Chapter One: Strange

Full Summary: Raven Roth is no ordinary girl. She's a Goth, a loner, a telekinetic, and has an abusive father. She has to deal with people at school who just want to put her down, just because she's different. This makes her feel like her life has no purpose. However, a chance meeting with Garfield Logan turns her life around completely. RATED FOR: language, references to suicide, angst, abusive situations, and harassment. However, there is humor and romance.

Warnings: Terra lovers may want to avoid,people who hateOOC-ness will most likely want to avoid, and people who are NOT BB/Rae fans will want to avoid this all together.

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My name is Raven Roth. And I hate my life to hell.

A simple way to describe my physical apperance: Black clothes, dark make-up, black hair with purple highlights.

I'm a loner, a Goth, a poet, and an abused child. Some life. And, for the moment, let's add that I'm a telekinetic. Sure, I've only done it once (when I was really mad) and haven't been able to do it since. I'm trying to find a way to do it again. So far I've been unsuccessful.

During school, I watch the people and their clans. They float through school without a worry or a care. They have no idea that abuse is in this school. I'm not the only one, either. The administration thinks this school is wonderful. They're dead wrong. I couldn't begin to tell you what is so wrong here. It'd take days.

Some people think I'm weird because I meditate, act aloof, and never show any emotion. They waste no time telling me so. I can hear them hiss "Roth Goth", and other quite offensive things at me in the hallway. But I'm not weird. I'm just different.

Adults often wonder why such a successful real estate developer (my father) has such a… a… strange daughter. And they don't bother keeping their voices down. Except, I'm not denying that I'm strange. I know I am.

After school I made my daily trek to the library. My sanctuary. A place of refuge. It sure beats home.

I don't like my home, if you can even call it that. Home is where I get hurt. Home is where raw fear clings to the walls like cobwebs. My fear. I'm terrified of my father. I'm always afraid of what he can do to me. It makes sense to be wary of a six-and-a-half foot man, who's built like a wrestler, and is always some shade of red.

Exhaling, I sat myself down at an unoccupied table and began tackling my algebra. When am I going to need this in life, Mr. Mod? I forced my brain to concentrate. Stupid functions. I stared at the problem, willing it to solve itself.

After suffering a bit, I went and explored the poetry section, looking for a new addition. Once having a selection, I checked it out, purposely ignored the rest of my homework, and immersed myself in the poetry.

A few hours later, I became aware of a voice above my head.

"Excuse me for interrupting your reading, but it is almost the time of closing." The young redheaded librarian said to me.

"Oh." I shrugged indifferently and packed away my things. I braced myself for the house in which I dwelled.

Midnight. The time after my father left me alone, when silence betrays every movement, and when the pain of the punishment screams out within my body. Stumbling blindly, I found the bottle of aspirin I always hid in a false book of mine. Taking the prescribed amount, I found myself staring at the bottle.

It could be so easy, to "accidentally" swallow the whole thing. I highly doubted that my father would be upset. I even doubted that I'd have a funeral. The pain, however, would cease to exist.

But so would I.

Five hours later my alarm went off. This provided enough time to shower, do the makeup routine, finish the rest of my homework, and be out the door with a few pieces of toast before my father was even conscious. If I was lucky, I could also snitch a few things for my lunch.

I calmly walked out the door around fifteen to seven. Once safely out of the driveway, I bolted into the street and didn't stop until I was at least two blocks away. I stopped in front of one particular house, trying to catch my breath. Someone spotted me.

"Hey." It was a guy's voice. I looked over at him. He dumped the garbage bag into a trash bin, put the lid on, and then leaned on the lid.

"Hi." I panted.

His green eyes widened. "Are you practicing for track?"

"You could say that."

He broke into a grin and ran his hand through his hair, which was a little green at the tips.

"See you around." He said, walking back towards his house.

Ha. Fat chance.

School started around some ungodly hour like it always did. I had one more day until the weekend, which I normally spent locked up in my room, avoiding my father. I busily spun the combo on my locker, and as soon as it was opened, it shut.

Malchior's face entered my line of vision. Damn.

"Hey, Raven." He said, stretching out the syllables to unnecessary proportions.

I mumbled incoherently.

"How are you doing, Raven?"

I was tempted to say: "Excellent, until you showed up."

Instead, I hissed through gritted teeth "Just peachy."

"That's nice to know."

Great. Now I would never get rid of him. Every single fricking morning I go through this. It's a shame his locker is next to mine. I had to find a way to get rid of him before my already frayed nerves snapped this early in the morning.

"Sure. Listen, I need to get to class." I hoped that would drive him away. Fortunately, it worked.

He grinned his trademark sickly grin and stalked off. I made violent gestures behind his back.Maybe today I'dhave no trouble. Perhaps my nerves would make it past homeroom.

No such luck.

Terra and her cult stopped me before I was even halfway to homeroom.Terra, Amanda(better known asBlackfire for her rapid tounge), and select few othersformed a barrier in front of me.


Not again!

"Yes?' I asked, a little short.

"We were wondering…" I stopped listening after the first three words. I let Terra talk herself out, and made it seem as though I was riveted on her every word.

Once she was done talking me to sleep, I said "Oh, Terra, I'm really sorry, but-" I stuck a hand out and made a hole through The Great Wall of China. "I've got to get to class."

I walked out, secretly enjoying the abashed looks on their faces. Could this day get any worse?

I found out before lunch it most defiantly could.

