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7:20 p.m. -- Buckingham Palace

Everyone was ready to be knighted by the queen, until Jerry came swaggering in.

"Hey, your majesty. I-I'm totally sorry I'm late,"

"That's quite alright, Jerry," said the queen.

"So, like thanks again for inviting me to hang in your killer digs. I'm loyally blown away," Jerry said, unaware that the queen didn't know that him and Clover had switched personalities.

"It's quite our pleasure," the queen said, looking pretty baffled.

"Well thanks to both of you then, and thanks to the props again for making me a knight. It's like the best treat, better than a shoe sale at the mall," Jerry said.

"Are you feeling okay, Mr. Lewis?" the queen asked.

"Okay? I'm downright stoked, queenie. Now let's get this knight party started," Jerry said, excited, accidentally knocking down a line of gentlemen waiting to be knighted themselves.

The queen wasn't too thrilled.

"Oopsie," Jerry said, apologizedly.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, we had tied up Gray to the chair that the President was previously sitting in.

"You'll never get away with this!!" Gray hissed.

"Wanna try?" I asked.

"I'd say we go and help the others," Sam suggested.

"Good idea, and in the meantime, my men will take care of THIS clown," the President said, snapping his fingers, and hundreds of his agents appeared behind everything in the room.

Sam, Alex, and I were impressed.

As the President's agents took Gray away, Sam began to wonder something.

"So, I wonder how Clover and Jerry made out?"

"Hope it came good," I said.

Alex and Sam looked at me.

"What? It's possible," I said back to them.

Back at WOOHP, Jerry was running the video of Clover as him on the Ansen Carter show. He was not happy about it. Sam and I were holding hands, while Alex and Clover checked out the video as well as Sam and me.

"I can't believe those words actually came out of my mouth. It's so embarrassing!" Clover said in grief.

"What's more embarrassing is my behavior at the palace. Not only did the queen despise of me, but my chances of ever becoming a knight are utterly new," Jerry said.

"Aww that's too bad, Jerr," Sam said.

"Mm-hmm. If you switched with either Sam or Alex, I gotta wonder if you would've been knighted," I added.

Clover's cell phone rang.

"Hello? Yeah that's me. No way!! Yeah totally! Okay, bye! You're so not gonna believe this, Ansen, the love of my life, has never gotten as many calls about a guest D.J. Everyone loves the cranky girl. They want me back,"

"Awesome," Alex said.

"NIce going," I said.

"You can thank me anytime," Jerry said.

"Uh, no I don't need to thank you, Jerr, I need to switch personalities with you. Where's that behavioral adjustable thingy?" Clover said.

"Oh no, no not in a million years!" Jerry said.

"Come on, Jer,"

"I said no,"

"But, Jerr, this is important!! Pleeasee?"

Sam, Alex and I giggled, and Sam and I looked at each other.


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