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This Isn't A Dream Chapter One: An Ordinary Day?

"So Serge, will you go down to Opassa Beach and get some scales for me?" The red head video character asked. A screen came up with two choices: YES or NO, and I pondered over which to pick, I mean this Leena was, to put it nicely, a bitch.

And that's just the time when my cat Mei (pronounced May) began scratching at my door and crying loudly. I sighed and got off the floor, putting the controller behind me on the bed and opening the door.

Mei scampered in my room and curled up into a little black fuzz ball on my new Dragon comforter. She was a little smaller than an average house cat, and was all black with one white paw.

I picked up the controller and picked whichever choice the cursor was on, which, luckily for Leena, was YES. She continued going on and on and I just clicked X without looking at the screen.

Then my stupid cat had to be stupid and spit a hairball on my brand new comforter! I cursed at myself and dropped the controller, hurrying towards the kitchen for a rag. But the cord was on my foot and I didn't notice it, tripping over it. I tore the controller from the game consol and froze the game, which made it even more enjoyable.

I sighed and picked up Mei, still mad as I stared toward the now still screen. It wasn't like I couldn't get back to that part, it was easy enough and close to the beginning, I just didn't want to have to.

I came back with a rag and a Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and walked towards my bed to clean up the mess. That's when I tripped on the cord again and spilled my coke all over my PS1. What a day!

Sparks flew from the PS and the characters disappeared off the screen. Mei began to wiggle in my arms and I had to hold her tighter. "Chill Mei, it's okay." I said, stroking her. I was so mad that my PS was messing up but now my cat was acting stupider than normal.

The PS began making strange noises and in the places the characters were, came two new ones: a short blonde girl and a small black cat!

I rubbed my eyes, "What's going on?" I asked, but the character on the T.V. spoke instead. Then lights swirled around me and everything went black.


I woke up and felt warm sand underneath me. I opened my eyes and looked around, I was at a beach! "This has to be a dream..." I muttered, standing up. Mei came running towards me and I noticed how animated she looked: she was about the size of a normal house cat, and looked the same but had two fluffy tails, like Kirara from Inuyasha.

"Mei?" I asked, looking at my reflection in the ocean. My bright, snowy sea blue eyes were bigger than usual and my mid-back lenght dirty blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. I wore black pants that looked like warm up pants and a matching mid-drift shirt, with an overshirt made of silver chainmail that was incrediably light.

I picked up my cat, still inspecting her two tails, and stroking her soft fur. Being inside the game was a lot different than actually playing it; everything looked and felt so different. Also, I had a sword sheath strapped to my back with the hilt of a sword showing, although I didn't know how to use a sword. I was a black belt in Tie Kwon Do though.

"Who're you?" I heard a soft voice behind me. I jumped and turned around, seeing Serge behind me, his Sea Swallow raised; he was ready to attack.

"Wait," I said, raising my hands, "Don't attack Serge, I won't attack you." I said defensivly. I hoped he would believe me, but I made a big mistake...

"How'd you know my name?" He lowered his Sea Swallow, and looked at me with soft colbalt eyes.

"I've heard of you before." I said a little too quickly, but he seemed to believe me. I really couldn't explain to him that I was from another world and this was all a game, it was confusing, even to me, who knew what was going on.

"Oh." He said quietly, walking closer to me. "My name's Serge, but you obviously knew that already." He said, with a sincere half smile, extending his hand.

I shook his hand and noticed I was wearing leather gloves that were cut off at the knuckles. "Name's Savannah." I said, glad that the protaginist was so kind.

"Don't you need to meet Leena here?" I asked, but stopped myself. He raised his eyebrows at me, "And how'd you know that?"


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