Of Love and Bunnies

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Full Summary: Starts three weeks after the end of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. When Angel Grove announces another Power Rangers Day to honor the original Power Rangers team, Jason, Trini, Billy, Kimberly, Zack and Tommy return to Angel Grove, and Tommy brings the Dino Thunder Rangers along. Chaos ensues. Plenty of romance and comedy, with the occasional side dish of angst, drama or action.

Author's Notes: "Of Love and Bunnies" is a co-write between Freyja SilverWillow, CrazyGirl47 and, in later chapters, Bryn Spikess. Will be Tommy/Kimberly, Jason/Trini, Kira/Trent and Adam/Tanya, with other canon and non-canon pairings thrown in along the way. Reviews are greatly appreciated, but if you flame us, we're probably just going to roll our eyes (and possibly flame back).

After a few years of writing this story, we figured it was time to amend the beginning author's notes with a couple of warnings. OLaB, we've been told, is funny. In the hopes of ensuring the health, safety and clean computer screens of our readers, we'd like to ask that you do not eat, drink or operate heavy machinery while reading OLaB. We are not responsible for any injuries, damages or mental health diagnoses caused by this fanfic. That said, enjoy.

Chapter One

It Came From Angel Grove

On the first Saturday of summer vacation, Tommy sat in Hayley's Cyberspace with Conner, Kira, and Ethan, listening as they discussed their plans for the upcoming months before moving on to college and whatnot in the fall. Tommy couldn't help but feel a twinge of nostalgia, a wistful longing for the old days back at Angel Grove Youth Center with Jason, Trini, Billy, Kimberly and Zack, chatting away over smoothies or while working out, talking about what to do with their free time. It had been over a decade since he'd done anything in one big group with his first real friends, but it seemed like only a week ago.

Tommy was so lost in thought that he nearly jumped out of his skin when a newspaper hit the table in front of him; he whipped around to see Hayley grinning down at him.

"I think you'll find page two rather interesting," she told him, nodding at the paper before heading off to the sweep the floor behind counter.

Curious, Tommy looked down at the paper, wondering what could possibly interest him. He never read the paper anymore, not now that it was no longer filled with stories about the Power Rangers. Once Mesogog had been defeated, the paper had become quite boring to him; he only read the sports page and the comics now. He had entertained himself with the major stories for a few days after the last battle, reading the coverage of Mesogog's downfall and then the speculation on what had happened to the Rangers (most of the town was wondering if they'd ever be seen in Reefside again). Now, however, it was mostly politics and such.

Tommy flipped to page two, his mouth dropping open at the photographs. One, which was relatively small and done in black-and-white, he recognized immediately as Angel Grove Park. To the right of the photo was a rare photograph of his old Power Rangers team, of the White, Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red Rangers, and above both pictures was the headline, "Angel Grove to celebrate Power Rangers Day."

Tommy stared at the headline, wondering if he was having some freakish sort of flashback. A Power Rangers Day? Again? …When there was no Power Rangers team?

He skimmed over the article, which was relatively long and talked about the original Power Rangers Day more than a decade ago, when Rita Repulsa had kidnapped the citizens of Angel Grove. There was also a good deal of speculation about whether the old Rangers would actually show up. The story continued to another page, and Tommy flipped to it, intrigued as he read through quotes from Angel Grove residents talking about how hopeful they were to see the old Rangers. He smiled when he saw a quote from someone in Reefside, who hoped feverishly that the Dino Rangers would put in an appearance as well. That explained why something like this was in the Reefside paper—the town was missing its heroes.

"'…Angel Grove's mayor has announced that, to celebrate the anniversary of the original Power Rangers Day, another ceremony will be held in Angel Grove Park, to once again thank the original Power Rangers team for protecting the city and for all their good deeds.'"

Tommy jumped and looked around; Conner, Ethan and Kira were now standing behind him, reading over his shoulder. He closed the newspaper. "Didn't anyone ever tell you that it's rude to read over people's shoulders?"

"We tried reading it from where we were sitting, but that was kind of hard," Ethan said cheerfully.

"'The mayor is confident that the Power Rangers will put in an appearance; after all, they have never let Angel Grove down in any way,'" Conner continued, then looked up at Tommy expectantly. "Are you going?"

Tommy sighed; he was sure he had never been so annoying at seventeen. He turned back to the paper, staring down at it. Did they have to put it like that? As if it was their sacred duty to show up for Power Rangers Day?

