This fic contains elements of shoujo and shounen-ai. This means girl on girl and boy on boy. Joy oh joy. If this squicks you in any way, shape, or form, please don't bother going any further.

Pairings? Right off the bat you'll see RikuxSora. They're not really a focus at all though. The focus is around YuffiexKairi and LarxenexNaminé. There's also some LeonxCloud, but that won't be in here for a several more chapters as well.

Though I don't think this needs saying, seeing as it is a piece of fanfiction... Kingdom Hearts and character not mine. Sadly. Tragically. Etc.

Almost done. Hang in there with me if you're reading this.

You can expect something similar to Raspberry Heaven, but very, very different. As in, I think that My Oh My is much more original. It has some very weird things that are going to start happening and, for the most part, My Oh My is much more of my mind going haywire. It happens a lot, so expect the worst. It's got a weird style of writing, a weird way of focusing on one pairing per chapter, and a perverted Larxene. You've been told, warned, and alerted, so without further ado...

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My Oh My

'A Hit and Run Kinda Thing'

If I may take only a moment of your time, I would like to introduce you to our fine cast of characters. They're not special, they're not renowned for anything in particular. No Emmy, no Oscar adds to any of their names. But they all share one thing in common. They all made one mistake at one point in time.

For Yuffie, it was speeding. She was doing seventy-five in a school district. No, she wasn't drunk. No, she wasn't attempting to hit an ex-husband (for indeed, the idea of marriage made Yuffie rather sick to her stomach). She was simply trying to speed up in order to feel that rush that one gets when speeding down a hill. The feeling that--

"It's like your stomach is in your throat or something... No... It's more than that! It's like... for half a second, you're not on the ground and you're not in control. And you're not safe and you're not secure, but damn does it feel good!"

For Kairi, it was running a red light. No, she wasn't in a hurry to get home to her dying grandmother. No, she wasn't trying to get to a fifty-percent-off shoe sale at Payless. Kairi was singing along to the music set so loud that it would have made any normal person deaf. ...Even though Kairi was quite normal by normal standards, one could say that she occasionally displayed non-normal--

"Sometimes I feel like everyone sort of expects me to be this perfect girl from some greeting card family. I mean... okay, I don't usually take as many risks as most people. And I am sort of small and girly looking, but seeing as I am a girl, I don't really see a problem with that. So what's so wrong with trying to prove that fact to everyone else every once in a while, huh?"

For Larxene, it was reckless driving. Not just reckless driving, I suppose, for many things fall under the category of reckless driving. But let me tell you right now that no, she was not drunk. And before you ask, no, she was not high either. Larxene was simply being Larxene. And perhaps if the police officer had known who she was, he would have taken this into consideration before he reported her for--

"Get off the road you shit head! What, is your mother watching you drive or something? Honestly, at least go at the fucking speed limit! Oh, what, you have a problem with me honking at you? Fucking ass wipe! Go polish the hooves on a donkey, you--!" And the rest of Larxene's words have been cut for your safety.

And finally, we come to the fourth corner of the square.

For Naminé, it was a single stop sign. There had been other stop signs in the past, of course, but this was the stop sign sheltered behind an overgrown weeping willow that was just weeping a bit too much that day. No, Naminé herself was not crying, suffering after the traumatic breakup with boyfriend of the past five years. No, she was not frantically trying to regain control of her car after having the breaks tampered with by some unknown break-tampering maniac. ...She just--

"I didn't see it, I swear! I'm sorry, honest, but I couldn't see around the tree and I guess I wasn't really looking at the markings on the road or anything... It's just one stop sign! Can't you let it go? ...Please?"

Thankfully, the police officers did not let these cases go. They were reported to the DMV and (that one final mistake being the fifth and final on their list of absolutely horrid driver errors) all four of the girls were told to report to a driving improvement clinic on the thirteenth of October.

And all four of them went.

And all four of them met.

And all four of them were changed forever.

