Sailor Moon: Redemption

BY Dragonfang33


Darkness Rising

Location: North Pole, a few moments after the battle

The battlefield had fallen eerily silent, where once the sounds of battle echoed across the frozen tundra, there was now only silence, bodies of Negaverse warriors lay scattered and broken for as far as the eye could see, broken weapons lay at their sides. Though the Negaverse now lay broken at their feet, the Scouts had taken a beating, their own bodies were bloodied and broken, and yet they had still emerged from the battle victorious. Most of the surviving Negaverse Warriors had retreated into the frozen tundra, or back to the Negaverse. The eerie feel to the field was only enhanced by the arrival of a thick fog bank.

The Sailor Scouts finally had a chance to catch their breath, for the past six months they had known nothing but war, they had challenged the finest soldiers of both the Imperial Army and the forces of the Negaverse, and had emerged victorious, but for Sailor Moon, her greatest victory was the lonely figure that emerged from the fog bank.

"Darien," Sailor Moon said, her eyes filled with tears of joy, as she raced to her prince's arms. The moment she touched him, he pushed her back.

"Easy Serena," Darien said, as he clenched the wound in his stomach.

"I'm so sorry," Sailor Moon said, wiped her tears away, "I'm just so happy to have you back." Darien simply smiled, as he took her hand into his.

"It's good to be back meatball head," Darien said, Sailor Moon simply smiled, for a few moments neither did anything, for the first time in more then thirty three millennia, they shared their first kiss.

High above the ruined battlefield, a lone figure stood gazing at the rising sun, slowly he removed the white helmet that covered his face. For the Sailor Scout who stood behind him, it was as though she was looking into the face of a ghost.

For a few moments, Sailor Jupiter couldn't speak the only thing she could do was simply smile. A single tear ran down her cheek, as she gazed into Anakin's eyes.

"I, I thought you were dead," Jupiter said, barely able to contain her joy. Anakin didn't know how to reply, he simply approached her, the next thing Jupiter felt was Anakin embracing her, a smile crept across his face. Jupiter felt a small tear land on her shoulder. The two warriors turned to face the rising sun, for a few minutes they both remained silent.

"Do you think we finally will have a chance for peace Anakin?" Jupiter asked.

"Wars are defined by the periods of peace that exist between them," Anakin replied, "I fear we've just earned a brief rest, the war has only just begun."

"Even if it's just a week," Jupiter replied, "As long as I have you by my side, I could take on the whole Empire single handedly." Anakin remained silent.

"She speaks the truth Anakin," a voice said from behind them. Anakin turned to find a Force Ghost standing behind them. The ghost was clad from head to toe in the robes of the Jedi Order from the days of the Jedi Civil War, with an ancient Madalorian mask obscuring his face, "the two of you have a bond that very Jedi or Sailor Scouts have ever forged."

"Who are you?" Anakin asked.

"Just know this," the Ghost said, "My name is Revan and I'm very proud of you." With that the ghost took his leave, leaving Anakin and Jupiter to ponder its message.

Location: The Netherworld

Queen Serenity didn't flinch, as she was lead in chains before the Altearn Council. All across the circular room stood a group of no more then six Altearns. The room itself was all but silent, as Serenity was lead to the center of the room.

"You know why you're here Serenity," one of the Altearns said, stepping forward.

"Yes," Serenity replied.

"You stand before us accused of the greatest of all crimes," the Altearn Leader said, "interference with lives of non-ascended beings," the Altearn leader fell silent, "yet for your accomplishments during the Silver Millennium, the council is prepared to show you mercy, if you tell us the names of the Jedi who committed this heresy."

"The Jedi were not to blame," Serenity said, "I am the one who ordered them to interfere, I alone am the one to blame." Cries of ranging from heretic to spare her began to echo through out the chambers.

"Silence," one of the Altearns said, "we will have order in this council."

"Explain why you would violate our most sacred law not to interfere with those who have yet to learn of Ascension?" the Council Leader asked. Serenity remained silent.

"Have you any idea what you have done?" another Altearn shouted, "These barbarians, who conquer and destroy entire worlds are now closer to learning ascension then ever before." Finally Serenity spoke.

"Were we so different?" Serenity asked. The room fell silent.

"We're different because we are honorable and just, as we have always been," the Altearn Leader shouted.

"No," Serenity replied, "Long ago we Ancients were honorable and just, and yet we still crushed and enslaved entire worlds, you chose to sit here believing yourselves gods, and turning your backs to those who need you the most. When the Silver Millennium was born, it wasn't to spread Ascension, it was to try and atone for the sins we had committed, and to show the people of the Galaxy, we weren't all the same, and to once again look like a worth while people, in our own eyes."

"How dare you speak such blasphemy," one of the Altearns shouted.

"Because it's the truth," Serenity said, "Ascension robbed us of our very humanity," a tear began flowing down her cheek, "My ancestors chose to stay behind because all we wanted was to put things right, to hold on to what made us Human. The greatest lesson every King and Queen of the Silver Millennium learned was there can be no ascension without living, there can be no love without honor, no justice without freedom, and peace can't exist with out either."