"I don't know," he said absently, considering it. On the one hand, he wasn't sure if he was invited or not. He knew the others would want him there… but he would feel quite stupid if the town meant the five original Rangers, and not him. Still, he might as well head for Angel Grove, see if they had a poster of the White Ranger up there with the other posters… and it'd be cool to see the gang again, regardless of whether or not the town planned on honoring him. He could spend some time with the old gang, provided they came… Jason and Trini, Billy, Zack… and Kimberly…

"Can we come?" Kira asked eagerly.

"What?" Tommy looked up again, startled.

"Come on! We want to meet them!" Ethan exclaimed. "The original Rangers… they're legends!"

Tommy suddenly found himself surrounded by young hopeful faces with puppy-dog eyes. Realizing he was now in dangerous territory, he schooled his features into his best Teacher Look. "I don't think so, guys," Tommy said firmly.

"Why not?" Conner whined, nearly pouting.

Think, Tommy, think… "Because… it's too dangerous." Oh, THAT was smart. The first thing that pops into your head is danger and you spit it right out. Smooth move. Surely they'll buy THAT— "honoring the original Rangers with a simple ceremony is too dangerous for superheroes that fought evil on an almost-daily basis." Riiiiight.

"But we thrive on danger!" Ethan exclaimed.

"If there's danger, you're gonna need us," Conner added.

"Yeah, fighting evil is our job," Kira joined in. "At least, it was…"

"The original Rangers will be there," Tommy reminded them.

"And they might need help," Conner said, nodding emphatically.

"You can't morph anymore, remember?" Tommy pointed out. He decided to omit the fact that only three of the original Rangers still had Power Coins; he couldn't morph himself, except as Zeo Ranger Five.

"But we can still fight," Conner insisted stubbornly.

Tommy sighed and decided to switch tactics. "Trust me, guys, you don't want to go. All that traveling just for some dull ceremony—you'll be beyond bored."

"And you won't be?" Kira asked.

"Um… of course I will be, but—"

"That's why you should take us with you!" Conner interrupted. "We'll liven up the place! You'll have us to keep you company and hang out with you—"

"Conner, you're not helping," Ethan cut in quickly.

Before Conner could reply, Trent came over and sat down, shortly followed by Hayley. "This place is dead today," Trent said, looking around at the café, which was empty, save for the five ex-Rangers and Hayley. Shrugging, he looked around at his friends and former teacher. "So what's going on, guys?"

"Dr. O's going back to visit Angel Grove because they're honoring the original Power Rangers including him and he's gonna take us with him," Conner replied promptly.

"That's a great idea, Tommy," Hayley told him before Tommy could deny Conner's statement. "I bet Jason and Billy and everyone would like to meet them, and I'm sure they'd all love to see Angel Grove—"

"Yeah, that sounds awesome," Trent jumped in eagerly. "When do we leave?"

"We don't," Tommy said flatly. "I'm going alone. IF I go."

"But Dr. Oooooooo…" all four teenagers whined.

"Why?" Hayley asked.

"Because the last thing I need is these kids asking Jason and the gang what I was like in high school," Tommy muttered, low enough that only she could hear.

Hayley fought to suppress a laugh. "Oh. I see."

"Hayley," Kira said pleadingly, "if anyone can convince Dr. O to let us come—"

"Oh, look, there's an invisible customer over there. I better go help him," Hayley said quickly, retreating.

Tommy stared after her indignantly. She was supposed to back me up, not run for it, he thought irritably.

"Come on, Dr. O," Trent said. "It'd be so cool to see Angel Grove. You could show us the sights."

Ethan nodded. "Yeah! 'That's where I fought a monster, and that's where I fought a monster, and look over there! That's where I fought a monster!'"

"Ethan, you're not helping," Kira said.

"Guys, I can't afford to take all four of you all the way to Angel Grove," Tommy replied, struck by sudden inspiration. "I mean, the drive all the way there, the drive all the way back… and I might actually stay a few days, if my friends come—"

"We'll hitchhike and sleep in a tent!" Conner exclaimed, as though this was the most logical solution in the world. Everyone turned to stare at him. "What?"

"Or we'll pay our own way," Kira said, shaking her head at Conner.

"Yeah, what she said."

"Actually, my dad told me that he said he'd pay for me to go on a vacation if I wanted," Trent spoke up. "He said I could bring some friends, too. You know, it's a reward thing."

