Chapter 1: A Pirate's Life

The moon rose overhead and shone on the dark blue sea. In the distance, a ship with a black flag and a skull with two swords crossed together could be seen out in the horizon. The ship was a deep crimson with black railing. The sloop, the type of ship that it was, was called the Black Twilight. The ship belonged to the fearsome pirate king of the west, Inu Yasha.

It gracefully glided through the water as its massive sails picked up the wind. The 100-ton ship held 56 of Inu Yasha's most feared crew. Its fourteen cannons were stored away beneath the poop deck. The ship rocked back and fourth ever so slightly as a man with silver hair, nearly white, came out from his quarters.

He wore a tight red shirt with black leather pants that were slightly loose around his well-toned legs. His boots stopped just below his knees and he wore a blue cloth around his pants where it held his scarab for his trusty sword, Tetsusaiga, and two pistols resting on his hips. His gold loop earring on his left dog-ear glistened under the full moon as he walked out to the front part of his ship. He sighed as he leaned against the black railings and gazed out into the dark abyss of the ocean water.

"Where have those damned merchant ships gone to? It's been weeks since we pillaged one. The food is going bad and my men will cry mutiny if we don't find one," Inu Yasha groaned out as he ran his right ran through his silvery mane.

"Don't worry Cap! We'll find one soon. Aren't we on our way to Tortuga anyhow?" came a childish voice from behind.

Inu Yasha chuckled, "Aren't you suppose to in bed little missy?"

The young girl was the counter part of Inu Yasha, in age, height, gender, and personality towards the other men on the ship. Many thought her to be his daughter or young twin sister because they looked so much alike. The young six year old giggled and took a place beside her captain.

"Honestly Cap'n, you think I'll be asleep at this time when I know that you're concerned for your men? They won't cry mutiny. They believe in you and they'll follow you to death! I know I would." The young maiden said as she hopped onto the railing and took a seat beside him. Her white night gown swayed in the ocean breeze as she kicked her feet back and fourth.

"Evarina," he sighed, "It's been nearly three weeks since we pillaged the last ship. It seems as if, they're in hiding…"

"And how so?" cut in Miroku, Inu Yasha's right hand man and most trusted friend. Miroku had short black hair tied into a small ponytail at the nape of his neck. His stunning indigo eyes held wisdom and much knowledge. He wore the same thing as Inu Yasha but his shirt was a deep purple and his two earrings on his left ear. He held his staff, a gift from his father before he had died, and had a purple glove on his right hand that was bonded together with bright blue beads.

"Feh, you should know, monk," Inu Yasha said and referred to his friend by his nickname. Years ago before the two boys became pirates, Miroku was training to become a Buddhist monk but he was banished due to his lechery. Inu Yasha was training to become a Navy officer like his older brother, Sessho-Maru, but he dropped once he heard his mother had died of illness.

"We still have pickles and eggs? Um… and nice ol' rock bread!" Joked Miroku as he leaned on his staff. "We've seen better days, have we not?"

"We need to get to Tortuga soon. I believe we're only a day away. Tell the men we'll be docking a dusk tomorrow." Ordered Inu Yasha as he gathered Evarina in his arm and walked off. Evarina squealed in shock and threw her arms around his neck.

"Don't scare me like that!" she cried and squirmed in his grasp.

Miroku chuckled as he walked to the mess hall and dodged a shoe that was thrown in his direction. He shook his head and mumbled under his breath as he watched the sight before him.

Koga, the only man, err, wolf demon, on the ship that fought with Inu Yasha on a daily basis, was arm wrestling another member by the name of Kohaku, a regular human. Koga had long dark brown hair that was up in a high ponytail. He kept his bangs out of his eyes by wearing a brown headband. His eyes were a clear blue color and his skin was tanned from the many days out in the sun. He wore brown leather pants, very much like the ones Miroku was wearing, with a black velvet vest over his bear chest, his boots were black but wasn't as high as Inu Yasha's or Miroku's.

