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Calling of the blood
Part 1: Lightning Strikes

The rain pelted Smallville as only a Midwest thunderstorm could, turning the main road through town into a river of water as the residents who needed to go out ran from cover to cover.

Chloe Sullivan looked at the storm from a window seat in the Talon as she did her best to finish of her latest report to send to Planetary. She wasn't sure how to word what had happened with Adam Knight: the guy went Phyco and tried to kill Lana for no apparent reason.

Still, Mr Snow had said anything unusual, and a phone call from the future counted as unusual.

She closed her laptop and rubbed her eyes: the last few mouths had been rough on everyone, especially her father. Gabe Sullivan was a good man, but it hurt his pride to be first laid off by LutherCorp, and then second to have his teenage daughter come through with the money to pay off the morgue on their house and keep them solvent. He'd been uncomfortable about her newfound wealth until she mention Snow's name, then he'd gone very quiet.

Something else she needed to look into.

"Hey Chloe!" Clark Kent, her best friend and object of her desirers for longer than she cared to remember, appeared behind her, "What you up to?"

"Hey Clark." Chloe did her best to hide her surprise, "Just catching up on a little work. You know how it is: deadlines and all…"

"Yeah. Hey, aren't you supposed to be covering that big trial today for The Torch?"

"Oh no!" Chloe looked at her watch and frowned, "I'm going to be late. Catch you later…" She grabbed her stuff and ran out the door. Her car was parked on the other side of the street, and clutching her bag tightly, she ran out into the rain.

The world went bright white, then dark.

Chloe's mind drifted on the edge of consciousness, and her ears started to pick up bits of conversation.

"Mr Sullivan? Hello, I'm Dr Spica: I was called in from Metropolis to consult on your daughter's case."

"How is she?"

"Surprisingly well for someone who got hit buy a bolt of lightning that should have killed her: there is almost no physical damage, just a bad case of shock."

"Oh god no…"

"Is something wrong Mr Sullivan?"

"It's not something I feel comfortable talking about, not even with a doctor."

"I don't know if it would make any difference, but I was brought in by Chloe's employer…"

"You work for Elijah Snow?"


"Then tell that old bastard to get here, right now!"

Time drifted, voices changed.

"It's good to see you again Gabe."

"Don't give me that: we told you to keep away from Chloe!"

"I swear to you, I never intended for anything like this to happen."

"You haven't changed one bit, not since you took Jenny away!"

"Jennifer left of her own free will: you know how hard she was finding it to fit in here, how people were starting to talk."

"We could have worked through it!"

"We don't always have the luxury of doing what we want…"

"Clark!" Pete Ross can running through the doors at the end of the corridor leading to the Intensive Care unit of the Smallville Medical Centre, "How's Chloe?"

"They won't let anyone other than her Dad into see her." Clark looked through the frosted glass window at the two men standing silent guard outside his friend's room. One of them, a muscular man with close-cropped blond hair, kept looking at him like he was a threat. The other, taller man with pure white hair just stood there with a slight grin on his face. Clark shook his head, "Something's not right."

"You want me to run interference?" Pete asked, ready to do anything to help.

"No, it's ok." Clark frowned, "We need information."

"Clark, Pete, I just heard what happened." Lex Luther appeared, dressed in his regular black shirt/trousers combo, looking more like a catwalk modal than a billionaire business tycoon in the making, "How is she?"

"They're not saying." Clark looked at his friend; "They brought in some privet doctor from Metropolis to take over."

"Who?" Lex looked through the door and his eyes went wide, "Dr Spica?"

"You know her?" Pete asked.

"I know of her: Doctor Angela Spica, head of cybernetics at Princeton. She has some very outlandish ideas about human/machine integration, but she's said to be one of the ten smartest people on the planet." Lex rubbed his chin, "Why would she get called in to deal with something like a lightning strike?"

"That's what we want to know." Clark looked determined to find answers.

"Well?" Mr Sullivan stood with arms crossed, a determined look in his eye.

"I didn't think a normal person could withstand a lightning strike like Chloe took, but we both know she's not normal." Dr Spica looked at the chart she held in her hand, "I must say I was shocked to learn…"

"That's not the point."

"Yes, of course. Chloe is going to be fine, but there are probably going to be, side affects."


"Knowing who her mother was, I think we can safely say…"

"Smoothing I can help you guys with?" The blond guard appeared behind Clark, Lex and Pete without making a sound.

"What?" Clark span round, taken by surprise.

"Is. There. Something. I. Can. Help. You. With?" The man repeated slower, as if he was talking to a young child.

"Miss Sullivan is a friend of ours." Lex stepped forward, "We're worried about her."

"Miss Sullivan is receiving the best medical care possible." The guard starred down the young tycoon, "But she needs rest, doctors orders."

"Would that be Dr Spica, the cybernetics expert?" Clark asked, "What is someone with her expertise doing looking after someone who got struck by lightning?"

"She's branching out." The man smiled, "See you around." He turned and disappeared down the corridor.

"Dad?" Chloe's eyes felt heavy as she tried to open them.

"I'm here Chloe." Her father pulled his chair closer to the bed, "Everything's going to be ok."

"What happened to me?"

"You were struck by lightning, but the doctor says you're going to be ok."

"I could hear you talking. You said something about mom…"

"It's not something you have to worry about honey, nothing at all."

"Dad, I need to know what's going on, how you know Elijah Snow and what he has to do with mom leaving."

"You heard that then?"


"Ok, I guess you deserve to know the truth: Jenny, your mother, was a Colonel in British Military Intelligence when I first met her in Metropolis…"

To Be Continued…

(at some point)