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Cerulean Change: Chapter 12

A small baby was crying. It had no mother to usher it into the world and it was desperate for the warmth of her womb once again. But there was no warmth to be found in her grasp; she was dead. In the hours of labor she had slowly lost consciousness until, only seconds after he was brought into the world, she collapsed… dead.

Instead of her soft arms and warm breast milk to calm him, all he had was the gruff embrace of another body. His father's. The man was holding him, not knowing whether he hated the newborn or loved him. His heir was finally born, but at the cost of his one true love.

Times were hard, and the day was cold and unforgiving, even in the summer's youth. The cerulean-eyed queen had chosen the worst possible day to have her child because in only hours the great kingdom of Samnoria would be under attack and the safety of their tiny newborn couldn't be assured. The Sultan was at a loss, looking between his crying baby and dead wife. All his generals and chiefs knelt around him solemnly, guards with sad looks upon their faces stood their posts and not a word was uttered beyond the cry of the distressed baby. It was a dark day indeed for the once proud and golden Sultan and he didn't know if he had the strength anymore to lead his armies to victory. The one he loved beyond anything in the world was gone, pale and still beautiful in her bed. And in his arms was the one reason to hope for the future…

So with a final thought, the Sultan reached into his pocket and pulled out a simple necklace. The stone attached to the necklace was of a dull blue color and the band was silver and plain. But as those under the Sultan watched, he lifted the simple band over his baby's head and placed it around his neck.

Immediately, the crying baby stopped and fell silent. The stone was glowing.

The once dull piece lit up magnificently, revealing vibrant blue colors to match the small boy's eyes. And the light only grew stronger as the stone lifted into the air, glowing brightly and matching with a new light on the corner of the room. There, around the pale neck of the fallen queen, was an identical necklace shining brightly and lifting high into the air. Seconds later, it stopped. Everyone but the Sultan was in awe as the light faded and necklaces fell to their original places.

Quietly, the Sultan turned and placed the newborn in the arms of his wife's favorite maiden. The small girl took the boy willingly and cradled it in her arms as her own, eyes still trained on the Sultan. He had moved towards the bed of his late wife, kneeling at its edge.

With a sad sigh he made his last ode to her. "My queen, give us the strength to win the war... Let our love shine on in this newborn so that he may one day rule Samnoria with the fairness of a Sultan." With that, the Sultan took her cold hand into his, kissing it lightly before he moved up to claim the stone around her neck. The small maiden thought she saw a tear creep down his cheek as he retrieved the stone, but he wore a straight face as soon as he turned to face her. He held the item resolutely in hand as he walked back to the maiden and his son.

The Sultan lowered himself down on one knee to become eye-level with the small girl. With a wan smile ghosting his lips, he addressed the nervous maiden.

"My wife loved you as a daughter and you deserve the same respect from me..." He slowly lifted the matching necklace over her head and placed it around her neck softly. "I ask that you take care of my son as if he were your own. Love him as if he were your own. This necklace represents the bond between two souls, as strong as love. As long as you have this you will know where one another are and if they are safe." He smiled now, looking down at his wide-eyed son. "This stone will heal you and keep you well. But you must always treat the other wearer with the love and care you treat this stone." Anko nodded without comprehending any of what he had said. It was enough to be in a room with all the war generals of the kingdom, but now the Sultan wanted her to look after his heir as if she was it's mother?

"Yes-s, s-sir," she stammered out finally. He smiled warmly once more before turning to his comrades. Five other maidens helped Anko take the newborn to his nursery to be fed and taken care of. 'I hope… we win this war,' she thought to herself as she looked down upon the smiling face of the newborn.


Sasuke had seen a dungeon before, but never had he stepped foot into one. Now he had the treat of stepping foot into one and staying there at the same time. He and Naruto lay side by side on the cold, cobblestone floor. The exhausted blonde had fallen asleep hours ago, but even fatigue couldn't helped Sasuke sleep, for how afraid he was. He didn't have to ask any questions at all. He knew why he was here; why he was captive.

Samnoria was in trouble…

For the thousandth time he tried to put that thought to rest, as well as his body. But he just… couldn't. The simple in and out of Naruto's chest against his back was calming and even the boy's shallow puffs of breath felt nice on his skin. But none of it outweighed his heavy mind and uncomfortable position.

'Damnit… I can't let this happen! The way he looked at Naruto, I've seen at look on that snake before! We're in trouble, fuck, he's in trouble.' Instinctively, Sasuke pulled in closer to his friend, not wanting to think about what was coming next. What started off as an innocent adventure was spiraling down into a fatal situation.

'If only Anko or Iruka were here… They'd save us.'


Iruka stood attentively at his post. His arms and legs were worn and tired from hours spent searching for his young friends. His face was sweaty and pale and his normally firm stature was slumped and defeated. He hated having to go to work; he was too worried to work, damnit! But he also knew that, for as much as he cared, Anko was more worried than him over their disappearance. She lived a waitress's life, yes, but only to escape her identity. At least that's what she had told Iruka at one point. He had no clue what it meant when she'd go to the weapons shop and he didn't want to push any buttons by asking. All he knew was that, as they searched, Anko's eyes were crying and her body was shaking on the verge of breaking down. Naruto meant something more to her than a friend, but the history lesson would have to wait.