"For saving the world?" Ethan asked.

"For getting good grades."


"I couldn't ask him to do that," Tommy said quickly, racking his brains for a way out of this.

"He offered, Dr. O. And I know he'll be cool with me going to Angel Grove, especially if you're going—"

Tommy shook his head. The last Power Rangers Day hadn't exactly gone smoothly, and he didn't really like the idea of taking the former Dino Thunder Rangers back to Angel Grove. It wasn't really about the teasing both groups of former Rangers would inflict upon him like he'd told Hayley; he was worried that something might happen… and if truth be told, he wasn't too sure he wanted anyone else along on a trip to go see the old gang. Now that the opportunity had presented itself, he was suddenly aching to spend some time alone with his first and best friends. He hadn't actually spent time with all five of together at once since Trini, Zack and Jason had left for the Peace Conference, he'd only gotten to see Billy twice since Billy had left for Aquitar… and he hadn't spent time with Kimberly at all since The Letter. He didn't know if she'd come or not, but he knew that if she did, he'd be a basket case the whole time, though he was looking forward to seeing her. One thing he regretted about Kimberly was that he'd never patched things up, never contacted her and tried to at least stay friends. Still, whether Kimberly came or not, he had a strong desire to fly solo, if he even did fly at all. "Trent," he said after a long pause, "go somewhere fun, okay? This is going to be a complete drag, and I don't even know if the original Rangers will make it. I mean, Billy's on a completely different planet, for crying out loud. This will be a lot more work than fun. I wouldn't even go if I didn't have to."

"Why do you have to?" Conner asked.

"…Because the last time Angel Grove had a Power Rangers Day, the entire town got kidnapped," he admitted reluctantly.

"Really?" Kira said, looking alarmed.

"We should definitely go, then," Ethan added. "I mean, what if it happens again? What if the original Rangers aren't enough?"

Tommy squirmed a little in his chair. That WAS a fair point… but Rita was destroyed, and so were all other evil entities with grudges against the original team. Surely nothing bad would go wrong? That's what they always say right before a big evil comes along, he reminded himself.

"Guys, you can't morph, and you know it."

"But sometimes powers recharge, just like you said some of the Red Rangers' did when you had that mission on the moon," Kira reminded him.

"That doesn't mean yours will. Besides, there's not going to be any big evil battle," Tommy said firmly, trying to convince himself as much as the Dino Rangers. "Everything's going to be fine."

"What happened to 'it's too dangerous'?" Ethan demanded.

"Dr. O, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Conner whined. "I've always wanted to meet the first Rangers." He put on his best pleading look, and Tommy sighed, his resolve weakening… and then returning full-force when Conner added, "I hear the Pink Ranger is especially hot." Kira glared at Conner and smacked him upside the head, hard. "OW!"

Tommy stood up quickly, filled with a sudden intense annoyance he couldn't control. It took all of his willpower not to bite Conner's head off. Instead, he snapped, "Conner, you are NOT going."

Conner stared up at Tommy's glaring face in surprise. "Um… please?" he asked nervously.

Tommy stood up and began to walk over to Hayley. "I said NO, guys. That's final."

"Come on, Dr. O!" Kira exclaimed, standing up. She and the three guys followed him across the café and he stopped, knowing they would follow him all over town if he tried to escape. "We may not be Rangers, but we still have skills. If something did happen and we stayed here, it would take us ages to get to Angel Grove to help, if we even heard about it at all."

"Kira, you're not helping," Trent warned, realizing the flip side of her argument.

"And if you come, you'll be leaving Reefside open and vulnerable, with no one here to contact you." Ha! Take that! Score one for Dr. Oliver! Tommy gloated mentally.

"Except Hayley," Ethan pointed out. "And Dr. Mercer."

Curses, Tommy thought, resisting the urge to strangle Ethan. Thinking fast, he shrugged the comment off. "And if all of us were in one place, and there was an attack, then there wouldn't be any backup—"

"I thought you said there wasn't going to be an attack," Conner said, looking confused.

"That's not the point," Tommy whined. That was the problem with teenagers—and Rangers, really. They never gave up.

"Come on, Dr. O," Trent cajoled. "Nothing's going to happen. My dad's no longer evil, and unless something freaky happens to turn him into a killing machine again—"

"Trent, you're not helping," Conner interrupted with a smirk.

