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8:03 a.m. -- Liverpool Library

A wrestler was at the Liverpool Libary returning about 5 books he borrowed to the librarian.

"We have a bit of a problem, sir, I'm afraid your books are overdue," the librarian said after checking the date he was supposed to return them.

"The problem is your's, lady, 'cause I ain't payin' no fines," the man snapped.

"But, that's a policy," the librarian said back.

"Too bad!!" He snapped back.

The librarian was speechless until he was about to exit, when a green light flashed, causing her to turn from a librarian into a buff wrestler. She growled as she picked him up and tossed him to the ground like riding a bucking bronco. Everyone in the library were speechless to see that.

The librarian looked at her hands, like she had never seen a new pair of gloves on them before. She started to chuckle.

8:17 a.m. -- Beverly Hills Mall

The girls and I were browsing around in the music store. I wore my Chevy Trucks Kawasaki T-shirt with Stephane Roncada's last name on the back and underneath it was a 21.

"Oh, 5 Garbage, now this is a seriously cool band!!" Sam said after picking up one of their albums.

"Not as cool as Dale Red. They are mega cool!!" Alex responded.

"Nah, UB 40 can top those dudes anyday," I responded.

"Sorry, girls, I just found the coolest thing in the whole store. Ansen Carter," Clover said back to them.

"Ansen Carter?" Alex asked.

"Who the heck is he?" I asked.

"The brand new, scalding hot M-channel VJ. Isn't he a dream?" Clover explained.

Sam and Alex were speechless, but I gave Clover the face.

When an announcement came up that Ansen was going to pick one person to audition with him, Clover was excited.

"Oh, this is too perfect. I'll send in my tape, get the job, Ansen will fall in love with me, and we'll spend the rest of our lives together,"

Sam, Alex and I were wide-mouthed, until Clover kissed the TV that had Ansen's face on it, then she fainted to the floor.

"Okay, Clover, I totally support free expression and all, but you are in public," Sam said to her.

"Sammy's right you know, Clover," I pointed out.

"Oh just forget that. I'm going home right now to work on my tape," Clover said.

The 4 of us ran out of the music store.

"Should we get something to eat while we're at it?" I asked.

"Why not," Sam said.

While we were running,a vacuum cleaner sucked us in as we fell down one of the WOOHP tunnels, only to appear out of a garbage can and onto the floor, in which we landed on top of each other.

9:23 a.m. -- Jerry's Office

"Well, that was completely gross. A vacuum then through a garbage can. Thanks a lot, Jerr. Jerr?" Alex said after rubbing her head.

"Down here," Jerry responded.

He stood in a prince's outfit.

"Nice duds. Are you in a play or something?" Clover asked.

"No, but I have some very exciting news. I am to be knighted!!" Jerry said, excited.

Alex gasped.

"Knighted? Like with a sword, and a queen and you'll be sir?"

"Yes, yes and yes!!! It's quite an unexpected honor," Jerry responded.

"So, can we come? I've always wanted to meet the queen," Sam said.

"Tragically, you cannot, though you 4 will be traveling to England," Jerry responded.,

"England? But I can't!! I have a very important, perhaps even a lifetime video to star in!!!" Clover said, stressed.

"Well, then it'll have to wait. Right now, I have an assignment for you 4. In a city of Liverpool, there have been a rash of odd occurrances. People's personalities have suddenly changed. Observe, this mild librarian just started acting like a professional wrestler, and this plastic surgeon can't stop dancing. And this army general now treats his officers like a kindergarten class." Jerry explained.

"Freaky," Alex responded.

"Any reasons, Jerry," I asked.

"I'm not sure, especially since these people are very important," Jerry responded.

"Then I guess we better find out what's going on and fast," Sam said.

"Exactly. Now, for your gadgets: you will be using laser lipsticks and chapstick, ear ring communicatiors, the hair pick lock pick, suction cup-bottomed go-go boots, and V.E.G.S." Jerry explained.