A soldier of the same rank marched up to Iruka dutifully, stopping with a stiff clack and a brash smirk on his features. "Evening, Iruka. Time to switch posts, eh?" he said rhetorically.

Iruka nodded solemnly. "Yeah. Where to?"

"Ha! You get the dungeon shift today, mate!" he exclaimed merrily.



The sea was as dark as the night before, but the moving figure paid no mind to its beauty this night. Wearing clothes that cloaked itself in the bluish darkness, it ran in spurts of ten feet at a time, displaying speed and agility only earned by those highly trained. Within only minutes the figure made it to it's destination, only a few hundred yards off the coast.

The pub was lone and old, situated by itself near the sea and giving off the only light for a mile around. As the figure moved to its rear entrance the laughter and merriments voiced indoors became louder. The silent figure had come back to the shameless and decadent pub for only one reason; an item. And after only a moment's stay, it was in and out of the place with the item in hand. It was a simple necklace the figure held that looked not only ordinary, but completely useless. But the holder of the necklace grasped it tightly as it made it's way, knowing the stone's true importance. The sounds and laughter from inside the warm pub grew fainter by the second as the figure rushed off towards town. It was their last chance to find what they were looking for and after years of dormancy, the cloaked figure prayed the ancient magic would still work.


Naruto had no home. His only home after leaving Samnoria was with Sasuke, and even that home seemed worried and unsettling. He had no escape or shelter from the randomly harsh drama they were now facing, except for his sleep. His body was enervated from the inside out; totally worn out and ragged and he didn't care anymore that it was a smelly pile of hay he was sleeping on instead of a warm bed in Anko's home. He really didn't care nor think of the future, or anything for that matter beyond his dungeon cell and the one he loved currently propped against him. It was just too damn exhausting.

Unfortunately, Sasuke was cold and probably not as blissfully unaware as he was. Even in his sleep he felt Sasuke rustling around in his arms, awake and probably thinking hard. The only person who kept him safe was now worrying Naruto, so he decided to fully wake up and address the problem.

Naruto poked Sasuke's side lightly. "Sasuke? What's…the matter?" he asked shyly, not expecting the abrupt and harsh response it received. Sasuke was obviously awake.

"What's the matter? What's the matter? In case you haven't realized it yet, we are in a dungeon, Naruto!" He turned in Naruto's arms to express his point further as he continued. "A dungeon, in the enemies castle, and I am the fucking prince of the opposing kingdom! Please, tell me what isn't wrong?" There went the ignorant bliss.

"Oh," was all Naruto could offer in return. "But how do you know they are our enemies and it's not just a big mistake?" he questioned further with a scrunched brow. Sasuke sighed and leaned in to capture Naruto's lips for a brief moment, noticing the worried expression on his face.

"Look… I don't want any of this to be this way. And I certainly don't want to see that look on your face, got it?" Naruto perked. "But, we have to face the facts, Naruto. We're fucked."

"Yeah, that's the part I don't get," Naruto clarified obviously. "Just… spell it out."

Sasuke nodded and continued. "Kazekage is and has always been after Samnoria… My father was always just—optimistic about it. Maybe he thought the bastard couldn't do anything or maybe he was not paying attention to it—I don't know. But I do know that Kazekage Orochimaru is crazy and also hungry for power." Naruto chuckled at that.

"Wow, uh, he sounds like a normal villain to me!" Naruto sniggered. "I mean he looks evil, is supposed to be "good", and is crazy and hungry for power…" Naruto counted the reasons on his fingers. "Man, your dad must be stu--. Sorry…" Naruto trailed off, having probably said too much.

Sasuke's expression softened. "No, you're probably right… Father has had a lot on his plate… Too much if you ask me. I guess he just decided to let Kazekage do what he wanted as long as it was, you know, within reason. Whatever. The point is we're still fucked!" Sasuke said exasperated. Naruto groaned in defeat, sighing into the stale air. Turning, he pulled Sasuke's back to him again, only tighter.

"Stop worrying about it… We'll be fine."


"Shh." Naruto cut him off with his lips. Silencing any more conversation, he moved his right hand around to Sasuke's silk-woven shirt, diving underneath and rubbing slow circles around his chest and stomach. Sasuke moaned into the kiss, immediately forgetting whatever he was going to say next. He turned after a few moments of melting into Naruto's lips and climbed up on top of him, taking control of the kiss. When they broke apart for air he began kissing to the side of the tan, rough neck before him. He made his way to the delicate crook and sucked and bit at the sensitive skin there, eliciting small groans from Naruto.

It was the first time in days they were alone and Sasuke felt stupid for not thinking of this sooner… But damn was he horny. He could already feel his heated erection rubbing against his loves, dying for release. Hopefully, if the guards didn't pass by soon, they'd be granted that one small pleasure.