"Guys, I said no. You cannot come. Get it through your thick skulls, okay?"

"Never! Nothing gets in our thick skulls!" Conner declared, striking a tough-guy sort of pose.

"Conner, you're not helping," Ethan said dryly. He looked at Conner, Kira and Trent in turn, and then all four of them turned to look at Tommy. Something about the gleam in Ethan, Conner and Kira's eyes made Tommy take a nervous step backward. "Guys—" Ethan grinned in an almost maniacal way— "I think it's time we tried a little something called teamwork."

Tommy's eyes darted to the door, not knowing what they were planning but knowing he didn't want to be around for it. Just as he decided he could make it to the door if he dodged between Kira and Trent, Conner shouted, "Everyone grab a limb!" and Conner, Kira and Ethan leaped at him.

"What the—ARGH!"

Ethan seized Tommy's right arm, hugging it to him tightly, while Conner and Kira each grabbed a leg and held on like two year olds trying to prevent Daddy going to work and leaving them at day care.

"You're not leaving without us!" Conner yelled, wrapping his arms and legs around Tommy's right leg and sitting on his foot.

"Let go!" Tommy commanded indignantly. "You're crushing my foot, Conner!"

"And I'm gonna keep crushing it until you agree to take us with you!"

"And I'm going to keep crushing your other foot!" Kira added.

Tommy looked down at the slender girl, who weighed next to nothing compared to Conner, and sighed. "Guys, I'm warning you—"

"Give it up, Dr. O. You're beat," Ethan told him smugly.

"And we're out of school so you can't give us detention and extra homework!" Conner exclaimed.

"One day, Conner, remind me to explain the meaning of the word 'priorities.'" Kira snorted, rolling her eyes.

"Let GOOOO!" Tommy fairly screamed, shaking the leg Kira was holding so hard that she went slightly cross-eyed.

"What is going ON over here?"

"Hayley!" Tommy cried in relief as she hurried over. "Hayley, help!"

"What are you doing?" Hayley demanded, staring at the three teenagers glomped to Tommy, who had begun attempting to dislodge Ethan with his remaining free arm.

"We're persuading Dr. Oliver here to take us to Angel Grove," Conner said cheerfully.

Hayley stared at him, then glanced at Trent, who was standing nearby and watching in amusement. "Hey, don't look at me," he said defensively. "I'm still sane."

"Hayley! A little help, please?" Tommy begged.

The corners of Hayley's mouth twitched in amusement. Behind them, two local teens entered the café and approached the counter. "Sorry, Tommy," she apologized unconvincingly. "Even if I had the strength to pull the three of them off of you, I've got customers to serve."

"Hayley!" Tommy yelled. He turned to Trent as Hayley hurried away. "Trent, come on, help me get—"

"No!" Kira yelped at Trent.

"Don't be swayed by the dark side, man!" Conner insisted. He paused. "Well, again!"

"Yeah," Ethan added, trying to dodge Tommy's left arm. "Give us a hand! You want to go to Angel Grove, don't you?"

"Um… I think Hayley needs me," Trent muttered, giving them all a weird look and edging back towards the counter.

"Trent! Come on, buddy, we need you!" Ethan yelled. Tommy had now grabbed Ethan's forehead and was trying to push him back.

"If you're not with us, you're against us!" Conner proclaimed, glaring at him.

"What he said!" Kira agreed, narrowing her eyes.

"…You realize you're all acting psychotic, right?" They all nodded, save Ethan, who gave a thumbs-up as best he could while clutching Tommy's arm with his head forced back at an uncomfortable angle. Trent shook his head. "I'll be over there. Trying to explain to the customers why you guys have attacked Dr. O like toddlers."

"You do that, traitor!" Conner yelled after him.

Tommy growled and let go of Ethan's head. "You know what? I'm an adult. I have a longer attention span than you three. And I'm NOT changing my mind. AT ALL. So go ahead, sit on my feet and pin my arm! I am not taking you with me!"

About an hour later, Hayley's Cyberspace was far busier, filled with teenagers playing on the computers, talking over drinks… or simply staring, pointing and laughing at Tommy, who was still standing in the middle of the café with Conner on one foot, Kira on the other, and Ethan on his arm. The café's patrons were becoming quite used to the sight; several people had come over talk to Kira, Ethan or Conner for the moment, and some had even said a few words to Tommy. Whatever Trent had said about the situation, it must have sounded good; everyone seemed to think that there was a perfectly logical reason for the strange sight, and no one really questioned it, though they did think it was amusing.