"V.E.G.S.?" Clover asked.

"Vapor emitting gloves. Wear them at your uncultivated risk," Jerry said, giving Clover a sample smell.

"Ewwww... Nast," Clover said.

We all agreed with her as we all had our fingers on our noses.

"Indeed, and now you're off, as am I," Jerry said, pressing a button on a remote controller and we fell down a trap door.

We were flying high in the plane Jerry assigned us. Sam and I were looking out of one of the windows, while Clover was getting ready for her speech to Ansen, and Alex was filming her.

"So, Ansen. Remember, my name is Clover, and your search is over. You've found your M-channel guest gal. I'm hipper than hip, hopper than hop, I walk the walk, and baby, I talk the talk," Clover said proudly and blew a kiss at the end.

"That was awesome, Clover!!" Alex complimented.

"Thanks. Now all I have to do is send in the tape, and keep my fingers crossed," Clover said.

"Good, 'cause right now, it's spy time," Sam said.

"For sure," I added.

10:22 a.m. -- Librarian's House -- Liverpool

When we entered her house, the librarian was doing exercises.

"Um, are you sure you're a librarian because sister, you are waaayyy buff," Clover asked.

"I was until last Thursday, the day my whole life changed," the librarian responded.

"What do you mean? What happened?" Alex asked.

"I was working at a library until I saw this bright light and all of a sudden, I wasn't a wimp anymore, I was a wreslter. It was amazing," the librarian responded.

"I'm afraid I don't follow," Sam said.

"Me neither," I added.

"The only thing that I recall is books and my own cup of tea. Now I can bench 150! I even have a match tomorrow night at some bloat at Kensington. Wanna come?" the librarian said.

"Sounds like a blast, but unfortunately, we'll have to take a raining check," Clover said.

"And we all don't really follow wrestling," I added.

"Suit yourself. Right now, I've gotta work on my abs,"

We turned into balloons and splattered all over the place.

We came out of the house.

"What a freak show. I mean how often do you meet a wrestling librarian?" Clover said.

"Yeah, about as often as you meet a high school girl involved in international espionage," Alex said.

Clover thought about it and suddenly realized Alex's phrase.

"Okay, bad example," Alex said.

"Hey check it out," Sam said, grabbing a newspaper from a nearby stand.

"Pro wrestler, Birmingham Brawler quits, wants simpler, quieter life,"

"He probably got bonked on his head one too many times," Clover said.

Sam held the article closer to Clover and pointed her fingertip to the picture.

"So," Clover said.

"Either that or his personality has changed," Sam assumed.

"What do you mean, Sammy?" I asked.

"That this is way to weird to be a coincidence," Sam answered.

"Girl, I think you're on to something," I said.

11:50 a.m. -- Wrestling Gymnasium

We went to visit the Birmingham Brawler.

A wrestling match for fun was going on.

"Yes well wrestling was my old life. I prefer a good book," the celeb said.

"But you're like the Birmingham Brawler dude, a butt-kicking powerhousing strength," Clover said punching her arm close to Sam and me, but she got too close to my head, as I lost my balance and fell over, taking down Sam accidentally.

I got up, helping up Sam as well.

"Yes well I was the Birmingham Brawler, until last Thursday when I discovered Trouloupe, Emily Bronte, and Paul Gougain," he responded.

"You don't happen to know the head librarian at the Liverpool Library do you?" Sam asked.

"Why no, but I'd so love to meet her. We'd probably have a great deal in common," the wrestler responded.

"Well, thanks for your time. Keep digging on those books," Alex said as we got up to leave.

"Hmm, as so I shall, well, cherri-o my dears," he said.

"Just when I thought this first freak show was good, the second show was even better," Clover said.

"It's like the game we used to play in nursery school. Opposite day," Alex said.

Sam gasped.

"You're absolutely right, Alex. It's like they've switched personalities,"

"But how is that possible? Especially since they don't even know each other," Clover asked.

"I'm not sure, but we're gonna find out," Sam said.

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