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Fading Light
By: Sechskies

Song 03: Parallel

Good afternoon. I'm Athrun Zala.

Good afternoon to you too! My name is Lacus Clyne. It's such a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Athrun!

Same here. Uh… These are for you. He handed her the bouquet of fresh roses that he was holding, and he couldn't help but smile warmly at the way her crystal-blue eyes sparkled excitedly at the sight of his present to her.

My, they're so beautiful! Thank you very much, Mr. Athrun.

His emerald-green eyes softened. Athrun is fine.

She blinked, then smiled. Well then, simply Lacus is fine by me as well.

L-Lacus? He turned his last statement into a small squeak, and she, in turn, gave out a lighthearted giggle as she noticed the deep blush tainting his cheeks.

HaRo! HaRo!

At the sound of Haro's usual jolly voice as it entered the room, Athrun snapped out of his thoughts. His smiling image of Lacus lingered in his vision for a brief moment before gradually fading away, and all he could see was the empty and lifeless expression on the same pink-haired girl's face who he was currently looking after.

"Lacus…" he whispered, frowning.

LaCuS! SleEpInG? HarO!

He sighed, turning to the pink, mechanical ball that had just bounced its way to the bed, and grabbed it before it could even reach Lacus' face.

"Yes, Lacus is sleeping, Mr. Pink," he said, and settled it back down to the ground. "So please be quiet and go away,"

Heeding his words almost immediately, Haro happily obliged and rolled out of the room. Once the door closed and he was back to his solitude, he then returned his gaze to the lass lying unconsciously on the bed, a deeper frown working its way on his face as he carried on with his earlier musings.

Here you are.

Th-thank you. He gingerly reached for the cup of tea that she offered to him, smiling gratefully before drinking the hot substance. After a moment of silence, he looked up and was quite surprised to see her staring back at him amusedly. What is it?

A soft giggle escaped from her rosy lips. Athrun has blue hair.


She ran a hand on her silky locks, her gaze turning thoughtful. Mine is pink…

There was a moment of silence before she turned her attention back to him, her crystal-blue orbs twinkling gleefully as she let out another innocent and cheerful smile. In that case, our children should have purple hair, shouldn't they?

He suddenly choked on his tea, his eyebrow twitching. What the---?

A slight smile tugged the corner of his lips as his mind wandered off to that particular moment of his life, remembering how happy and lively Lacus still was back then. Always surprising him with such blunt and sensitive questions coming out of the blue, she could be very playful and teasing at times, but that was what he liked about her; she was a fun girl who was never a boredom to anyone. A symbol of warm love, beauty and affection to all Coordinators, he had always believed that she would remain like that ceaselessly, which was why her previous action came out as a complete surprise to him.

Eyebrows drawing together, he sunk deeper into his seat, and felt his chest constricting as he recalled the state she was in when he found her in the cast off bathroom: her naked body sprawled lifelessly in the small tub; her cheeks pale, and her long, pink hair clung tightly on her cold skin like a blanket. He had to admit that she wasn't a pleasant sight to look at, and never had he expected to see her like that either.

But why would he anyway?

Always the innocent and carefree girl was presented to him, so not until the incident earlier was he able to realize that she had been showing him a front all along.

That there actually existed a vulnerable and dismal side to her.

That her naivety and amiability were merely pretenses.

That behind the childish giggles and sweet smiles was actually a broken being who desperately needed someone to turn to more than anyone.

And that despite everything, she was still a normal human capable of feeling pain and suffering.

"If only I was able to realize all of this earlier…" Athrun said to himself, turning his sad gaze back to the sleeping bundle that was Lacus. "I'm sorry, Lacus… for not knowing anything until now…"

Wiping his mouth with his handkerchief, he shakily settled the cup back down on the table. He stared bemusedly at the girl sitting across him, wondering why she had asked him such a blunt question, but immediately shrugged it off as he heard her call him once again.

Oh, by the way...

Y-yes? He returned his gaze to her as he added a dollop of sugar in his tea, and he merely raised his eyebrows in question as she flashed him another cheery beam, her eyes crinkling into a smile this time.

When are we going to get married?

The teaspoon that he was holding dropped into the table instantly.

Frowning, Athrun pursed his lips as he closed his eyes. He was beginning to get edgy about the whole situation, yet he restrained himself. So many emotions were already swarming inside of him, waiting to be released, and he didn't know how to control them all anymore.

Why did Lacus attempt to kill herself all of a sudden?

Why in the bathtub, of all places?

