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Koenma: Thank you Yusuke for coming.

Yusuke: Why the hell did you call me here for? I don't work for you anymore.

Koenma: Will you just shut up and listen to me? There is a new demon on the loose. His name is Nastuie. Information on him is limited. That's why… Why do I have the feeling everything I'm saying is going in one ear and out the other?

(That last sentence in bold letters flies in one of Yusuke's ear's and out the other)

Yusuke: Hu? What did you say? I wasn't listening.

Kurama: hehehe… You better watch it Yusuke, or you'll give Koenma a major migraine.

Yusuke: Hey! Why's fox boy here?

Koenma: Because you're an idiot, and I knew I couldn't trust you. So back to the subject…

((Babble that is not needed to be known))

Yusuke: G-d why is Koenma so moody today? Hmmm…

Kurama: Careful Yusuke. If you keep thinking, you might rupture something. Just go get Kuwabara and well meet back at Genkai's.

Yusuke: Now tell me why we have to bring Kuwabara? Not to mention Kayko's going to be mad that I'm leaving again.

Kayko: What's this about me being mad about you leaving?

(a shadow surrounds Yusuke)

Yusuke: Hey Kayko. (Puts on his stupid grin.) It's nothing really, just something about a guy, a house, and me having to kick his but.

Kurama: So you have been somewhat listening to Koenma.

Kayko: Oh so your leaving me again…

Yusuke: Well uh… and that… and um…

Kayko: Its ok you can go and leave me again.

(Botan hiding in the bushes like always.) "Today were watching our favorite couple. Lets see how Yusuke will deal with Kaykos trick…"

Yusuke: Ok If you say so. (Yusuke begins to walk off)

Botan: Nice move Yusuke. Lets see Kayko reacts.

Kayko: Hey Yusuke! Your suppose say "ok you can come Kayko."! (She grabs onto his arm)

Yusuke: Hey Kayko, I never knew you felt that way.

Kayko: Yusuke! Your Pervert! (slap)

Botan: Ooooo wrong move Yusuke.

Yusuke: Hahaha that's the Kayko I know. (What can it hurt?) Ok Kayko you can come. (What am I getting my self into?)

Kayko: Oh Yusuke. (she gives him a big hug)

Yusuke: Yah yah… stop before some one other than fox boy sees us.

Botan: And Yusuke makes a big save

Yusuke: Hey Kayko. I'm bored, so lets set fire to that bush.

Kurama: cruelty to plants…. (plays along) (chuckles under breath)

Kayko: Eh?

Yusuke: Don't worry Kayko! It will be fun… I can see it now. First a couple of sparks, soon the whole thing will be engulf in flames. Let it burn for a bit. Then we extinguish the flames, and check out to see how… Botan the jig is up!

Botan: Alright! I'm out. No flames please.

A/N: Lalalala… this thing on? Oh wait I'm typing this XP. Hi hi! As you can see I'm in the habit of making anime horror crossovers. Please just bare with me. There should be more puns to come. ((Oh and it will stay pg 13. because they'll be cussing… why? Because YYH is notorious to have funny puns, and allot of causing. the uncut I mean. Not the ones they show on adult swim)) Hmmm sorry for all the brackets I just noticed that the stars don't work.