"SILENCE," the Altearn leader shouted, "For this blasphemy, you shall not be descended, the punishment for your crimes is death, you will be cast into the Void and your name expunged form our records." The room fell silent, never in the history of Altearn Society had anyone been sentenced to death, upon hearing that many couldn't help but wonder if Serenity did speak the truth.

"Have you anything left to say?" the Altearn leader asked. Serenity didn't say anything, she turned to face Sailor Pluto, who had entered the chamber.

"Watch over my daughter," Serenity said, "and her friends, but more then anything show Serena the truth about the future she wishes."

"As you command my Queen," Pluto said. Pluto watched as two Altearn guards took Serenity away, the room was deadly silent the only sound that broke the silence came little more then thirty minutes later, it was a single ear piercing scream, and then once again nothing but silence, the only emotion in the room was the single tear that trickled down Pluto's cheek.

Location: Mustafar, Mustafar System, Outer Rim Territories.

Until the Clone Wars, the red orb known as Mustafar was of little importance to anyone outside of the Techno Union, but it was during the Clone Wars and the Civil War that had left the Galaxy beyond Earth in ruins that Mustafar would become infamous, for it was upon it's molten surface that the final shots of the Clone Wars, and some of the first shots of the Galactic Civil War were fired, but more then anything it was upon it's burning surface that the nightmare known as Darth Vader was truly born, and a legendary friendship crumbled.

Within it's orbit, the remains of the Battle of Mustafar formed an artificial ring, among the smashed TIE and Droid Fighters, one would occasionally encounter the body of a dead Imperial or non-Droid Seperatist pilot, an eerie reminder of the price paid for the "peace and order" promised by Lord Sidious.

Yet the Imperial Super Star Destroyer, and the Order of the Shadow Imperial-II Star Destroyer that were in orbit above Mustafar, had a different mission, one that lay on the surface.

Before it had become infamous as Prince Valarium's personal army after the destruction of Taurus, the unit known as the Black Guard had one mission, locate any surviving Sith Artifacts and return them to Courscant.

Imperial Hazard Troopers, supported by Mustafaran slaves and Imperial Magma Troopers scoured the planet's molten surface. Their mission for the past six months had been locate and recover the sarcophagus of Darth Chaos.

Palpatine's personal shuttle touched down on the landing pad, and the Dark Lord quickly disembarked, flanked by two Imperial Royal Guards, he made his way into the main control room, it was there he was greeted by two members of the Order of the Shadow's Imperial Guard, two shadow troopers clad in red shadow trooper armor, in between the two Guardsmen stood a figure clad in all black, with his face concealed behind an ancient Mandalorian helmet.

"What have you to report," the dark figure standing in front of Palpatine said.

"My Lord," Palpatine said, kneeling before Darth Plaguies, "the experiment was a failure."

"And Beryl," Plaguies asked.

"Dead," Palpatine replied, "Forgive me Master, for this failure."

"Actually," Plaguies said, "This failure has worked to our advantage, you have confirmed that my theory was flawed, and the Negaverse has been removed as a serious threat to our plans," it was at that moment a Magma Trooper entered the room.

"My Lords," The Trooper said, kneeling before the Dark Lords, "We've found him."

The two Sith Lords made their way down to the river banks, just as two Hazard Troopers emerged from the molten river, carrying a large stone sarcophagus. No sooner had the sarcophagus touched the burned ash, the side of the sarcophagus exploded, a charred hand, burned right down to the muscles and tendrils punched its way through the thick armor of one of the Hazard Troopers, a few seconds later the Hazard Trooper was torn apart by a wave of raw Force Energy. Slowly the sarcophagus began to bulge, a few seconds later the sarcophagus exploded, in the center was a human shaped figure clad in burned and tattered clothing. His skin had been completely burned off, leaving nothing more then small clumps of blood covered flesh scattered across his body. His body was a mesh of charred muscles, organs, and blood vessels. About the only thing holding his body together was the Force itself.

"SERENA," the monstrous figure roared, the holes where's his eyes should have been burned redder then the rawest flame, the hatred that flowed from his body was strong enough to nearly knock the two Sith Lords to the ground.

"After all this time," Palpatine said, "He is still alive." A group of Magma Troopers attempted to subdue the rampaging Sith Lord, only to be struck down one by one.

"Excellent," Plaguies added, "the centuries haven't decreased his hatred."

The last Magma Trooper fell to the ground, his head completely shattered by the force of the dark figure's blow. The figure stood in the center of the bodies, breathing heavily as more Magma Troopers surrounded him.

"Enough," Plaguies said, the two Dark Lords made their way through the gathered Imperial Troopers.

"You are the one called Darth Chaos," Plaguies asked.

"Yes," Darth Chaos replied, barely able to contain his rage.

"Excellent," Plaguies said.

"What do you want with me," Chaos asked, "Speak?"

"I have an offer for you," Plaguies replied, "one that will allow you to exact the vengeance you crave on those who betrayed you." Darth Chaos's decayed face grew cold, for so long he had craved one thing: revenge on Princess Serena and his brother, the very thought of being able to exact that revenge was all that was needed.

"What do you wish," was all that Darth Chaos said.

To Be Continued in Sailor Moon: Return of the Sith