Why was he currently feeling angry at her for doing such a thing?

And most of all, why did he feel like a huge part of him had suddenly gone missing when he saw through her plan?

Athrun found himself reflecting on these notions, but try as he might, he couldn't come up with any logical answers for his unspoken questions. Was he merely being too dense or was he already losing some of his wits, he didn't know. All he was certain of was that from this particular event, things would apparently never be the same again.


And for the first time in his life, the young ace pilot was at a loss of what to do.




Kira's pensive expression wavered slightly at the deafening roar of Andrew Waltfeld, feeling the urge to cover his ears as his deafening shout boomed in his senses. He hadn't expected him to react like this, and had he not been too caught up with his own thoughts and anxieties, he would have felt the least trepidation at the enraged look on his superior's face.

"Lacus? Suicide? IN THE BATHTUB?" Andrew looked at the brown-haired Coordinator standing stiffly before him, disbelief evident in his expression. "HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?"

Kira bit his lower lip, his amethyst-purple eyes trailing from the older man's angry face to the metal floor. "I… I don't know, Sir…"

And then, nothing but silence followed.

The rest of the crew could only gape in surprise at the two figures standing at the very middle of the Bridge, the news that the Freedom pilot had brought apparently shocking them. It was all too sudden and greatly unexpected; they couldn't bring themselves to believe that their young and pleasant commander would do such a thing, and it left them very much troubled.

Several minutes passed; the tension circulating the whole area was almost unbearable, until Andrew decided to speak up once again.

"Well," he began, his deep voice now calm. "Is she all right now?"

"I-I guess," Kira answered. "Athrun is currently looking after her,"

Another stillness ensued for a brief moment.

"…I see," Andrew closed his eyes, rubbing his creased forehead. He raised his other hand to signal the brunette to take his exit, and the young man tentatively obliged. "This is so troublesome…"

As soon as Kira was gone, he exhaled deeply and banged a fist on the control table before him in irritation, causing the other workers to jump in their seats. Terrified at the Desert Tiger's sudden outburst, they immediately returned to their positions to continue their own works, leaving the said man alone.

"What has gotten into that girl all of a sudden?" Gritting his teeth, he then opened his eyes, an unfamiliar emotion dancing in the depths of his blazing, cobalt-blue orbs.


Kira inserted his hands in his pockets as he walked down the Eternal's empty corridor, his amethyst-purple eyes fixated on the floor. Somehow, the whole area felt colder and more silent than usual, and his expression grew grimmer at perceiving the reason why.


Stopping dead in his trail, he sighed and turned to the window just beside him. His reflection looked back at him sadly as he gently pressed a hand on the glass, and he merely stood there motionlessly, as his mind's eye flashed back to a series of unnerving images.

He leaned his back against the glass wall in the hallway, feeling restless. Apparently, his bizarre insight about the pink-haired lass took the sleepiness away from him, and as he examined the silver ring that he found on his nightstand a while ago, he could only wonder why he had suddenly thought of such a strange notion.

It doesn't make any sense…

Yet, his train of thoughts was interrupted when he heard a frenzied sound of footsteps coming from the other side of the corridor. Raising an eyebrow, he clenched the ring tight in his hand and peered through the corner to see what the fuss was about.

And the next thing he knew, he was face to face with a familiar, blue-haired Coordinator, a frightened expression plastered on his usually emotionless façade as he gathered a drenched songstress in his arms, her naked form covered by a red, ZAFT uniform.

A-Athrun, what---

Kira. The younger man's voice was firm as he gave the brunette a sharp, yet meaningful look Seeing an air of comprehension slowly cross his face, he managed to give a slight nod before tightening his hold on the figure that he was carrying in his arms and continuing on his way.

The Freedom pilot, on the other hand, stayed glued in his spot as the other youngster took off. He felt his knees buckle with so much weakness at the shocking sight that suddenly met his unknowing eyes, and with his mind now a tangled mess of confusion and wordless queries, he could only watch his friend's moving figure fade away in the darkness, hearing nothing but the sound of footsteps echo faintly in the vast, empty area.

The vivid color and sounds disappeared the moment Kira felt a hand gently settled on his shoulder. Turning to his side, he jerked as he found himself staring back at a pair of bemused, emerald-green eyes.

"A-Athrun," he stuttered, suppressing a gasp as he recognized the figure.

The young man nodded his head and leaned against the transparent wall, his arms crossed. Eyeing his friend carefully, he couldn't help but notice the troubled expression on his face. "What's eating you?" he asked casually.