Still normal, yes, but changed forever. So here is their story, bizarre, abnormal, and unbelievable as it may seem. Take it for what you will, think what you like, and make sure that the next time you are seated behind the wheel, you run that stoplight. It just might lead you along a road a little less traveled, but a lot better suited for where you want to go.

x x x

"I'm tired."


"Leave me alone."


"I hate you."

"Kairi." Sora pouted at the two inch thick slab of wood --they'd started calling it a 'door' lately... new-fangled inventions...-- currently separating him from his best friend. It was cold because there was no heat. It was dark because there was no electricity. And it smelled like Chinese food because there was no air-freshener.

And just why was the condo lacking in all these things?

Well, somehow Riku, Sora, and Kairi, even with all of their magical money powers combined, still couldn't manage to keep their two bedroom, one bathroom, lousy-excuse-for-a-condo properly equipped with heating and electricity... Not to mention that this particular condo just happened to be located right above Lucky's Chinese Take-Out.

...It wasn't that they were poor. It was just that Riku didn't have a very timely manner about paying bills. He was always busy doing other things like... going to work, brushing his hair, screwing around with Sora, washing his hair, making out with Sora, eating, admiring his hair, or sometimes even having sex with Sora.

In fact, part of the whole reason Kairi was locked up in her room was because of the whole sex with Sora part. For those of you who don't know, it is rather difficult to sleep when you're lying on your back, staring at the ceiling, listening to your two best friends ramming the headboard of their own bed rather violently against the wall at two in the morning while screaming profanities and moaning each other's names as loudly as humanly possible.

"Kairi, you're gonna be late," Sora chided, crossing his skinny arms one over the other and leaning against the wall beside her door. He'd spent his entire life growing up with the girl, so of course he'd know how to deal with her. ...Sometimes she just got a little difficult. ...Like when she didn't get enough sleep.

Deciding that he had to intervene now or never, Sora tried the doorknob again and was surprised to find it unlocked. With a triumphant grin, Sora swiftly nudged it open, prepared to bellow his patented good morning tune (which, if you're interested, involves vast amounts of spinning around and fluttering your hands while hollering "Daisies, daisies, up in the morning new! And now it's time to rise and shine as I wish a good day to yoooou!") just before he was socked in the face by a stuffed animal that was either a very hairless girl or a very ugly bear.

"God Sora! GET OUT! I'm getting DRESSED! You freaking pervert!"

"...I'm gay. Anything I see only makes me shudder with disgust," Sora stated innocently, plucking the stuffed thing up from the floor and attempting to examine it closer. What the hell was it anyway??

"Gee, thanks Sora. You're a wonderful friend. That makes me feel so good about myself that I could just pee." Glaring icily at the adorable little spiky haired boy standing in her doorway, Kairi grumbled, tugging a tank top hastily over her head as she continued to whine. Kairi always was a very gifted multi-tasker.

"Listen, Sora, I know that two-thirds of the condo belongs to you and Riku and I know you guys really care about each other. I don't have a problem with the sex, really. But I do sorta have a problem with the noise. I mean, it's great that you're having fun and all, but do you have to have fun so loudly? And do you have to have fun three times a night? It's just that--"

But just as Kairi was gifted with multi-tasking, now applying foundation and blush as she prattled on, Sora was good at changing topics. It was wonderful the way that worked.

"Kairi, what is this?" he asked, holding the ratty old... thing between his thumb and index finger.

"...That's Hairless Hannah. Why?"

"...No real reason." Making a face, Sora tossed poor Hairless Hannah back across the room onto Kairi's bed. The room was small, probably no bigger than a walk in closet, and Sora always felt guilty about him and Riku having a much larger room every time he saw Kairi running back and forth across her own dinky room... looking for her left sock and running into her desk, chair, end table... Much like she was doing at that very moment, really.

"Shit, what time is it, Sora?"

"Quarter past nine. I tried to wake you up an hour ago, but--"

"I was sleeping! Because I didn't get any because you just had to get some last night, didn't you?!"

