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"Who ever owns this house must really like to read." Kayko gazes at the high shelves full of books. "Reading destroys the mind." Yusuke waits for everyone to get into the room before he closes the sliding glass door. "You probably only say that because you can't read." Kuwabara tries to pick a fight with Yusuke. "I can read… I just get bored that's all." There's a moment of silence.

Kayko brushes her hands along side the table, as she walks around. "Oh?" She picks up a pair of goofy glasses. As she puts them on she gasps. "Hey Kayko what's wrong?" Yusuke answers to Kayko's gasp. "The writing on the walls and floors are glowing." "Where have you been Kayko, the house has been doing that ever since we've entered it. Hey isn't those that freaky ladies glasses?" "I it is?" Kayko pulls off the glasses and begins to blink rapidly. "The walls stopped glowing." She begins to slide the glasses on and off, in amazement. "Let me see that." Shizaru puts out her cigarette as she slides the glasses on. "Well?" Kayko waits for a reply. "Nope, no difference here."

"Could it be that our spirit energy is letting us already see what those glasses let Kayko see?" Kuwabara pauses for a moment in puzzlement. Everyone is wide-eyed with astonishment and their mouths dropped to their feet. "Did I hear what I think I hear?" Yusuke pulls his mouth closed. "That my baby brother actually used his brain." "Ok… I am officially creep out, If this house can make Kuwabara smart then something is wrong here and I don't want to stay to find out." Yusuke begins to head for the door. "Hold on a minuet. Could you at least give me some credit that I Kazuma Kuwabara have actually…" Everyone else has found something to do in the library to drown out Kuwabara's gloating. "Hey, guys… guys? Are you listening to me?" Kuwabara yells into Yusuke's ear. "Hey!" Yusuke scratches his ear. "Hm? Were you saying something?"

"Yusuke… The lady from earlier I think she left her book here." Kayko hands Yusuke a large brown leather book. "Who ever this lady is she needs to learn how to keep track of the crap." Yusuke flips through the pages. "Well that's great you can't even read it." "Let me see." "Be my guest." Yusuke hands the book over to Shizaru. They all take a seat at the table.

Kuwabara yawns as he stretches. "Hay, Urameshi… your butts blinking." "Thanks Kuwabara, and I'll try not to ask why you were looking there in the first place. Yusuke ignores the flustered Kuwabara as he pulls a compouder out of his back pocket. "Hey, Yusuke speaking." "Yusuke, how's the mission going?" "The usual Boton, creepy house with glowing walls. A book that makes no sense, and Kuwabara using his brain… wait… never mind cut Kuwabara out of the usual part. "Oh yah before I forget, you have a visitor Yusuke." "Well, what yah waiting for put him or her who ever it is on!" "Yusuke…" "Sniper! You call this a visitor?" "Watch it Yusuke!" Shizaru whacks him one on the head. "I'm only here because I remember something familiar about you case." "Well lay it on me… just not as hard as Shizaru did." Rubs his injury. "I don't know much but I have a reliable source that's coming who is an expert." "Yay, more people, lets throw a party while were at it?" "There will be not partying you slacker." "Grandma? You brought the old ghoul to help."

"Pipe down and let the kid talk you idiot." Yusuke holds his tong out at the compouder. "That's very childish Yusuke." Kayko scolds him. "Any ways I recall seeing a movie." "Your letting our lives rest on what you seen in a stupid movie. That's it Sniper your fired, and grandma… I'm for some strange reason drawing a blank right now. So I'll just leave. Come on Kuwabara." "Hey Boton, how's Yukina?" Boton seems to stumble all over her words after Kuwabara asks the question. "Get over here lover boy." Yusuke drags him out of the room. "What's wrong with him?" Sniper is still confused to the fact Yusuke came up with the idea of firing him. (I'm not even working for him…) "Hehe don't mind Yusuke so what you were saying?" "I saw a movie with Genkai and I think it relates to you mission. So I brought her here to give you guys help." "Now that the idiots are gone, tell me everything that you have seen and found." "Oh, uh sure Genkai. We pretty much found these glasses and a book that can't read."

