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Time Frame: Whenever the show is now: January 9, 2005.

Parings: Missy/Jack

Summary: When Bobby hides being sick, things get a little out of hand for Jack and he's forced to come to terms with the thought that it might be his fault.

Rating: PG-13

BOBBY'S POV ( he's so cute )
AT HOME YO! – 3:18AM – 13 days before Grace's return.

I threw myself forward fiercely; the bed shaking along with my body. Sweat poured off my face partly from the dream. But mostly because of the raging fever that I knew I had. I leaned my back against the back board of my bed and swallowed. My throat was so swollen that it barely even felt like I did.

Clearing my throat lightly as to not wake my blissfully sleeping older brother who was not but 5 feet away, I turned and placed my bare feet on the carpet. It was my third trip to the bathroom that night.

"What's wrong with me?" I asked quietly to my reflection. He was the only one I could ask. Jack was having a bad week and I didn't have the heart to burden him even more. I did a good job hiding my obvious discomfort, though as the days wore on, it was getting harder.

I'd ask my mother, but she was away. A business conference with some board who were trying to solve the whole "Actresses Wanting to be Called Actors" had come up about 4 days ago. This was by far the longest one yet; two and a half weeks.

I splashed a few handfuls of cold water on my face and then trudged dizzily back to the bedroom. It was dark but I could still tell that Jack was asleep; it took a lot to wake him up. Maybe I'll feel better in the morning…

AT HOME YO! – 6:58AM – 13 days before Grace's return.

"Have you seen my jacket?" Jack said waving one of his hands idiotically in front of my face. I hadn't realized that I spaced out. My cereal was forgotten and soggy. "Well?" Jack bent over and looked me in the face. For a second I thought he noticed the redness of my eyes and the dark circles that rung around them, but I was wrong. "Bobby? Hello, I need my jacket, its cold out. Oh, and finish your cereal, it'll get cold."

"Cereal is already cold." I said dryly. Jack only shrugged loosely. "Fine then, warm; there's nothing worse them warm Froot Loops." He walked into the living room saying something under his breath and then found his jacket.

"Come on, you don't want to be late for school, do you?" He studied me for a moment and cocked his head to the side. "You okay?" Those simple words sparked fear in me. 'He knows!'

"Er…," I paused; thinking. "I'm just tired." I stood up quickly, discarded my soggy loops, grabbed my bag and jacket, and practically jogged past Jack.

"Okay…" He paused, slightly confused, but questioned the matter no more. The walk to school was quiet and I was thankful. For some reason, deep inside me, I figured if Jack found out about me being sick, he'd be angry. Such a crazy notion, and yet I believed it; at least enough to continue to hide my emotions.

AT SCHOOL YO! – 10:41AM – still 13 days before Grace's return.

School went by agonizingly slow, slower then usual. I couldn't concentrate on anything and every time I stole a glance out the window, the teacher would call on me.

"Mr. McCallister, if you and your obviously wandering mind would be so kind as to answer number five?" I closed my eyes tight and looked down embarrassed.

"I..." I looked up weakly. "I don't know." The teacher stood for a long moment, pondering her next words.

"Very well, maybe if you were paying any attention you'd notice that there is no number five, in fact, we're taking notes." The class laughed and she stole herself a proud smirk.

"I…" Again I stopped, feeling slightly nauseous. So as to not embarrass myself any further, or at least not as much as throwing up in front of the entire class would, I stood up and ran.

I burst loudly out of the room and made a mad dash down the hall, more afraid of what the teacher was going to do then getting sick. I turned the corner and just like in all of the predictable cartoons, I slammed painfully into someone, sending them, and me flying to the ground.

"I'm so sorry!" I tried to get off of the person, but my legs were tangled tightly in theirs and a racking cough caused my already weak body to fall forward. I collapsed tiredly onto the person and hoped to any and all powerful forces in the universe that they were nice and caring.

I kept my eyes shut as each cough hurt more then the next. To warm hands rested gently on my back and I let a tiny gasp of surprise out through the coughs. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I looked up, watery eyes meeting the eyes of my worried brother. 'Ha! What luck?'

My thoughts turned when I remembered how much I didn't want him knowing. I yanked myself off him and scrambled to my feet.
"Are you alright? What were you doing?" Jack stood up too, brushing himself off. I was cornered; no lies were going to get me out of this one… unless.

"I was," I paused thinking harder then I've ever thought before. "I was in science and I breathed in some freaky chemical stuff. The teacher t-told me to go to t-the bathroom qui-" I swallowed and took a deep breath. "quick and rinse my mouth out, so I ran out and into you. I'm sorry"

"Aren't there sinks in the science room?" Jack was staring at me intently and I let myself think that maybe the best thing to do was run.