"...Um, okay, well, first of all, I didn't understand that sentence at all. Could you try it again with a little more 'got' and a little less 'get'? Because it's not a matter of me 'getting' some, seeing as I already 'got' some. Oh, did you want to get some? Because I thought we all had this conversation a long time ago..." Sora's eyes widened as he dove for the floor, trying to avoid another mad-bomber attack from Hairless Hannah.

"NO, I DON'T need to GET some!"

"...Are you sure? ...Because there's lots of places you could go to--"


With a swift shove from Kairi's sock-less foot, Sora found himself staring bug-eyed at that wonderful 'door' thing that just slammed shut merely half an inch away from the tip of his nose.


"What." The floorboards squeaked in dismay as Kairi ran over them, hunting for her lost sock. Where was the damned thing anyway?! "Sora, if I'm late for this stupid session clinic thing, I'm in deep shit. It's not just high school where you can skip class or something... They're like... holding my license hostage!"

"Yeah, but Kai..."

"And when I don't have my license, I need you to drive me everywhere and I really feel awful about that because I'm using your gas money. Ack! That reminds me! You drove me to the mall last weekend so I need to pay you for two miles' worth of--"

"...Kairi?" Sora squeaked. He wasn't sure if he could be heard through the door or not, but he really doubted the door made much of a difference at this point.

"--and before that you drove me to that really nice hair salon out of town. And even though it was for my birthday, you and Riku already paid for that great weekend getaway to that spa on the other side of the island for me..."

Mm, that weekend was nice. Riku came up with that idea that we should tie--

Jolted out of his happy little trip down memory lane, Sora blinked rapidly, now finding himself face to face with Kairi's knees from his cozy little spot on the hardwood floor. Giving Sora a puzzled look, Kairi simply raised an eyebrow before looking at her doorknob, where Sora's eyes were now resting on a lone sock.

"Not a word, Sora. Not even a word."

"Won't say thing."

And that was only the beginning of what would turn out to be a very significant day in Kairi's life. Did she know it? Certainly not. Did Sora know it? ...That's just a ridiculous question. Of course Sora didn't know it. But as Sora pondered hairless dolls and weekend adventures with Riku, Kairi heaved a small sigh and looked out the window of the car.

There had to be another way.

x x x

"Alright now. In urban areas, one of the most leading causes of all accidents is what? Larxene?"


"That's right. Tailgating. Which is a form of what?"


Giggles and snickers were heard around the room, but nothing more. Really, Yuffie figured it was just like being slapped back in high school. How on earth did people see this as a punishment in the first place?

A thin line of black ink streamed across the polished wood of the desk, Yuffie watching with a bored expression as her hand took on a mind of its own, doodling and scribbling with her handy ballpoint pen. Everyone else was doing it. Maybe not on the desk, but that didn't change anything. The girl next to her was scratching at the rough edge of the desk with her fingernails, the guy in front of her was tapping his pencil eraser against the desk, the other girl beside her was just looking around the room in this weird spacey kinda way...

There was absolutely no point in going to the stupid clinic. Yuffie could probably just get up and walk right out and no one would notice a thing.

But then her attention was brought back to the Nail Girl. She really did have nice nails. They weren't the creepy long kind that were easily mistaken for claws, but they weren't stubby and non-existent either. Yuffie... definitely had nails on the stubby side. Glancing at her own hand still clutching the pen, Yuffie frowned slightly --Eww, ugly nails...-- before once again glancing at the other girl's hands out of the corner of her eye.

She hadn't picked up on it before, but the girl wasn't scratching the desk. She was tracing some weird invisible pattern along the edge of it and her nails just happened to scrap against the rough wood on occasion. The girl was doing the same thing Yuffie was; she just wasn't leaving marks.

