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Cerulean Change Chapter 1



The blonde-haired boy stormed away from the fruit vendor's cart, fuming angry at the thought that the man would even think of blaming him for his lost fruit. He shrugged nonchalantly as he put more distance between himself at the crazy bastard. This kind of treatment towards him was not that uncommon.

Most boys his age wouldn't have to deal with that crap! Of course, most boys his age would be with their parents while walking in the market. And that was just the thing, he didn't have any parents…Every day was like a lottery for Naruto Uzumaki. On the one hand, he could roam wherever he wanted without ever having to worry about chores or responsibilities. But on the other, slightly more worrying hand, he didn't know where his next meal was coming from, let alone where he'd sleep safely away from prying eyes.

For the time being he walked reluctantly away from the market, stomach still grumbling in need of food. 'I'll have to go back later when that old bastard isn't still on the lookout for me if I'm going to get any food today.'

Falling through random alleyways and dirt streets Naruto finally stood in front of his "home", if you can call it that. All he owned was stored in this abandoned one story shack. Walking in he moved with a sigh to the corner wall of his simple surroundings where he had laid down some straw as a make-shift bed. Letting out a deep breath he plopped down onto the hard material and closed his eyes. "I'll, just, go back, for, more…later…"


"Make way! Make way! for the prince of Samnoria!" Peasants and merchants and high-class citizens alike moved out of the middle of the road quickly at the sound of the royal presenter's voice. All bowed as the plush box carried on shoulder by 4 strong men clad in jewels and fine clothing passed by. Everyone knew who was on the small carriage even with the blue sheets covering the windows. It spread throughout them a feeling of fear and resolute order. To the adults of the great city of Samnoria in that carriage was prince Sasuke; to the children of Samnoria, he was the man who made their fathers and mothers bow with grace and submission.

Prince Sasuke sat languorously in his cottoned seat, feeling the four men outside of his chamber walking him on his afternoon rounds of the city, followed closely by two or three bodyguards holding wide swords as if to warn on-lookers that the spectacle was there to be seen and not touched. Everything looked the same to Sasuke as he yawned with discontent. Nothing seemed to stand out or pose much interest. There were shops and merchants and tan structured homes lined one after another, home to women and men alike going about their daily routines…Routine. That was the word that captured the scene as Sasuke saw it. Everything had a place and a reason, with not much variability about it. In fact, the only part of his "walk" that made it all worth it was the brief few minutes the guards spent carrying him past the vast ocean where wooden boats held fishermen and the scent of the air created a euphoria of calming wonder.

For those few moments Sasuke would revel in the feel, smell and taste of the seaside hoping one day to step out onto the gritty warm sand and lay contented as waves lapped at his feet. But much like every day preceding this one, soon the men would steer him away from the ever-changing scene and back towards the castle he vaguely knew as home. Running his hands through his raven black hair Sasuke sighed once more as his vision was torn from the ocean and back towards the busy city. Nothing, nothing compared to those few moments of bliss. And the city now looked even more insignificant and displeasing to Sasuke as he passed by the droning citizens once more, seeing the castle not to far off in the distance. 'One of these days... I'll have my chance to look at the world beyond this damned carriage. It will be wonderful.'


Naruto woke with a start, feeling beads of sweat lining his forehead as he adjusted his pupils to the dim light of his shack. Whatever was haunting him had vanished as a dream and this fact took many minutes to settle in the disturbed boy's head. Looking up at the holes baring flecks of light from the roof, he remembered it was still day; his stomach remembered it was still day too as it growled hungrily with anticipation of food.

Naruto rolled his eyes at his momentary foolishness and stood up with a resolute smirk placed on his features. 'Hmph, just a dream. I was stupid to think that a mere dream could be real! HA, I am the invincible Naruto Uzumaki and nothing or no one can get to me.' Naruto's smirk turned to a smile, satisfied him that he was fine and in good shape. Then, as quickly as his confidence came to, his smile faltered back into a sad, distant look. "Alright then, I guess its time to rustle up some grub…I'll have to be more careful around that bastard merchant from now on. I can't go getting arrested now can I?" He grabbed his blue bandana from the ground next to his bed and slinked carefully out of his shack, not wanted to draw attention.


Not looking ahead of him Naruto ran into something hard right as he stepped outdoors. "HEY! Watch it you little punk! Do you realize whose carriage you just hit?!" Naruto shook off the throbbing pain in his head and looked up finally, only to see what he dreaded the most. Standing in front of him was one of four men carrying a royal carriage down his road. All the surrounding residents looked up from their bowing positions in horror at the scene before them. "Oh no, I'm so sorry, sir!" Naruto, realizing his error immediately bowed down to the ground. "I didn't look where I was going." The burly guard's evil scowl deepened. "Damn right you didn't! Scum like you should be made examples of!" With that the man kicked Naruto's lowered head hard sending him sprawling back five feet onto is back in pain. Even with the immense pain and bleeding leaking from his whole head and body Naruto didn't dare move now for fear of more serious harm.


Sasuke stared out the crevice in the sheet covering his window. He was still lost in his reverie feeling the steady rhythm as his men towed him along the road, when to his surprise the carriage lurked to a quick stop, tossing him slightly forward. He could hear one of his men, probably Darco yelling loudly at someone. Obviously whoever stopped the carriage was not going to be praised. Peeking out hesitantly Sasuke saw Darco scowl at a pleading young boy who was so low in a bow his face could not be seen. As if on cue Darco laid a heavy kick to the boys head knocking him far too hard onto the ground a few feet back. 'Darco must be reprimanding him for stopping us. That kick was still way uncalled too uncalled for, even for a man as cold as he.'

Sasuke swiftly unlatched the door to his chamber in the carriage and jumped out before his guard inside the carriage with him could protest. "Stop at once, Darco! That boy did not deserve a beating." Darco looked shocked at his princes presence outside of his chamber. "My prince, this riff-raff ran into me deliberately! No doubt attempting to pick-pocket me. It was my duty to reprimand him!" Sasuke's eyes narrowed chillingly. "No Darco, you are mistaken. Bring that boy to me." Still looking flushed and angry Darco did as he was bided and brought the heap of the blonde-haired boy to his prince.

Darco stood in front of Sasuke and lifted the head of the offender bringing a grimace to the prince's features. Naruto's face was all battered and red with blood and dirt. And yet, even with this mask of dirt and blood Sasuke saw something new in his face; something beautiful. Looking deep into the pools of his cerulean eyes Sasuke was astonished to see what he had been longing for for so long…Change.

"Put him inside the carriage. We are bringing him back to the castle."

-- -

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