The ministry orders evacuation of Hogwarts under mysterious reasons. Draco and Hermione get trapped in a closet while they are evacuating. When they get out, they are the only ones left for a whole 2 months. What will happen? And why the evacuation?

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WARNING: This story was written before the 6th or 7th book came out, so (spoiler), Dumbledore is not dead in my fanfic, despite it being 7th year.


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Chapter 1 - Meeting the Heads


The sheets rustled.



A groan came from the bed.


Hermione woke up with a frustrated sigh.

"That sinks going to drip all night, I swear... If we don't get a plumber, I'll… I can't sleep with that annoying noise… it's bloody 2 in the morning!…" She mumbled as she got out of bed. Haggardly, she dragged herself into the bathroom. Of course, when she needed something to plug the faucet with, nothing was readily available. After a bit of search and struggle, she opened the cabinet under the sink to find a small towel. Yawning, she put the edge of the towel into the faucet and went back to sleep.

Ten o'clock came around soon enough. She stretched, extending her arms above her head and pointing her toes over the edge of the bed. The tensing of her muscles sent a pleasant feeling all throughout her body and provided some much needed energy. She stood and walked to the bathroom with a yawn, arms still high above her head. A shower could not have been more welcome.

Today was the day her final year at Hogwarts began. But this wasn't going to be just any year. Oh no; it was her seventh year, and she wasn't going just as Hermione Granger, but Hermione Granger: Head Girl.

She smiled at the thought.

Her…head girl. Not to be too self-confident, but she had expected it, though it was still a nice surprise.


There was a tapping sound on the window. Setting down her book, she looked to see a small tan owl, spotted dark brown. It was a lovely bird, but didn't belong to anyone she knew.

"Well hello." She eyed the paper in it's claw. "Have you got something for me?" She stuck out her hand almost hesitantly and reached for the letter. The bird, however, did not easily comply, and instead jumped inside and landed on her book, hooting happily before springing into flight once more.

"No, no. Please, come here!" What a frustrating bird. Should she stoop so low as to bribe it? "I'll give you a treat if you stop playing games. Alright?"

The owl perched itself on the windowsill and tilted its head, curious and in anticipation.

"Brilliant." She smiled and sifted through her drawer for some crackers. "I suppose these work. A little old, but I'm sure they taste fine, right?"

A simple hoot was her only answer, and she took it as a 'yes'. Hermione tossed the owl the cracker and caught the letter as it fell from its talons.

As the owl ate, Hermione observed the letter. It was different from Ron's wrinkled letters, or Harry's incredibly plain ones. It was elegant, written on a thin parchment, and had the Hogwarts seal. That was enough for her to get excited about it. She could no longer contain herself as she, quite barbarically, ripped open the letter and read:

'Dear Miss. Granger,

We would like to congratulate you on becoming Head--'

She paused. Double take.

'--Head Girl.'

It did say that! Smiling broadly, she squealed excitedly and continued,

'--on becoming Head Girl. We also would like to congratulate you for making it your 7th year. As you know, Hogwarts has been known for the slight problems between the Heads in the past years. As a result, this year, I'm glad to say that there have been a few minor changes made; one of which is the living arrangements. You will be sharing a commons with the Head Boy. However, before you begin to panic, rest assured that you will still have separate sleeping quarters. You might come across a chance to find out who the Head Boy is on the train, but as for now, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for either of you. There is a Head Girl badge in the envelope, just place it under, above, or next to your house badge and it should stick, as there has been a sticking charm placed on it.

I hope to see you in a week;


Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.'

End Flashback

Hermione wrapped a towel around herself and used her foot to guide a cloth across the floor, picking up drips of water. She looked at her wet hair and cringed. What could she possibly do with it? An option was just leaving it. Maybe adding some gel and drying it.


She was Head Girl this year. It had to look at least fairly decent.

She could straighten it. Yes, that sounded acceptable. It may take a while though, and honestly, Hermione wasn't patient enough to sit through straightening.

But wait. What if she, instead of straightening it, curled it? The usual wavy locks were quite messy on most days, and she couldn't rely on luck to give her a good hair day. Then straight hair was susceptible to curl/frizz under high humidity. She knew she put too much thought into this, but it was an important day, and she was sure as hell going to look impeccable. And magic always seemed to make her feel lazy... and guilty, even though she was of age to use it in the muggle world. Satisfied with her decision, she prepared her curling iron and moved onto wardrobe.

Standing in front of her dresser, doors wide open, she taped her chin restlessly. It really wasn't a big deal, what she wore. She's just be wearing her robe over it in a short amount of time. She settled with some jeans, a cami, and a jacket.

"Not bad." A little bit of self-commentary never hurt anyone. She angled her body as she looked in the mirror. It was a good look, aside from the hair.