And then of course, Nail Girl caught Yuffie staring at her nails and raised an eyebrow, drumming her nice set of perfectly manicured nails against the desk before bringing them to a halt. Yuffie glanced up, met her amused gaze, scowled, and promptly looked away. Anyone with nails that nice is bound to be a stuck up bitch anyway.

"So now I'm going to put in this video on road rage. Please pay close attention... Larxene."

"What? I'm paying attention."


No sooner had the lights dimmed and the screen begun to glow did Yuffie see about ten people plop their heads down on their desk, clearly uninterested and clearly intent on sleeping. If she was at all intrigued by the aspect of watching a twenty year old video on how to leave your emotional baggage out of your car, she probably would have jumped for joy because she had an excellent view of the screen, what with that guy in front of her fast asleep and all.

But Yuffie was intrigued by other things at that particular moment. ...Like the cute little folded paper frog that just landed on her desk. Feeling much like she was eighteen all over again, Yuffie carefully unfolded the frog, trying to remember how it was folded in the first place so she could put it back together.

'You look even more bored than I do. What were you looking at anyway?'

Narrowing her eyes, Yuffie clicked her ballpoint pen into action once again, jotting down a message in her nearly illegible handwriting. What the hell?? The Nail Girl's writing was even perfect! What a total bitch. Honestly.

Trying (and failing) several times to refold the little frog, Yuffie just gave up, crumpled the note into a ball, and promptly chucked the wad of paper straight at Nail Girl's head. A direct hit, of course. Yuffie never missed.

'Your nails. They're really scary looking.'

Boy, did Nail Girl looked miffed. For about thirty seconds, Yuffie actually started feeling a little guilty. ...That was right before she got smacked in the side of the face by a rather wrinkled little paper frog.

'At least I have nails. Is that really what you were looking at?'


'Yes. It is. Now shut up.'


'I'm not saying anything. Or haven't you noticed?'


'Stop it!'

'Okay, okay, just cool it. Sheesh. I work at a nail salon, okay? I didn't think it was that big a deal.'

'I don't care. Stop writing me notes.'

'What's your name?'


'Nice name. Mine's Kairi.'

'It's Yuffie, okay?'

Yuffie was... an interesting person. Kairi could tell that from the moment she set eyes on her. ...Okay, that was probably a lie. Kairi hadn't even noticed her until she'd caught the other girl staring at her hands in the middle of the stupid driver improvement whatever.

Kairi's first though was that Yuffie was just staring into space and Kairi's hand just happened to be occupying that one little particular part of space. So she moved it. So Yuffie's eyes followed.

Kairi's second thought was that something weird must have gotten on her hand and she hadn't noticed. Maybe she had tons of dirt under her fingernails? Well, in a flurry of panic Kairi glanced at her nails an inspected them carefully. Not a speck of dirt. So what was up with this creepy stalker-girl?

That had brought about the paper frog which had brought about the notes which had brought about the name Yuffie. Which was quite an interesting name to pin to such an interesting person, so as far as Kairi was concerned, everything worked out perfectly. Well... almost perfectly. Yuffie had still said her nails were scary and that was just something Kairi couldn't stand for.

So she pocketed the crumpled sheet of paper and pretended to focus on the movie. Really, she was quite aware of the quizzical glance from Yuffie, left wondering why the note-passing had stopped. Inwardly, Kairi couldn't help but giggle and grin with triumph. Yuffie might have gotten the first laugh, but at least Kairi got the last. Or... so she hoped, at any rate.

x x x

Please understand that in the minds of these people, there is no such thing as fate. The world is too modern and the characters are too mature. ...That last one was a complete and total lie, but still. They think they're mature, therefore they think they do not believe in myths, legends, destinies, and fate. Seeing as much of any childhood is based upon these things, I suppose you could call it sad.

But then you can look upon Kairi as she stood hunched over in the late afternoon rain, waiting and waiting for the familiar little blue car to pull up. Sora would apologize profusely --perhaps there was an accident on the highway, perhaps the traffic slowed him down--, but Sora would be there. He was ever-trusty Sora. He was always there. In fact, the only time Sora wasn't there was when--

...I'll bet he's having sex with Riku.