"Uh, I guess I forgot." I scratched my head nervously. "I had better get to the bathroom, you know?" Jack nodded slowly. I gave him a reassuring, yet incredibly fake smile and started to "walk" to the bathroom. I still felt so sick.

When I got there I checked every stall to make sure no was there, I slipped the lock on the door and stumbled into one of the stalls.

AT HOME YO! -9:50PM – 13 days before Grace's return.

"There's a party at this kid Sean's house tonight. As much as I'd like to go, I have to stay here and watch you!" Jack spat angrily as he paced the room. I was perched steadily on my bed watching him.

"You don't have-" I started but Jack cut me off sharply.

"Yes! Bobby, I do." I felt my heart lighten, he cared about me. He was staying home because he wanted to make sure I was alright. I let a smile slip through my ragged form. "If I go, then mom will kill me. I don't know how she finds out these things, but when she knows, she'll ground me forever." Jack continued and my hopeful heart fell.

"O-oh." It came out as a quiet stutter but Jack didn't notice.

"You know what, fuck it. I'm going to that party, Bobby. You had better stay here." His eyes softened as he gazed at me. He knelt down to my level. "I'm sorry, but if I'm not there I'll be in more trouble with Missy, I can't have that happen." He put a hand on my shoulder briefly; then removed it and stood.

"Okay" Still my voice was whispery.

"Good, just stay out of trouble." Jack walked out of the room and a few moments later I heard the front door shut.


Almost an hour later I still sat quietly on my bed. I hadn't moved an inch. I felt cold sweat forming on my forehead and every now and then a small drop would fall. Each breath I took was agony and the room around me seemed to swirl and twirl, colors merging with colors; shapes morphing into others.

If I didn't know better, I'd say I was drugged, but I wasn't. My hands started to tingle and for once in the past hour I moved. Bringing my small hands into my line of view I gasped. Blood was dripping from my nails, no… my whole hand.

I jumped up, wailing and waving my hands all about. The blood was everywhere, on the walls, on the bed; it was covering me. I threw myself into the wall and screamed, falling to the floor. The blood was pooling around me. Again I stood up, my vision blurring. Before I knew it I was out of the house and running through the darkened streets of Hart. 10:00 at night was no time for a severely messed up kid to run anywhere for that matter.

I got to an old store that was closed down and stopped in the parking lot. A street light shone down on me making shadows come out everywhere. Wait, those aren't shadows! They're snakes; they're going to eat me! Seconds passed and then they were all over me.

"Get off!" my voice echoed into the empty lot and I started scratching at my face, I needed to get them off. Oh God, it was so hot. I fell to my knees but never stopped clawing at my face. The snakes were going to kill me if I didn't kill them first. Yeah, that's it. I had to kill them first.

I leapt up and dashed in search of something to kill them. A knife, a gun… ANYTHING.

Getting to a normally busy street, I saw a truck coming. The truck would kill the snakes, they would all be dead and I would be safe. I jumped out into the street.

JACKS POV! ( he's so hot )
AT THE PARTY YO! – 10:15PM – 13 days before Grace's return.

The party seemed to drag on and on. By 10:15, I was ready to go, but Missy kept dragging me from here to there. I couldn't explain it, but I was really worried about Bobby. He was acting so weird when I left. A scream from the front of Sean's house alerted me that something was wrong.

Curiosity getting the better of me, I headed absent mindedly to the living room. What I saw caused all of the color to drain from my face. It was Bobby, blood was dripping from his face and hands; he was shaking like a mad man. I ran forward, pushing past all the gawkers and fell to my knees in front of my little brother. I took his shoulders.

"Bobby, what the hell happened? What are you doing here?"

"I wanna' go home Jack."

"What happened!?"

"Please, take me home"

"How did you get here!?

"I want t-to…" Bobby paused and looked down. Tears were sliding down his face. Without any thought, I lifted him up and left. Once we were a good distance from the party I put him down and kneeled in front of him.

"Bobby, tell me what happened and I will take you home." I bargained.

"Do you promise?"

"What? Yes, of course I promise." He was hurt, but I didn't know how badly. Should I take him to the hospital, or- shit! I can't take him to the hospital. I just promised I'd take him home.

"W-what happened" I asked, getting back to the point.

"The snakes…" Okay, now I was confused.

"What snakes, Bobby? What are you talking about?"

"The snakes were going to eat me, I had to kill them." I sighed, defeated and put my hand to his bloodied face. He was burning up!

"Can we go home now, Jack. I don't feel so good." I was conflicted. Bobby was obviously sick, but maybe not out of my care.

"Sure kiddo." I stood all the way up and waited to see if Bobby could walk properly. Once on our way I couldn't help but think. How long had he been sick? Why hadn't he told me until now? What's all this about snakes?

IN MY ROOM YO! – 7:40PM – 3 minutes before my dad kicks me off the computer.

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