Tommy was about to lose his mind. He had never been much for holding still, and the three teenagers weren't helping. Ethan was now holding his right arm and the end of his left sleeve, preventing him from using either arm (not surprising, considering how often Tommy had spontaneously started hitting him). Kira had scooted around so that she was sitting behind his foot with her arms and legs wrapped around the front of his leg and her head resting just behind his knee. Conner occasionally poked him in the leg for the fun of it, which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't keep poking the same spot often enough that Tommy was wondering about bruising… and there were also several other annoyances.

"Are you gonna take us now?" Ethan whined. He'd been asking the same question every two minutes for the last hour.


"Are you gonna take us now?" So had Conner.


"Are you gonna take us now?" And Kira.

"The next person who asks me that is going to accidentally fall off a cliff onto extremely sharp rocks and their mutilated corpse will be washed away into the ocean and never seen again."


Just as Tommy was starting to think that they'd let it go, Ethan cleared his throat.

"Can we come with you now?"

A scream was threatening to burst forth, building inside his throat and attempting to fight its way out. Just before he let out his frustration, however, a familiar buzzing started in his back pocket.

"ARGH!" Kira shrieked, pulling back from his leg as far as she could without letting go.

"What was that?" Ethan asked, alarmed.

"What was what?" Conner said, unconcerned. "Kira just randomly screamed—"

"Something just started vibrating," Ethan interrupted, noticing it too.

"On Dr. O?" Conner asked, wrinkling his nose in disgust and looking rather horrified at the implications.

"I think it was something in his pocket," Kira said, breathing heavily from the start she'd been given.

Tommy glowered at Conner, the only one in his direct line of sight. "It was just my cell ph—HEY! GET YOUR HAND OUT OF THERE!"

The entire café turned to stare, but Tommy was too freaked out to care. Someone had just put their hand in his back pocket, and that was not exactly something he had expected to happen (much like the rest of the day).

Kira removed her hand, her fingers clenched around the cell phone. "Trini, eh? Who's that, Dr. O?"

"Dr. O's got a GIRLFRIEND!" Conner declared gleefully.

"Give me the phone, Kira," Tommy said in his best no-nonsense voice.

Ethan grinned. "Dr. O seems a little busy to me. What do you think, guys?"

Tommy heard the sound of Kira flipping his phone open. Panicking, Tommy jerked his arm up out of his sleeve and down and out of his shirt, freeing it and making a wild grab for the phone. Kira yelped, ducked, and tossed the phone to Ethan, who released Tommy, snatched the phone, hit the send button and ran for it.

"Run, Ethan!" Conner yelled.

"We've got him—ARGH!"

Now that his arms were free, Tommy was able to grab Kira and pry her loose, freeing his left leg easily. He reached for Conner, but Conner, in a rare moment of intelligence, figured it was time to run also, and took off.

"Dr. Oliver's cell phone," Ethan said pleasantly into the microphone as Tommy chased him around the tables, his shirt riding up as he stretched out his arms to try to grab Ethan, one arm and half of his chest uncovered.

"…Who is this?" asked a deep, masculine voice, which wasn't at all what Ethan was expecting. He had, after all, thought he was about to talk to Tommy's "girlfriend."

"You're a GUY?" Ethan said, so startled that he stopped—giving Tommy the chance to catch him. "AUGH! CONNER! Go long!"

The cell phone flew across the café. Tommy let go of Ethan and spun around just in time to see Conner leap forward and catch it. Various customers clapped and cheered at the move.

"CONNER!" Tommy bellowed.

"Hello?" Conner said.

"Hello?" said the voice at the other end.

"Trini is a guy's name?" Conner said in surprise.

"That's my wife's name—who is this?"

"I'm one of Dr. O's students. Who's this?"

"GIVE. ME. THE. PHONE!" Tommy roared, running full-speed at Conner.

Conner leaped away and ran for it. "Ethan!" he yelled as Tommy chased him back to the other side of the café.

Ethan caught the phone and took off once again. "Was that Tommy I heard in the background?" the caller asked.

"Yeah, he's here," Ethan said, jumping over someone who had crouched down to tie their shoe (and scaring the person half to death). "He's just a little busy at the moment."

"When I'm through with you three you'll only WISH I'd still be able to give detentions!" Tommy shouted, leaping over the shoe-tying person as well. Conner's sudden burst of laughter didn't improve Tommy's mood.