But here is where the possibility of something paranormal comes in. For Kairi stood rather lost and wet and miserable right beneath the sign of a bus stop. And some ways behind that bus stop stood a bench. And on that bench sat three girls. And one of them, finally feeling like she'd been carrying a world's worth of guilt around on her shoulders for being so snappy at Kairi earlier, finally stood up and trudged over, an umbrella shooting up above her and shielding her to the rain falling all around.

"Kairi, huh?" Yuffie asked. A glance out of the corner of her eye told Kairi that Yuffie was... absolutely the most uncomfortable person in the world. Her back was rigid, her arm holding the umbrella over them both, frozen in place like a gigantic ice sculpture. Absolutely petrified.

"Yeah, that's me. The wet rat. How do you do?"

Yuffie and Kairi stood side by side, silent for a few minutes. Yuffie started to fidget uncontrollably, drumming her fingertips against her thigh, her thumb hooked into the pocket of her jeans. She gnawed on her bottom lip, she tapped her orange-sneakered foot against the damn concrete with a slap, slop, slap noise.

"If you're waiting for the bus, why don't you come sit on the bench with me? I have an umbrella and the bus probably won't be here for a few more minutes."

"I'm waiting for my ride. But thanks."

"Somebody's picking you up?"

"Mmhm. He's on his way."

"..." It wasn't that Yuffie had nothing to say. Yuffie always had something to say. But she'd already had to make such a huge effort to not come off as the insensitive bitch she had earlier. And though some refused to accept the fact, Yuffie was not as stupid as she looked. Glancing back and forth, up and down the street, Yuffie blinked and thought through her words, once, twice, and tree times before finally saying, "Well, looks like your boyfriend might've stood you up, Kairi. ...You're gonna get sick."

"He's not my boyfriend."

"...Your brother?"

"No, my friend. He's one of my roommates." Once again, Yuffie's mouth dropped open and words started to come out, but Kairi interjected. ...Thankfully. "And before you get all weird and start assuming crap about me, I'll let you know that he's gay. My other roommate and my other friend is his boyfriend. They sleep together and have a lot of sex. I do not come into the picture."

"You live with two gay guys?" Yuffie asked. It took her a moment to get the question out, seeing as there was a lot of other clutter backing up in the canals of her brain, but the right questions got out anyway. "Are they hot?"

Kairi shrugged. "...I don't know. I guess so."

"You mean you don't watch them kiss or anything? Come on, is it hot?"

"...To be perfectly honest with you, I don't think so, no. But I guess I wouldn't be one to judge, huh?"

At this point in time, I must once again point something out, simply for your benefit. As the reader, I feel that you must realize that at this point, by taking this action, Kairi made a picture of herself that was completely accurate. She drew this picture out with words and she showed it to Yuffie, trying to carefully go over the outermost lines with her, guiding the other girl step by step and trying not to lose her, for it was a very easy thing to do.

Unfortunately for Kairi, she could only draw stick figures. That, and Yuffie got lost anyway.

"Really? Why not?"

A voice from behind piped up then, older, more mature, and... strangely familiar.

"Honestly, does she have to spell it out for you?" With a turn that was completely in sync (really, Yuffie and Kairi could have won synchronized swimming awards if they'd really tried...), both Yuffie and Kairi turned to face none other than... Larxene. Right as the jeering blonde continued with, "Hey, it's not my fault you both talk so loud. She's trying to tell you she's gay, hon."

Third time being the charm, third time being the final strike, third time being the-- whatever the third time was, it was the third time that Yuffie's mouth fell open, this time in something very closely related to shock.

Kairi blinked.

Yuffie blinked.

Larxene just smirked and looked as smug as anything.

"...Well she's right" Kairi added lamely.

"You're gay?!"

"Uh, yeah?"

"Aww, how sweet. Why don't you two dykes go get a room already?"