Kohaku was one of the youngest members of the ship. Where as almost everyone was between the ages of 17 and 25, he was only a boy of 13. His short black hair was up in a high pony tail like Koga's and he wore nothing but black and white calico pants that ended just below the knees. His face was red from the struggling and effort he was putting in to attempt to beat Koga and his freckles were more noticeable. He leaned forward and his black slippered feet squeaked from the stance he was in. He closed his hazel eyes as he grunted.

"Go Kohaku!" cheered Sota, another young member of the crew who was human. He was shorter then Kohaku by an inch or two. His hair was raven black and was short. He wore the exact same thing as Kohaku except he had on a black shirt that was two sizes too big for his small frame. His brown eyes sparkled under the many candles that were scattered about the mess hall to provide light.

"He should know better then to try and beat Koga," said a short red hair fox cub next to Miroku. He wore baggy leather pants and a calico stripped shirt. He also wore a red bandana on his head. He rubbed one of his dark green eyes and he shook his head. He tapped his small foot on the wooden floor and looked at Miroku scratching the back of his elfish ears, his big bushy tail wagging from side to side.

"I know Shippo, but boys will be boys. And some of these numb nuts will forever be one at heart." Miroku sighed as he cleared his throat. "And I'm afraid no one is mature in here… is this a ship or a floating day care?"

"I'd go with the latter, Miroku." Shippo yawned.

The crowd cheered as Kohaku was thrown to the floor. He laughed as Koga helped him up, "Not bad pip squeak. You're getting stronger," complemented Koga as he threw an arm around the boys shoulder.

"You think so?" Kohaku asked bewildered.

"Attention everyone!" cried Miroku as he slammed his staff to the floor so it jiggled. Everyone's eyes were on him and he proceeded. "Our captain has informed me that we will be docking tomorrow in Tortuga at dusk. He has asked for us to be prepared since we will most likely stay there for a while to reload our supplies and have some fun. I want everyone to tidy up a bit and we're set to go!"

Everyone cheered once again and began to clean up things a bit. Miroku propped his staff on the wall to his left side and helped some of the men pick up an overturned table. They maybe feared pirates, but they still acted like little children.


Back with Inu Yasha, he and Evarina got ready for bed. Inu Yasha threw her on the bed and went to his dresser and took off his shirt. He took off the hoop earring from his left ear and let out a big yawn. He then sat on the bed and took off his knee high leather boots. He crawled into bed and propped himself on the big squishy pillows while Evarina settled into her small canopy bed beside his.

"Good night Inu Yasha," yawned Evarina as she snuggled under her blankets.

"Good night," he replied and quickly drifted off to sleep.

About 20 miles away from the Black Twilight, another ship was lurking about in the darkness. A schooner cut through the waves with ease. Lights were scattered all over the ship giving off light for the party on deck. The eight cannons were out and covered in chains of gold and silver. Piles and piles of treasure chests and caskets of the finest rum and wine were being passed around.

Shouting and laughing could be heard as the female occupants of the ship celebrated a great victory. The all female crew cheered and dance, singing and drinking the rum the she bandits stole. These women were one of the few women pirates that dared sailed the seas.

"Did you see me? I took his head clear off his grimy shoulder!" one shouted to her friends. She had straight, long ebony hair that went past her shoulders. She wore a tight button up white-collar shirt with the last three buttons undone, showing cleavage and wore tight black leather pants and matching leather boots. Her eyes were dark brown and seemed to have no emotion to them, and yet, she laughed with out a care in the world.

"Of course I saw it Kikyo. I was right there next to you. And did you see his hair? It was so gross and greasy!"

"That's all you ever talk about Yura. Hair, hair, hair." Kikyo snorted. Yura wore a short, skimpy leather dress that had slits that went up to her hips. Her hair was a bit over her shoulder and was inky black. Her eyes were magenta and her hair was held by a small bow. She wore gloves that connected to her middle finger by a ring and showed off her soft palms and fingers. She crossed her arms and pouted.