"Busy doing what?" the caller asked.

"Um… exchanging words with a few unruly former students, is all."


"Hold please," Ethan said pleasantly, and faked a pass to Kira; as soon as Tommy ran at her, Ethan threw the phone back to Conner.

"So, who is this?" Conner asked, crouching down behind a table in the corner as Kira distracted Tommy.

"Tommy's friend, Jason Scott," came the amused-sounding reply. "How did you get Tommy's cell ph—?"

"Jason Scott? THE Jason Scott?" Conner hissed, glancing around to make sure no one was in earshot. "The original Red Ranger?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Jason said, a little too quickly.

"Dude, it's cool. This is Conner McKnight, the Red Dino Ranger!"

"Oh," Jason said. "I've heard about you from Tommy."

"Same here! Dude, you're a legend! THE Red Ranger. The first Red Ranger, the original leader of the Power Rangers—"

"Um, you're not in public, are you?" Jason asked worriedly.

"I'm whispering," Conner replied. "And no one's really paying attention to me."

"Um… right. Is Tommy—"

"I can't believe this!" Conner shouted ecstatically, standing up and knocking the table over in the process. "THE Jason Scott! THE FIRST RED! Ethan! Kira! GUESS WHO THIS IS!"

"It wouldn't be Jason Scott, the first Red, would it?" Kira said dryly. Glancing around casually, she searched the customers' faces for signs of realization, but no one appeared to have connected "the first Red" with the Power Rangers.

"How'd you guess?" Conner said, disappointed.

"RAWG!" Tommy growled, diving at Conner from the side. Conner looked over in surprise, having forgotten their game of Keep Away From Angry (Former) Teacher, and threw the phone just before Tommy crashed into him, sending them tumbling into the overturned table in a painful heap.

Kira caught the phone, stunned and suddenly terrified. Jason Scott, the original Red Ranger, the first person to ever lead the Rangers, was on the phone. What was she going to SAY?

"Hello? HELLO?" came Jason's voice.

Shakily, she put the receiver to her ear. "H-hello?"

"…Hi. Who's this?"

"Th-this is Kira," she said, backing away from the crowd, attempting to get over her nerves at talking to a legend like Jason while getting out of the onlookers' listening range and Tommy's direct line of sight. "Kira Ford. I'm, uh, I mean, I was Yellow. I mean, you know, THE Yellow, not yellow as in chicken. I mean, as in cowardly, not as in actual chicken… is this really Jason Scott?"

Jason chuckled. "Yeah, that's me. Listen… what's going on over there? I keep hearing Tommy shouting—"

"Oh, uh…" Kira wrinkled her brow, thinking fast. "He's excited. We just heard about the celebration, and he's going to take us to Angel Grove to meet you guys!"

"Oh, really?" Jason said, surprised. "That sounds great. We were all so surprised to hear that he had created a new Ranger team. I look forward to meeting you."

"Are you all going to be there?" Kira squeaked.

"All of the old team? I hope so. I've talked to—"

"KIRA! Look out!"

Kira, so star struck by the thought of actually meeting Jason, had forgotten about Tommy much like Conner had; he came barreling from out of nowhere and snatched the phone, his loose sleeve whacking her in the head as he turned away from her. "Jason?" he gasped, out of breath from anger and exertion.

"Hey, Tommy! How's it going? Kira was just telling me that you're bringing the new crew down for Power Rangers Day."

Tommy sighed long-sufferingly and looked around him. At least four tables and six chairs were knocked over. Several overturned drinks were being mopped up by Trent. The customers, who'd been cheering throughout the game of phone tag, were lining the walls in an attempt to avoid getting hurt. Hayley was staring at him with murder in her eyes. And only half of his chest was still covered by his shirt. Shrugging his shirt back on, he could have sworn he heard a few sighs… and one female whisper of "No, you shouldn't think about teachers like that… ohhh nooo…"

"Yeah," Tommy told Jason sadly. "You'll finally get to meet the four wonderful kids who made up the team." Before they die slow painful deaths, he added silently. "Hang on a second; let me go somewhere… that's not here…"

He turned around to find Hayley glaring up at him. "You go anywhere NEAR that door before this place is clean, and I'll make you wish Mesogog was back."

Tommy stared down at her blankly and slowly blinked. "On second thought, Jason, let me call you back."