"What the--?! HEY! I'm not a dyke, you little bitch!"

"Don't call her that..."

The fourth and final voice spoke up from the girl seated on the bench, just like Larxene. The two were seated several feet apart, a distance that made the fact clear that neither knew the other, but neither was horribly uncomfortable at the prospect of sitting on the same bench as a complete stranger. ...Some people have problems with that. Obviously these two did not. This fact actually being relevant to the story, Larxene jumped a few blocks ahead of the 'not being afraid to sit by a stranger' idea to 'let's hit on the unsuspecting child' idea.

Her eyes opened wide in shock and her mouth pulled into a little smile, Larxene turned to the smaller girl on the other side of the bench. She couldn't remember her name --It was... Namu... Nibbs... Noopy...-- or where she sat in the silly driving clinic, but that was all irrelevent. All that mattered was-- "What's this? A fair maiden sticking up for poor defenseless moi? Please, madame, give me your hand and marry me now, for I want to have your babies."

Naminé --ah, that was her name...-- blinked rapidly, looking back and forth between her hand clutched in the Weird Girl's and the Weird Girl's... well... weird expression. With a nervous laugh, Naminé snatched her hand a way, clutching it protectively in her lap. "Um! No thanks!"

Kairi blinked again, finding her hand holding the handle of the umbrella that Yuffie'd been holding only moments ago. Rather than spending time and energy wondering how it got there, Kairi spent her moments wondering about the rather damp and unhappy looking girl now standing out in the rain, scrubbing at her eyes furiously to keep the rainwater at bay.

Removing her stubborn fists from her face, Yuffie frowned at Kairi and crossed her arms... though really, the action wasn't quite supposed to be intimidating. Just warming. Yuffie was really damn cold standing out in the rain and it was really damn obvious. "...Stop looking at me like that! I'm not gay!"

"Well, yeah, but you did say I could share your umbrella."

"...I...well...yeah, but...SO WHAT?!"

"Man, I've never seen a chick wallowing in more denial than you. How can you possibly convince yourself you don't dig that girl?" Larxene raised an eyebrow with her question, jabbing the index finger of her free hand towards where Kairi stood under Yuffie's umbrella. It was as though the other girl's appeal should have been obvious to the entire world, the way Larxene went about it. But...

"It's not that hard if you don't swing that way!"

"The umbrella's big enough for both of us..." Kairi said, ignoring Larxene's wicked smirk and turning back to Yuffie with a pleading look. "You don't have to stand out in the rain."

"Yeah, well, it's fine."

"No it's not."

"Maybe I like the rain."

With a pouting Kairi, a pouting Yuffie, and... a girl whose face Larxene couldn't see, she could only say one thing. "...This is like fucking Jerry Springer. Would you guys just give it a rest?"

Rolling her eyes, Larxene actually allowed conversation to fall to a halt for another moment. Her eyes then came to rest on the girl a few feet away, the one who had her open umbrella carefully propped up above her, one arm looped around the handle and clutching a sketchbook, the other working across the paper with a simple charcoal pencil. Naminé was skinny, Larxene noticed. Not the kind of skinny that made you think 'wow, that girl sure works out a lot' or 'wow, that girl sure needs to eat more.' It was simply a sort of 'damn, I wish I had that kind of metabolism' kind of skinny.

"Hey, whatcha drawing?" she asked leaning over to try and close the space between them and catch of glimpse of what was appearing on the sketch pad.

"It's nothing."

"..." Glancing back and forth between the tempting little sketch book and the tempting little girl (perverted thoughts, Larxene, perverted thoughts) Larxene grinned, poking teasingly at the umbrella opened above the other girl. "Not safe to draw in the rain. Your umbrella might just happen to fall over" poke, poke, poke "and your drawing would get ruined!"

"Stop it!" Naminé whined, clutching her drawings to her chest protectively and glaring icily at the evil umbrella poker.