Time went by slowly as Hermione tackled her most stubborn asset. Finally finishing, she peeked at the clock and felt a sudden, anxious jolt inside of her. She'd be late for sure if she didn't hurry. She grabbed her trunk and hauled the massive thing downstairs.

"Mum, dad, it's 10:15! We have to get going! I want to find a good compartment before they're all taken."

"Calm down Hermione, dear! You'll have time to do all that, but first sit down and have a bit of breakfast before you go." Her mum reassured.

"No thanks mum, I can order something off the trolley." She told her with a pleading face. "Please?"

"You sure?" Her dad questioned skeptically. Hermione wasn't one to miss breakfast in the summer, but he supposed this was normal, considering she adored school more than food.

"Yes dad, can we please get going now?" She hugged her mum and gave her a kiss on the cheek before attempting to pull her trunk out the door. It clunked down the porch steps loudly.

"I'll get that hun, you get to the car."

"Thanks dad." She grinned appreciatively.

"Oh my..." He grunted. "Hermione, what do you have in here, boulders?"

"Dad, it's not that heavy, it's just a few of my books! Don't exaggerate."

"Oh, alright then, a few books. Of course. And it'll only cost a few pounds to fix my back if this kills it."

Hermione's mother gave a little laugh. "Oh, come on dear. Don't fill our daughter with guilt right before she leaves. She won't be able to sleep at night." She walked over and put an arm around his waist. "Wait until she comes back to drop the hospital bills in her lap." With a kiss and a soft giggle, she re-entered the house.

"Dad, come on."

"Coming Hermione! Give me a second to get this to the car!" He yelled back.

When they arrived at the station, Hermione inhaled the familiar scent of the bricks, the train fuel, the people. It had been just over two months since she'd been here last, and this would be the near the final time. She pushed away the sad thoughts and hurried her dad along.

Said father had, out of desperation and pure joy, borrowed a cart for the trunk to aid them in their journey to Platform 9 ¾.

"Ready dear? Last year's a big one, isn't it?" He smiled kindly and placed a loving hand on her shoulder. After 6 years of watching his daughter run through walls, he still felt a certain anxiety in the act. But he was proud of her and what she'd become. After all, how many parents can say that their daughter is a witch? Well, he thought to himself, how many people would want to? He may be interrogated by social services if he went around broadcasting that, despite the honest-to-god pride he had in the statement.

Once they were at entryway to the platform, Hermione turned to her dad. "Well." She began.


She'd been through this countless times, and yet she always had a hard time saying goodbye. No. This wasn't goodbye. Just a simple 'see you later'. "I'll be seeing you dad."

"Of course you will, silly girl." He smiled widely and enveloped his daughter in his arms. "Have fun."

"I will." She choked, fighting back tears. Damn her sensitivity.

Mr. Granger noticed this. "You sure you'll be alright? You want me to come in there with you?" He asked almost playfully. A part of it meant it.

"No dad," She laughed "I'll be fine. You know you can't go through to the platform."

"Oh, right." He winked at her. "In that case, stay safe, good luck, and say hello to everyone for me. I'll see you after school's out."

"Promise." She nearly started for the platform, when she remembered something. "Hey dad... tell me honestly. You're not angry about me not being able to come down for the Holidays this year, are you? Because you know I want to, I just have a lot of work to do at that time, me being Head Girl and all."

Another warm smile. "Of course I'm not angry, Hermione, just owl us if you have time." It was so strange being able to say that. He almost said it aloud at work every now and then. Imagine that.

She too smiled one last time before holding her breath and her concentration, and pushing herself through the wall.

"May I take your trunk into the train, Miss?" A guard with a heavy accent asked her immediately upon her arrival through the platform. They were efficient, that was for sure.

"Um…sure." She watched as the guard disappeared with it behind the train, leaving the rest to the imagination. "Now to find Ron and Harry..."

She wandered beside the train in search of her friends. Her curiosity in the people around her took over soon enough, and she watched the witches, wizards, dwarves, and goblins instead of looking for Harry and Ron. Lost in thought, her mindless walking caused her to bump into someone very hard and tall.

"S-sorry, I--" She looked up apologetically, expecting the usual awkward touch-and laugh, followed closely by a speedy sprint away. Instead, she was greeted, so to speak, by two piercing, blue-gray eyes looking down at her. Her sympathetic gaze faltered and she practically scowled. "Malfoy."

"You should watch where you're going, Granger." He spat.

It was difficult thinking of a comeback, since technically, she wasn't watching where she was going. Malfoy was right. Fixing her shirt unnecessarily, she huffed. "So if you were watching where you were going, then why did you let me run into you?"

Draco smirked. "I may dislike your muggleborn antics, but I can't deny a girl the right to press bodies with me. Even if it was only subconsiously on your part."