Hehe, with another flick of his hand, two moor doors slide open.

"Jeez! Leave it to Grandma to come and ruin all our fun. Hey; Kuwabara, are you listening." Is moping. "I didn't even get to hear how Yukina is." "Suck it up lover boy, were on a mission don't forget." Yusuke stops. "Uh, do you remember where were are?" "What? Do you mean you got us lost?" "Well we wouldn't be as lost if you were aware of where we were going!" "Don't blame this on me Urameshi! You were the one storming off having a hissy fit." Yusuke grabs Kuwabara by the collar. "You gunna do something about?" They both freeze to the sound of a little kid laughing. They pop their heads from behind the wall and peer down the hallway. "Ha! What you so scared about Urameshi? It's only a little kid." Kuwabara being the baka that he is walks up to the kid. "Hey there little guy want ssss…ome…" "Kuwabara what's with the stuttering, your acting like you seen a g…" "Ghost!" Kuwabara interrupts as he falls onto his butt and scoots back behind Yusuke. The kid turns his head towards Yusuke showing a Tonka truck partially lodged into his head. "Your crazy Kuwabara that is obviously a trixter hat. I know because I'm used it a couple of times on Kayko and my teachers. Watch I'll show you. I'll just walk up to him put my hand on the truck and yank it off." Yusuke begins to put his hands on the truck but his hands fades through. "Oh, crap he is a ghost." He slowly walks back towards Kuwabara. "What do we do now Urameshi?" "No problem, I've been a ghost once before and I very well know how to talk their language." He holds up both hands and does the alien peace sign. "We come in peace." "Oh that's great Urameshi, treat him like he's some space whack alien." "I don't see you coming up with any good ideas." "I got it! How about get do that way and run screaming for our lives." "That's nice Kuwabara, and after that we can go crying to our mommies, you baka!" Yusuke smacks him one on the head. The Kid begins to stand. "Uh, never mind Kuwabara. Your way's better."

"Notice anything out of the ordinary?" Hiei walks down the hall besides Kurama. "Be sides the glowing walls… No." Kurama has his hands shoved in his pockets. "This case was a waste of time." "Shall we go back down stairs?" "Lets." The two turn to see a nude woman standing behind them. Hiei draws his sword ready to attack. (It's not like Mukuro was hard enough but this?) ((Sorry for the interruption but I have an important message, for those of you who have not seen it, you will… They just need to find a way to sensor it. Anyway, in later episodes Hiei meets Mukuro and lets just say they didn't hid anything from each other. Back to the story, thank you.)) "Strange." "What is it Kurama?" "I didn't hear her coming or sense anything."

The nude girl pulls a dagger out from behind her and begins to lunge for Kurama. (These halls are to narrow for me to get around) He pulls out a seed. "Rose whip." The whip went right through the girl. "What?" Kurama dodges most of the blow leaving the dagger pinned in his shoulder. He pulls out the dagger tossing it aside. "What do you think of that?" "This case might now be a waste after all." The nude girl glares angrily at the two as she turns to corner.

"There must be more of them in these halls." "Hehe, don't curse it Hiei, we don't even know how to protect us from them." The fox clenches his bleeding wound. A scream is heard from the other end of the hall. The two run towards the scream. "It's all icy, don't slip." "Kurama, I know this ice and that scream can only lead to one thing." They both come to a sliding halt. "Yukina!" Hiei puts all his spirit energy into his sword as he attacks a creature that has his head in a cage. The creature is knocked down the hall and whams against the wall. The thing looked like it was being electrocuted once it hit the wall.

"What do you think your doing here?" Yukina whips her tears away from her eyes. "So that's it, spirit energy! No time for explanation, lets go." Kurama holds his hand out for Yukina.

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