Naruto, on the other hand, couldn't give a flying fuck about the guards. He was stressed and tired… and horny. Ever since he helped the prince escape from the castle, he didn't have a chance to use his right hand, and was always hoping to get alone time with the raven-haired beauty. And here he was now, alone and horny with his love sitting on his chest making out with his neck.

'Fuck the guards…'


Kazekage Orochimaru knew who the boy was now. There was no mistaking that face, those features and even the dull chain he had tucked around his neck. Orochimaru was not one to delay on any whim, and as soon as he thoughts took him to that conclusion he leapt from his chair with a purely evil look upon his reptilian face that startled the surrounding guards. Without a word he strode out of the large throne room with anticipation lining his grinning features in the form of sweat beads.



As he walked down to the dungeons with slow and languid steps, Iruka could hear a small noise vibrating out from the dungeon cells. Without much care towards what or who the noise came from, he found his way to the prisoner log, lazily going over the list of prisoners. The piece of parchment made the soldier do a double-take.

'Wha… what? Only two prisoners? What the hell?' He read the measly number over in his head again before glancing down to see who the two lucky ones were. What he saw there made him do more than a double-take. Scrawled down on the parchment in terrible handwriting were two very important names.

'Sasuke… Naruto!' He choked on his own breath. "S-Sasuke and… Naruto!" Iruka couldn't even process that information before his feet found new energy and carried him at a fast pace to the cells.

The noise got louder as he approached the cells. It sounded almost like… moans.

'What the hell is this now?' There was no mistaking it. As Iruka got closer to the main cells he could hear the unmistakable sounds of moaning… and not the usual "Oh-woe-is-me-I'm-going-to-die" moans either. These were… pleasurable moans.

Without much thought he peered into the main cell where the two prisoners were staying… Bad idea.

Lying on the bed of hay, stark naked was Naruto. Over him was Sasuke, also naked and glistening with sweat. His black hair was damp and sticking to his face as he bent over Naruto's midriff. Iruka couldn't make out completely what they were doing, but he had an idea considering Naruto's loud groans and whispered encouragements. He was having trouble processing things today, so for a few moments Iruka just stood there, shocked and totally weirded out. It only took him a few seconds to get a real view of what was going on. Naruto bucked his hips in pleasure and both boys shifted to the right slightly, showing Iruka… more than he wanted to see. Sasuke had Naruto deep in his mouth and didn't seem to be letting up as he sucked greedily up and down on the erect shaft.

Iruka had had enough of that. Actually, he wanted to barf.

With a light tap and a stiff clearing of his throat, he got their attention somehow. It took three tries to do it though.

"Uhh, hi," he said almost casually. Naruto looked up, saw Iruka, and immediately his eye dilated in embarrassment as he pushed Sasuke off of him.

"Iruka! Shit!" He grabbed the nearest article of clothing, which happened to be Sasuke's boxers, and jumped into them. Sasuke's pale body was ten shades of crimson as he grabbed Naruto's boxers, also in the heat of the moment when he noticed the guard.

Iruka covered his eyes with his hands shamefully. "Uhh, no need to explain boys. I'm just… happy to see you alive?" Both Naruto and Sasuke perked up.

"Alive! Yes! Wait, how the hell did you get in here?" Naruto questioned with an accusing finger as he pulled up his jumper up his legs, off-balance and almost falling over. 'So much for getting off…' he added to himself as an afterthought.

It finally dawned on Iruka where exactly he was. "How did I?-- How did you two get in here! One moment we're all in the shop and next, you disappear and end up in the castle dungeons! This is too much! What were you doing? Why didn't I think of this? Why are you here? What's going on?" Sasuke's face fell into a perturbed glance along with Naruto's as they both watched Iruka go into Mother Hen mode and have a high-pitched conversation with himself.

"Uhh, Iruka? Mind letting us out now?" Sasuke finally asked flatly. Iruka looked at him sideways and then jumped into action almost immediately.

"Ah! Yes! Of course! I'm sure this was all a mistake and the Kazekage just doesn't know about--"

"No. You're wrong," Naruto cut in. "That bastard's the one who put us down here! Wait, and you work for him?" Naruto asked with displeasure thick in his tone. "Why didn't you free us earlier when we were up there getting interrogated by the low-life!" Iruka's face fell apologetically.

"I'm so sorry! I just got here only an hour ago and Anko and I were searching for you and... Point is if I knew you were here, I'd have come sooner." He said lastly while opening the cell door for the two eager boys. He smiled as he creaked open the rusted metal bars, admitting the prisoners their freedom.

"Now, what was this about Kazekage putting you in here? I'm sure we can go straighten it out right now…?" Iruka opened his eyes from his grin to see that both boys were standing there stone still with petrified looks on their faces. Before he could react, Iruka heard a voice behind him.

"Yes… why don't we straighten this out, hmmm?" Orochimaru grinned sinisterly.


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