Sailor Moon: Redemption

BY Dragonfang33

Synapse: A Sailor Moon/Star Wars Crossover, The Force will not allow Anakin Skywalker to rest until he atones for the sins of Darth Vader, and to bring this about, he must confront the Jedi's most ancient enemy, Queen Baryl


Anakin's Quest

The bright light finally faded away, leaving a man encased in sinister black armor, sitting before the crumbling ruins of the Ancient Moon Kingdom.

Anakin Skywalker regained his footing, though he felt different, he felt like he had during the Clone Wars, young and mighty, but as he gazed upon his reflection, in a near by viewing pool, he fell to the ground, for the reflection staring back at him was one he never wanted to see again, an image that he'd thought he'd been freed of that day on the Death Star II.

Anakin once again looked in to the pool, to make sure he wasn't dreaming, indeed it wasn't a dream, the face of Darth Vader, the identity he'd abandoned so long ago, was staring back at him. The Jedi Warrior nearly burst into tears at the sight of that monstrous face, as memories flowed back into his mind, memories of horrible atrocities, Alderran's destruction, and Obi-Wan, his friend and mentor, being destroyed by his hand.

"Why," Anakin said, looking over his gloved hand, "Why has the Force done this? All I want is to rest in peace."

"Because Anakin Skywalker" a beautiful female voice said from behind him, Anakin spun around in time to gaze upon the image of a young woman, encased in the energy of the Force, "you have yet to fully redeem yourself for the crimes you committed as Darth Vader."

"Stop it," Anakin said, "Never say that name, that man was not me."

"Oh yes he was," the woman said, "and now only by accepting him will you be able to fully redeem yourself in the eyes of the Force Guardians." Anakin dared not reply to that statement, he'd heard of the Force Guardians from his days as a Padawwan, they were said to be the very beings from which the Force was created. Anakin slowly stood up, trying to make sense out of all that was occurring.

"Who are you?" Anakin asked

"My name is Queen Serenity, ruler of the Moon Kingdom, in the days before your Old Republic existed." Serenity replied, she reached out, and took Anakin's black gloved hand, and began to recount a history that not even the Jedi or the Sith knew of, how those who would become the Jedi Order, were at one time the Royal Guard of the Moon Kingdom, and how they were scattered to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy.

"What is it that you want me to do?" Anakin shouted, "I'm a fallen Jedi."

"And you still have a duty," Serenity replied, "to earn the forgiveness of those you betrayed, and to redeem yourself not only in the Guardians eyes, but in your own as well." Anakin began to calm down, as the thought of full redemption flowed through his head. The Force had restored him to life as the young man he once was, though he still wore the armor of Darth Vader, allowing him the chance to start over, and maybe even build a new life.

"Tell me," Anakin said, "What is it I must do?"

"Queen Baryl has returned," Serenity said, "and I fear my beloved daughter will not be able to defeat her alone, your mission is this Anakin Skywalker, aid the Sailor Scouts in the battle with Queen Baryl, only at the end will you find redemption. To aid you in this, the Guardians have given you the ability to summon forth your armor, use this and all your abilities wisely."

"I won't fail, and I won't fall," Anakin replied, "Not this time."

"Then go forth Anakin," Serenity said, "and may the Force be with you." With that Queen Serenity disappeared, leaving Anakin alone facing the blue green planet before him.

"Padme," Anakin said to himself, "Luke, Leia, what I set out to do I do for you."

Stay tuned for Chapter I: Morga