"Now, now Kikyo. You know how she's obsessed with hair. And your display on killing that man was not as good as mine." A woman walked up to them. She wore white shirt with a light brown vest over it. Her pants were black leather and had a red streak going down then, disappearing under her brown shin high boots. Her light brown eyes glimmered in mischief as she smirked, brushing her brunette hair, which was held up by a green bow, to the side and resting her left hand above her black leather belt with a gold buckle.

"Shaddap Sango." Hissed Kikyo. The two never got along. And Sango being the first mate, Kikyo gave her more trouble then she did with the captain, who was usually locked away in her studies.

"Make me!" Sango said rather playfully, knowing well that she could end this with one swift move. "Last time I checked, I am in a superior rank on this ship, powder monkey."

"You really want to get your butt kicked don't you? I'll be happy to do so!" Kikyo seethed in annoyance. "You know damn well I could give a rats ass about ranks. All in all, it comes down to who is the strongest!"

The rest of the crew gathered around them and cheered. Mugs clashed together and everyone was placing bets on who would win.

"Come on Sango! You can do it!" one cheered.

"Go get her Kikyo! Show her who's better!" a busty blonde howled in glee.

The two women circled each other but before either of them could pounce on one another, the doors to the captain's quarters flew open, revealing a young dark haired woman. Her hair was ebony and went to the down to her mid back. Her eyes were chocolate brown and had a friendly appearance. Her skin was soft, smooth and creamy. She wore a black button up shirt and tight red plants. She gave out a big yawn, curling her bare toes as she stretched.

"Damn it! Could you keep it down? I was having a wonderful dream about conquering the Queen of bloody England until you foolish scallywags started shoutin'."

"Well sorry miss bossy powder pussy," snorted Kikyo, "You wouldn't get off your big fat ass so don't be yelling at us! God dammit it Kagome, how much do you need to sleep?"

Kagome's left eye started to twitch, "Well excuse me for making sure we were going the right direction to Tortuga last night! So be thankful you scrawny ass whore full of disease!"

"What the fuck did you call me!" Kikyo fumed.

"You heard me! If it weren't for your fighting skills, I'd kick your ass off this ship along time ago!" Kagome raged.

"Um, Cap'n… Please calm down…?" The youngest ship member, Rin, said. Rin was a few inches shorter then Kagome and had dark brown hair. Her eyes were big and dark brown that shone with innocence. She wore a red velvet skirt with a white shirt and a black leather corset. Part of her hair was pulled up into one pigtail on the right side of her head.

"ARGH! Fine Rin. Just keep the bitch away from me," Kagome turned and stormed away. "The nerve of that bloody wench. Who she callin' powder pussy'?"

Sango walked up to her and handed her a mug of rum. She sat down on a chest while Kagome rested on the railing, looking out into the dark horizon. They were silent for a few minutes while the rest of the crew continued to have a good time.

"Our destination is Tortuga? What business do we have there?" Sango said after a while.

"I need to talk to Keade and I wonder if I can manage to leave Kikyo there. My business with Keade is urgent. I heard from those Spanish merchants that a legendary jewel called Shikon no Tama was rediscovered and I need all the information I can get. That prehistoric nanny goat has to know something useful about it. Do you know how much that freakin' little jewel is worth? Apparently more then my virginity!"

"I see. I'm surprise you called her a 'nanny goat'. Heh, she raised you Kag. Respect your elders' like they say." Sango chuckled and she crossed her legs. "And how do you know it's worth more than your maidenhood?"

"Respected my elders my butt! She's the one who almost threw me off the island when I accidentally caught her hut on fire!" She sighed. "But I am grateful to her. Without her, we'd never have such a fine ship like ours'. As for my knowledge… a pretty penny can go a long way for a prisoner."