"Yes, well thank you for selflessly allowing me that pleasure. And now that I have carried out my one true goal in life--sandwiching myself with you--I see that, had I not, I really wouldn't have been missing much." She put on a concerned face and shook her head, picking at his sweater vest to signify that he was too thin. "No wonder all those girls talk so negatively about you in the commons... You really should eat more. It's not attractive." She showed him a satisfied smile and proceeded to search for her two best friends.

As she walked away, Draco Malfoy scoffed, half in disbelief and half in a growing worry. He boarded the train, refusing to think too much of it. What a lunatic she was. Utterly mad.

With a sigh, Hermione gave up looking for Ron and Harry. She figured she'd probably find them on the train anyway. Why waste time?

She found an empty compartment and sat, pulling out a book she'd recently started reading: 'Unfogging the Future' by Cassandra Vablatsky. Dropping Divination in her third year still haunted her off and on, so she decided to take it up again, just for the sake of a better resume. Otherwise, she wouldn't even think twice about it.

The compartment door slid open and in walked Ron, Harry, and Ginny, loud as always.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know this compartment was ta--oh, hey Hermione!"

She smiled. About time they found her. "Hello Harry." With a laugh, she stood and hugged him tightly. "Have you been well?"

"I've been great, thanks. Staying with the Weasely's all summer." He eyed her hair as he pulled away.

Hermione noticed, and suddenly she felt embarrassed of the curls. As though they were too much. "Oh, I--"

"I like it." He grinned.

She let out a breathe, much relieved. "Thanks."

Impatient, Ginny poshed Harry out of the way and embraced Hermione for all it was worth. "Hermione, you have no clue how much I've missed you! All bloody summer with these two idiots is bound to scar a girl for life, you know. I was desperate for someone sane!"

Hermione laughed at the redhead and hugged her a second time. "Don't worry, you're among normal witches and wizards now." She joked, winking at the boys. Upon doing so, she saw Ron standing behind Harry, looking at her as if she was holding a dozen mandrakes.

"Ron? Are you gonna stay there petrified all day or are you going to come give me a hug?" She asked, her voice laced with humor.

Ron blushed and walked over for the hug. He leaned in, as did she, just in the same direction, making the hug slightly difficult. "Hang on, Ron. You go left, I'll go right." She giggled.

The hug itself wasn't as difficult after they had managed to initiate it. Rather, it was painful in a way. Ron hugged her tightly. "Thanks Ron... I app-appreciate it." She said, out of breath and patting him on the back.

Ron chuckled nervously. "Sorry 'Mione, guess I just missed you more than I thought." Hermione smiled and linked an arm around his waist, much to his discomfort. "Not a problem." She looked around the small compartment. "I missed you all too. Very much." But her sentimental words were interrupted by a tall, Slytherin blonde.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't mudblood and poorblood. Displaying your intimacy in front of friends, are we?"

"Sod off Malfoy."

"Watch it Weasley, your girlfriend's listening. You wouldn't want to come off as rude." Ron's ears turned a crimson color. "She's not--"

"Malfoy, don't make me take points from Slytherin!" Hermione threatened quickly, pointing at her badge on her robe. Inside her, a satisfaction was growing at the look she had brought to his eyes.

Draco looked at her in utter shock. He couldn't believe it, even though he'd had a hunch for a few weeks now.

He sighed. "So then, you're…?"

Hermione smiled and nodded.


Yes she was.

Draco ran a hand through his platinum hair and sighed once more. He then smirked, which was in character for him, but at this particular moment, was the last thing Hermione expected him to do. She raised a brow and cocked her head to the side.

"Granger, Granger, I should have known. But then again, same goes for you."

"What are you going on about, Malfoy?" Harry asked.

"Shut up, Potter, it's clear that I'm not talking to you. I-"

"What does that mean? 'Same goes for me'?" Hermione interrupted.

"It's quite simple really. You should have known that you can't take points from another Head." He tilted his head ever so slightly, almost as though he was challenging her to figure it out.

And naturally, she did.

Her jaw dropped open, along with everyone else's. They stared at him, then at each other, completely dumbstruck.

"You mean you're… H-Head Boy?" She stuttered.

Draco closed his eyes and nodded. Oh how lovely the fear in her voice sounded.

"How could that be?" Hermione sat down and put her head in her hands. 'Malfoy…Head Boy?…this can't be possible.' Her perfect 7th year was spiraling downward quickly.

"Afraid so mudblood. Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go to the Head's compartment. Would you care to join me?" Hermione looked up, pale. She should. She knew that she should go, but she didn't want to. Not with him.

Defeated, she nodded and stood to follow him, throwing Harry, Ron, and Ginny apologetic looks.

Harry shrugged and Ginny smiled consolingly, giving her somewhat of a boost.

She shoved Draco out of the way, suddenly ticked off at everything, and walked right past him towards the Head's compartment.

Draco sneered. Before following Hermione, he turned to the trembling boy closest to him. "Weasley, you may want to cool off a bit, your face is the same shade of red as your hair."

And he left.