"So cold. Sheesh." Larxene puckered her lips together into a small frown and returned to her own world under her own umbrella, one leg crossed over the other, her foot tapping either to a silent song or to the rhythm of 'too much caffeine.' "Worse than the fucking rain," she added after another moment drew by.

"Would you stop saying that?"


"That word."



"Oh. ...You don't like me saying fucking?"

"No. Not really."

"Oh. I see." It should be illegal for people to be so easily agitated. "So if I said, 'Damn I wish the fucking bus would fucking get here before I'm fucking fifty!' then you would--" Larxene came to the conclusion that 'fuck' was a word to delete from her vocabulary. ...Just as the sketchbook made contact with the side of her head. "Oww!"

"Please stop?" Naminé finally made eye contact with her and Larxene couldn't help but notice that her gaze was laced with... apology? Well fuck yeah, like I deserved being hit with a damn book.

"Only because you asked so fu--f--flipping nicely."

"Thank you."

"Whatever. Shut up and go back to your dumb drawing, kid."

"...I'm not a kid."

"Oh honestly, gimme a break, wouldja? What are you, sixteen? Yes, you are a--"

"I'm nineteen!"

"...Yeah well that was my next guess." Silence. Followed by a "...Stop looking at me like that!"

Meanwhile, across the narrow sidewalk...

"Keep the umbrella!"

"No, it's your umbrella! If you're not going to share it..."

And back to our friendly bench....

"Listen, I said I was sorry already."

"No you didn't."

"I didn't? Oh. Well can I buy you a drink?"

"I don't drink!"


"I don't want the stupid umbrella, okay?!"


And finally...

"Guys..." Yuffie started, turning to address all three of the girls around her and trying to keep her shivering to a minimum in the process... "I don't see the bus anywhere."

"So it's a little late? So what? Lots of things are late sometimes. You know. Like sudden realizations of your absolute and unavoidable gayness. Ahem."

"I hate you! Shut up!"

"Feisty little devil, aren't you?"

"That's it, I'm so--"

"That's weird."

"What is?"

Kairi let out a small sigh, followed by an equally small shrug. "...Sora's not here either."

"Mm. Well, you can't always depend on guys. 'Specially the gay ones, hon. And here I was thinking I'dfinally found a girl with a head on her shoulders." Larxene quipped helpfully from the bench. Dropping one eyelid into a wink, she beamed and held up an index finger, wagging it back and forth mockingly. "One to avoid. Girls with brains know how not to fuck around."

"Please stop saying that?"


At that precise moment, the bus rounded the corner of the street. Only a few more precise moments passed before all four of the girls were safe, dry, and warm (for the most part) inside the bus, headed home.

Kairi? She'd given up on Sora picking her up. He was definitely going to get an ear-full when she got home though...

Yuffie? Well, she was trying to figure out how the managed to end up sitting in between Kairi and Larxene on the bus...

Larxene? She was busy chatting away about nothing in particular. Perhaps to her it was a something, big or small, but to everyone else it was just a very big nothing.

And Naminé? She was thinking. And she was listening to the voice like bells that said...

"She's pretty. Why don't you like her? I like her. And she's funny! Funny people are great!"

There are some things that are preventable. With a few petitions and a few rowdy protesters, a lot can get done and a lot can be prevented. But you can't stop those who willingly plow headlong into disaster, be it the good kind of disaster or the bad kind.

"There are two kinds of disaster?" you ask.

Yes. Yes there are. You're about to hear about the good kind, because this was only the beginning.

(x) (x) (x)

Preview for chapter two: Was that the strange pull of friendship going on back there? Why yes it was! Our fine femme heroines (on their never-ending search to find companionship in a world that just screams "You'll be alone forever, you ass!") set out to cement this budding friendship. But Naminé's dream is about to come crashing down right on her head if something isn't done soon. Does Kairi have the answer? Does Larxene have a life? Does Yuffie have a brain? And finally... more from the little mysterious bell voice!