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The woman let out a muffled scream and tried once more to kick the man who had her pinned. She flailed in his arms and then let out a louder scream as another figure approached from the front. She thrashed and struck out with a punch trying every move she could think of to get the men away from her.

He snickered, "Just give her the DAMN pill before the DAMN woman kills me will you?" yelled the thug holding her.

The other figure grinned maliciously, pried open her mouth, and forced a small pill down her throat.

Slowly, against her every instinct, the woman fell to the ground as her body erupted in pain.


Kudo Shinichi woke up with a start.

He lay in his bed looking around in horror, then let out a sigh of relief. "A dream... It was just a dream-" Looking at his clock he let out a mild curse, "8:40am? I have to be at the station by 10. Of all the-" He let out a yawn, from the lack of rest his sleep had provided him.

It had been years since another of his nightmares had plagued him, and why they decided to come back today the young detective had no idea.

At age 22 he was now one of the most highly respected detectives of the age. He was living in Tokyo alone, but had moved out of his house just after high school. As much as he loved the big maison, it had too many memories from his time as Conan.

And that damned black organization

He let out a shiver as he got dressed trying to forget the nightmare.

20 minutes later, after a shower and fully dressed he finally poured himself a cup of coffee and opened the newspaper.

The headlines made him sputter.

Infamous Kaito KID has appeared once more in Tokyo. Last night Detective Nakamori recieved his first note in over 2 years, revealing KID will be attempting to steal the Black Night Amulet in two days. Nakamori did not have any clues onto why KID the Phantom thief has once more decided to take intrest in our city.

After his reappearance from a 8 year break a couple years ago-

Shinichi threw down the paper, "Why did Kaito come back here? Here of all places! I thought we agreed that the Black Organization had moved its main activities to the US! And of all the confounded... Why here?" Kudo smacked his head against the table, "What is this? Walk down memory lane morning? I could do without the joke thanks..."

First he woke up to a nightmare with Ran getting poisoned... Ran- Damn I don't want to have think about her right now. Even as he thought it the young man couldn't help but see memories of her in his mind... Her gentle smile, so rare those last few years. He shook his head trying to get the images out.
To much had been lost getting his body back, and now it was too late to go back to the girl he had once loved-

Still loved.

Damn... Why now?
The men he worked with constantly joked with him about his "fan girls." He had thought once he'd left High School most of the women would be swayed. Instead they grew more wearisome.
To his co-workers amusement he received letters daily from loving fans. At first it had been humorous to read a letter saying "Can I bear your children?" but now it had become just a reoccurring annoyance.
Especially with no Ran to joke with him about it.

Twice be Damned...

No matter. The detective was known for his stance on bachelorhood, and little that any woman or man said could change that.
And now he was dreaming about Ran.


He buried his head in his hands and just sat staring at the table.


It took him 10 minutes to build enough strength to actually put on his jacket and leave the house. Whether he liked it or not, he had a full time job and murderers wouldn't stop their work because Kudo Shinichi was having a lousy day.

Holding his third cup of caffeine, Kudo now was riding the metro to his office trying to ignore the looks from the crowd around him. This was not a morning in which Shinichi wished to flaunt his abilities. Sometimes it could be fun, but for once the detective just wished to lay in the park and relax.
Unbidden, an old memory came to his mind. He could see a little boy pushing a little girl in a swing at a park during the spring holidays. She grinned as the little boy swung her higher and higher. Meanwhile, the little boy told her about his newest detective book he had read over Sherlock Holmes.
Her voice was still fresh in his ear, Silly Detective Geek.

He was pulled out of his daydreams by a tug on his pant leg.
Shinichi looked down to see a young boy, no older then 10 grinning up at him with a thoughtful look.
"Yes?" said Kudo, slightly disturbed by his daydreams.

"Hi! Erm.. Well.. Sorry for bothering you but.. well-" the little boy coloured and then quickly said, "AreyoureallythefamousdetectiveShinchiKudo?"
His head not fully functioning yet the man stared at the boy, "Eh? Can you repeat that.. sorry I'm not really awake yet."

"I wanted to know if your really the famous detective Kudo Shinichi! Like the one whose just like Sherlock Holmes! You look just like him, and I wanna be a detective when I grow up." He grinned at the older man making him smile for the first time all morning.

"Yes.. as a matter of fact I am. Pleasure to meet you." he shook the little boys hand. "Let me guess" he had time enough to humor the little boy, he still had 3 stops before his exit, "Your in fourth grade? Bet you play a lot of football. Goalie? Also quite a reader! I'm taking a guess here but your one for writing right?" He winked as the little boy stared in utter amazement.

"How... how did you know? Yeah I'm goalie on our team! And I like to write... course I don't think its very good but-"

"Now don't say that!" said Shinichi grinning. "I bet your stuff's pretty good.. and with practice it'll only get better."

The little boy grinned, "Wow. Your really just like everyone says Kudo-sama! Your really the best.. thank you!" he sprinted away out the door as the train came to a stop and the detective sighed.

I remember when I showed Ran that trick... that day at Tropical Land when-

Damn it! Where is my brain this morning? First your dreaming in your sleep, then your standing on the training dreaming about her... and now your talking about her. Get your act together Kudo Shinichi! Now is no time to think about lost opportunities.
He almost missed the exit, still thinking about his past.

It was a very harrowed and tired looking Shinichi that finally walked into the police station 10 minutes after 10, and looking like a thundercloud should be permanently smacked to his head.

Officer Keisyn was not so humored.

"Kudo... Where have you been? Your late, and your never late. And man boy you look like someone dragged you through the street to get here. Well that doesn't matter. There's been a murder-"

"When isn't there a murder-" mumbled a annoyed Kudo.

"As I was saying. There has been a murder near the old harbor. Its quite unique at that. For some reason they can't figure out why the man died."
"And let me guess... you want me to go down and take a look."

"Thats why we hired you Kudo."

"I know.. its just-" he yawned, "So early... fine. I'll take a cab." Without even going in another step the boy turned around walked out and found himself half way to the harbor.


Soccer not American football

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