Hanging By a Broken Chain




Part One

Standing at a Shattered Mirror

::I'm standing on the bridge::

::I'm waiting in the dark::

::I thought that you'd be here by now::

I'm lonely. I don't know where everyone has gone. It's so quiet here. I don't know how much longer I can stand it. I can't see anything anymore. It's dark. It's dark…

I can't see.

I can't find my way.

I'm so lonely.

There isn't anywhere to go. Everything is gone. I can't see it. I can't hear it. I can't feel it. Everyone is gone. They're supposed to be here…why aren't they here? Why can't I see them? Did they leave me…?


::There's nothing but the rain::

::No footsteps on the ground::

::I'm listening, but there's no sound::

I'm walking, but I don't know where I'm going. There's something splashing beneath my feet, but I can't see myself in it. The lights are so bright in the darkness…but I can't see by them. They don't shine for me. There are shapes that loom around me, but they aren't meant for me. Nothing is mine. No one is here.

I'm lonely.

Something is watching me.

It's waiting.

It isn't real.

But it's still coming for me.

It's not mine. It isn't me they see. Nothing is real. Nothing is here. I don't see it. But it's there. It's coming.

I'm alone.

::Isn't anyone trying to find me?::

::Won't somebody come take me home::

::It's a damn cold night::

They left me. I'm facing it alone because they left me. They're not inside me anymore because they left me. There are only broken pieces inside now. I can't use it if it's broken. I'm drifting…drifting…drifting in a place I don't belong. In a place that I can't see.

It's so dark. The rain is heavy. The clothing that whispers is distant. The hands that move aren't my own. The shapes that gleam don't exist anymore. I have nothing.

I am nothing.

It's broken.

I can't stay this way.

But I can't save myself.

It's coming.

They're coming.

::I'm looking for a place::

::I'm searching for a face::

::Is there anybody here I know::

There are so many, even though they are not real. The me that isn't there dances among shadows, brief arias of light streaking through silent air. Darkness is torn, mended, and reborn. So many. So many.

I don't know where to go.

This place belongs to someone else. I'm drifting, and this is the only place where I can stay. But I don't belong here. This isn't me. I'm an echo. A mirror of myself shattered into tiny fragments that I can't piece back together. As long as I'm drifting, I can't leave. I can't see.

I'll still be alone. Until it's no longer broken, there's nothing I can do.

Why did the leave me?

Why can't I see them?

Why can't I remember?

I said something before…

…I lied.

::'Cause nothing's going right and::

::Everything's a mess::

::And no one likes to be alone::

Gone, but not forgotten…

I lied.

I've lost it.

I'm broken.

Just because you can't remember something doesn't mean it's gone.

You lied.

Everything's gone. I'm in a place I'm not supposed to be. I'm seeing someone that I'm not. I'm trapped. I'm trapped at the other side of my heart. I can't get out. I can't remember. I'm trapped in a mirror that's broken.

The other side of my heart. Where I am not supposed to be. Where the things I forgot have gone.

Am I forgotten?

I'm going higher and higher. Someone is waiting for me at the top. They don't know it's not me. They don't know this is wrong. The shadows are following. They know. I can't…stop.

::Isn't anyone trying to find me?::

::Won't somebody come take me home::

::It's a damn cold night::

We're close now. They're falling towards me. A light sings clear of my hand, reaching them. They smile. But then they see. They see that it isn't me. They're passing me. They see into the broken mirror. They're falling away. I'm going higher.

But they saw.

They know now.

I'm trapped at the other side of my heart.

They're asking…

Who are you?

I don't know.

I can't remember.

It's broken. It's broken, they're gone, I'm alone. I can't see, I can't hear, I can't feel. I'm lonely. I'm lost. I'm afraid. I can't find my way. I can't do anything. There is no way back home.

The way back home was taken apart, piece by piece.

…help me.

::It's a damn cold night::

::Trying to figure out this life::

::Won't you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new::

I'm falling now, too. I have to. They're reaching for me. They saw me. They know. They're reaching for me. I have nothing else. Everything is gone. This is all I have. I reach back. I fall. I fall.

We're reaching.

I'll always know where to find you.

I can't remember.

Who am I going to look after if I don't have you?

No one's here. I can't get out.

Even if you take apart the chain of memories in my heart, the links will stay there. This memory will always be inside me somewhere.

I lied.

I just want…to get out. There's nothing else. There's no one to find. I can't remember. My chain is broken. I'm losing it, piece by piece. All I can do is reach. There's nothing left.

I take the hand that's reaching for me.

::I don't know who you are but I, I'm with you::

::I'm with you::

::I'm with you::


Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts is the sole property of Square Enix.

Lyrics: "I'm With You" – Avril Lavigne

Note: First of five parts. Takes place as Sora sleeps in the chamber after the end of Chain of Memories. Will contain further spoilers and scenarios that will more than likely become AU once KHII is released.