"I see," Sango shifted and called out to one of the members, "Eri! You're on look out tonight. Think you can handle it?"

"Yeah, I can!" called out the girl, Eri. Eri was a short, choppy haired girl with a fake eye patch over her right eye. She scurried up the roped and proceeded to the crow's nest above the main mast.

Kagome continued to look out and sighed again. She took a sip of her rum and walked back into her chambers.

"I'm going back to sleep. If there's anything important, come and get me."

"Sure thing Kag."


Dawn finally came to the Black Twilight. The seagulls shrieked outside Inu Yasha's window and woke him up. He placed a pillow over his sensitive ears and rolled to his right only to fall on the cold wooden floor. He grumbled to himself and crawled to his dresser.

He grabbed his button up shirt and didn't bother to tuck it in or button it up. He didn't even bother to put his boots on too. He looked around his room and didn't see Evarina anywhere.

"Must be on deck then," he said to himself. He yawned and stretched and walked out of his room. When he reached the door from his room to the deck, the door swung open and Evarina pounced on him.

"Good morning Cap'n! Today for breakfast we're having pancakes and eggs made by yours truly! ME! We still had some from that one merchant ship we raided a while ago. Good thing they didn't go bad just yet." she giggled and skipped away.

Her red dress bounced around as she adjusted her small white apron. The dress was her favorite since Inu Yasha chose it the last time they enjoyed a day on land. Her hair was in tight braid with a small red ribbon tied at the end. Her small black shoes clapped each time they touched the wooden floor. She turned the next corner and disappeared from Inu's sight.

On the floor, Inu Yasha groaned. He slowly got up and used the doorframe for support, "DAMMIT! She kneed me right in the crotch. Fuck! MIROKU!" he yelled and he held on to his crotch trying to block the pain.

"Yes Captain?" Miroku came and watched Inu roll back and forth on the floor just outside his room, "Let me guess, she got you in the balls again? I'm surprise you're still not use to it. If only she understood how sensitive the area is, but then again she's only six."

Inu Yasha growled, "Shut the fuck up Miroku and get me something cold."

"Yes Captain," Miroku sighed. "Would a fish do?" Inu Yasha growled. "I guess not…"


In the mess hall, the whole crew sat and waited for Evarina to come out and serve breakfast. The door to the kitchen opened and out came Evarina with three other crewmembers behind her. Koga, Sota, and Kohaku carried the trays of pancakes and eggs with sausage links.

Evarina came out with a few pitchers of rum and cranberry juice for herself and the three young crewmembers. She set them on the table while everyone got up and formed a lined to receive their breakfast, kind of like a buffet.

Everything was going peaceful until some unknown person started a food fight. Pancakes went sailing through the air and people jumped to either catch it or eat it. Inu Yasha had recovered from his pain and walked into the mess hall only to have a pancake hit him right in the eyes.

"DAMMIT!" he yelled. "God damn, not again!"

Evarina scurried away from her hiding place as sausage link came at her with fury. 'The pigs are out to get me! I didn't mean to kill em! But then again, they were dead to begin with!' she thought to herself. She ran straight for Inu but she didn't make it in time. A pancake got her back.

"AHHHH!" she screamed and pretended to die at Inu Yasha's feet, "Cap'n. Breakfast… has been… destroyed!" she couldn't keep a serious dead face and she ended up laughing.

"Just great, another breakfast food fight, you'd think we out grow this," Inu Yasha sighed and he took the pancake from Evarina's back and ate it.

"Mmm, this is good… a little dusty but good," Inu said to himself as he sat in his seat to enjoy whatever was left of breakfast. An occasional pancake would fly by and he would stick out his plate so the pancake would land on it. He chugged down his rum and propped his foot on his table as he watched the chaotic battle before him.

"Nothing like a good morning food fight to brighten ups the morning." He chuckled. Little did he know, a pancake sailed over the crowd and landed on his face with a 'plop'.

"Dammit!" he growled

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