two weeks away to mark the arrival of the new Professor.

"Who is it?" Luna pressed, her quill nib pointed on the parchment. Ginny looked down at Luna's half-drawn cushion.

"Finish that and I'll tell you," Ginny promised, but inside her stomach butterflies were building. The new Professor was her boyfriend, and it was a strict rule that there was to be no teacher-student relationships. It was frowned upon. Ginny had found it hard to keep a secret at home, and it was going to be even harder this afternoon when her boyfriend saw her.

"No, I want to know now," Luna insisted. She put her quill down and screwed the cap on the inkbottle. "There, now you can tell me."

"I can't," Ginny hissed. "You see, the new Professor, I've been…I've been dating him for two years now."

"What?" Luna spluttered. "You can't date teachers, Ginny, you know that. How many years are there between you? To tell you the truth, I couldn't care less. It's a stupid rule."

"There's only a year between us," Ginny said, tongue rolling round her mouth. She smiled.

"Wow," Luna gasped.

"We're madly in love and might even get married. I mean, I'm old enough now." Ginny looked triumphant.

"Who is it?" Luna persisted. She unscrewed the cap again and began to draw the tassels on the cushion.

"Draco Malfoy," Ginny whispered. "I know, he's so cute. I have no idea why all the girls avoid him. Anyway, he's mine. And no one is going to take him away from me."

Luna's mouth dropped open.

"Ginny, that's absurd," Parvati Patil said from the desk next to Luna's. She had heard every part of the conversation, accidentally eavesdropped. "Listen to me. Don't marry him."

"Why not?" Ginny snapped.

Parvati frowned. "I would've thought that part would be obvious. He's evil. Can't you see?"

"He's a nice, young man," Ginny said, twiddling her thumbs with a romantic smile on her face. "He loves me for who I am. Not many people do that, you know. He is so sweet."

"Pure evil, more like," Parvati muttered.