I failed a test, had to wing another, did all of my algebra wrong, and pretty much bombed the gym teacher's skill tests.

I stomped into the lunchroom, scalding anyone who so much as looked at me with an angry glare. Vacating an empty table, I unloaded my feeble lunch: A bagel, an apple, and a bottle of water. It's a miracle I'm not malnourished.

"Hello?' Ventured a familiar voice.

My head snapped up. It was the library volunteer form yesterday.

"May I please join you at this table?" She looked so sad. My anger evaporated.

"Sure." I shrugged.

"My name is Koriand'r. You may call me Kori." Kori stuck out her hand to shake.

I shook it. "Raven Roth." I said.

Kori smiled. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Raven."

I returned that smile.

Kori lapsed into silence and continued to eat her sandwich, which by the way, was absolutely oozing with mustered. I watched her; half horrified, half strangely interested, attack her sandwich with zeal.

She caught me looking. She swallowed and offered me her other half.

"Would you like some?"

I arched an eyebrow. "Not particularly." I said, and turned to my apple.

Lunch continued in this way until the bell rang.

"It was nice meeting you, Raven." Kori called out over her shoulder as she walked away.

I half- waved in response, but sprinted to the locker hallway.

Again, I tried to open my locker as fast as I could. I was trying to avoid Malchior.

I had time against me.

"Hey, sexy." It was him.

I tried to shut my locker, but he caught the door.

He grinned that sickly grin. "You're sooo pretty."

I tore the locker door away from him. He, in response, touched my shoulder.

"Get off me." I snapped.

Still sickly grinning, he grabbed my shoulder and wouldn't let go.

"I said, get off me!" I said forcefully, kicking him in the shins. Hard.

He touched my shoulder one last time, waggled his fingers in some demented sort of wave, and walked away before I could do any real damage.

I whirled around and kicked my locker in frustration. It left quite a nice dent. I walked in anger to my next class, snapping at any innocent bystander who stood in my way.

I'm such a horrible person.

I skipped the library today. I had a nagging suspicion that Malchior would be there. I started off in the general direction of home, knowing all to well I'd chicken out and make my way to the park instead.

A few blocks away from school, I heard the unmistakable sound of Terra's laughter. Still pissed off from the Malchior incident, I headed in that direction.

"Oh, don't be like that. Me? Go out with you? You've got to be kidding me." I heard the real bitch in Terra come out.

"What?" It was that guy. From today.

He had obviously been roped in by Terra's charms. For someone who doesn't know her as well as me, they wouldn't have any idea that this was the real her.

"But- but- I thought-"

"Well, you thought wrong." Terra said coldly. "But since you've been passing yourself off as my boyfriend, when you obviously aren't, and ruining my reputation, you're going to pay."

"What?" Poor kid. He was already heartbroken, but he'd be face-broken too, if I didn't step in.

I turned the corner and met a horrible scene. Terra shoved the Kid down into the pavement. Her face took on a crazy look. She dragged him back up, then shoved him again…

This time right into me.

Actually, this kid knocked me down. I caught a glimpse of his face. There was disbelief, hurt and betrayal written all over his face. Now, after knocking me into the pavement, confusion and a slight trace of embarrassment added to his features.

"Sorry." He said quietly, and extended a hand to me. I took it, and he helped me up.

I turned around to face Terra. Confusion was written all over her face as well.

"What the hell are you doing here, Raven?" She said bluntly.

"Helping this guy out."

Laughter played on her features as she looked at the guy next to me.

"The Goth and the geek." She stated. "Raven, he's mine. Leave him alone, and I won't be forced to hurt you."

I let out a short laugh. "You?" I asked, "Hurt me?"

Terra rolled up her sleeves. "I'm through being nice. Now I'm just pissed off."

She charged towards me, fists swinging. She had the wrong form and the wrong stance. I let her run into me, although she did make me stagger back a little. She connected with the ground, mouth agape.

I pointed at the guy, who seemed a little dumbstruck. "You. Come with me."

The kid, staring at Terra on the ground, meekly followed me. Then Terra, as I was looking back at her, drew her finger across her throat. I answered that lovely gesture with a crocodile smile.

Once far away from Terra, the guy next to me spoke up.

"Hey, thanks. That's amazing what you did back there."

"Don't mention it."

"Name's Garfield Logan."

"Raven Roth."

We walked in silence for a little while until he spoke again.

"I thought I could trust her. I thought she was genuine, and not like the rumors. She pretended to be misunderstood, and said the rumors were all lies. I guess I felt sorry for her. I didn't expect this."

Isaid,attemping consolance:"Well, Garfield, you learned an important lesson today: some people are just plain assholes."

"Yeah." He gave a half-hearted smile, and then stopped. "That's my house."

"Oh," I said. Darn.

He looked over at me. "You want to come in? Maybe do some homework together?"

"Sure," I said. Why not?

A smile spread across his face. "Be ready for the craziness that is the Logan household."

I laughed good-naturedly, but followed him inside nonetheless.

How bad could it be?

I can't believe I wrote that much! For those of you who are reading this, here a little sneak peek at Garfield's family (which I am taking full liberty to create).

Angelo: (20-21) Gar's older brother, home from college. He's studying medical school.

Selena/Serena: Gar's younger sister (13-14). She's the family writer, who is slightly rebellious.

The twins: Karen and Barry: (around 5-7) the hyperactive younger ones who drive everyone, especially Selena, insane.

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