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He was alerted of her presence by light footsteps that tapped its way almost inaudibly behind him and a soft call of his name.


She was formal to him, he noted silently to himself, painstakingly so. She was like that to everyone; distant and with guarded friendliness. It was as if, he thought, she was scared of being hurt if she showed too much emotion.

"Daidouji-san", he bowed halfway in politeness. "A pleasure to see you again."

"For the last time, I presume."

He looked up with slightly startled azure eyes. "Ah. So you've heard."

"Sakura-chan told me. I assume that you asked me to meet you here in the park because you had wanted to tell me about your moving back to England yourself?"

He smiled and inclined his head slightly. "I thought it was only fair that I tell you in person rather than leave you out in the dark or have others tell you."

She smiled back. "I suppose you were right."

"I thought Sakura-chan was joking at first before I remembered that she wasn't the type to joke about these matters." She gave a small laugh. "I think I startled her a bit when I screamed."

She tilted her head towards him. "It was most unlike me."

"I can imagine." He couldn't, really. The dignified Tomoyo Daidouji suddenly screaming for no apparent reason? Impossible.

She looked up at him and then back down again with a tiny rueful smile. "I shall miss you very much, Hiiragizawa-san."

"And I, you."

"Say good-bye to Nakuru-chan for me, won't you?"


"And Suppi-chan?"


She gazed up at him solemnly with amethyst eyes. "It shall be...very boring without you."

He laughed then, his mood considerably lightened. "If you use the word boring loosely."

"I think that Syaoran-kun shall miss you the most."

His eyes twinkled. "Yes, I think he shall."

She smiled back, and then looked down at the ground again.

"Well...I wish you luck in England...there must be...so much more there than there can be offered here in Japan."

"Thank you." He wanted to say more but stopped himself in time.

"And..." She paused, staring up at him hard as if she were trying to read his mind. She might have been, he thought, she might as well have been trying to read his mind.

"Give my regards to Mizuki-sensei, won't you?"


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