Kira didn't say anything and merely looked down.

"It's about Lacus, isn't it?"

There was a moment of silence before the brown-haired lad decided to speak up. "How is she, Athrun?"

Athrun closed his eyes, sighing heavily. He knew that his friend was bound to ask this sooner or later. "She had been sunken for quite a while, and had swallowed a fair amount of water as a result,"


"But she's all right now," he continued, eyelids parting slowly. "Thankfully, I was able to save her in time,"

At hearing this, Kira felt a wave of relief wash over him and he let out an eased smile. "That's good…" he whispered, but immediately shot Athrun a disbelieving look upon realizing something.

Reading the brunette's incredulous expression, the former ZAFT soldier couldn't help but smirk. "Jealous?"

"N-no, of course not!" he answered immediately, his voice surprisingly higher than usual.

Athrun felt the urge to widen his grin at seeing the huge blush tainting his friend's cheeks, but decided to spare him the further embarrassment. Releasing another sigh, he shrugged his shoulders casually. "It's only a simple mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Kira. No need to get all worked up over it,"

"I know that!" Kira remarked stubbornly. "It's just that…"

"Just what?" The other man blinked.

"…What exactly happened to her, Athrun?" He turned to him, his amethyst-purple eyes shimmering anxiously. "I've never seen her so… so…"


"Yeah… Lifeless…" he sighed. "Have you?"

Athrun raised an eyebrow in question. "What makes you say that?"

The brown-haired Coordinator blinked innocently, then scratched his head. "Well, you've known her the longest, haven't you?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Then you obviously know a lot more about her than we do," he told him.

With this, Athrun's mouth twitched, the urge to punch his friend rising within him. "Kira, you're being an idiot. Just go to sleep, will you?" he said resignedly, rubbing his creased forehead.

Kira glared at him. "I'm serious here," he remarked darkly. "Why won't you tell me anything anyway?"

"What do you want me to tell you then?"

"ANYTHING!" he snapped, hands curling into tight fists. His voice came out almost like a choked sob as he whirled his head sharply to the Justice pilot, who seemed quite unaffected by his unexpected outburst. Taking a deep breath, he then hung his head limply, his shoulders slumping. "I'm deeply worried about her, Athrun," he mumbled, eyes staring uneasily at the metal floor. "When I saw you carrying her, I… I felt so afraid for her…"

He lifted his head once again, a frown crossing his features as he met Athrun's blank stare. "And even if she's all right now, I can't just sit around here and act as if nothing has ever happened to her when in fact there really has,"

Despite the troubling sensation inside of him, Athrun still managed to give out a smirk. "Wow," he breathed. "You really got it bad, huh?"

"What?" Kira blinked.

"Why do you care so much about Lacus anyway?" he asked back, shifting his position a bit. Looking at the brown-haired lad before him, he noticed that the grim expression on his youthful face grew deeper at his question.

A few minutes passed, then a tired sigh was heard.

"Lacus…" the brunette began, sadness flashing in his mauve depths as he thought of the songstress. "She had already done so much for me. I… I owe her my life…" Here, he took a deep breath, eyebrows furrowing. "And I can't help but feel responsible for all that has happened to her lately. Maybe… Maybe if I--- "

"Don't," Athrun suddenly said, cutting him off. His voice held a slight edge to it as he tilted his head to the perplexed young man yet again, locking him under his intent gaze. "You know as much as we do that it wasn't your doing, Kira,"

"But it's not Lacus' either," Kira retorted instantly.

"Now where did that come from?" the blue-haired Coordinator asked, his tone sounding irritated, yet almost incredulous. "I did not say anything like that, you idiot! I'm just stating the facts. For Pete's sake, Kira, why don't you just shut up?"

"No," he told him firmly, eyes narrowing into slits. "First, you tell me what I want to know then I'll shut up. Heck, I'll even leave you alone as an added bonus if you want!" Hearing no reply, he uttered another heavy sigh. "I… I just want to help…" he whispered. "So tell me, Athrun… Please…"

"…I don't know anything," Athrun mumbled, looking uneasily at the floor. "Even I am surprised as to why she attempted to do such a thing,"

"Do you think it has something to do with her father's death?" he asked him.


"Or maybe--- "

"Kira," Athrun's voice cut him off once again.


"Why aren't you shutting you up?" he asked him tiredly, closing his eyes.

Kira's eyebrow twitched. "And why are you being such a bastard?"

"Touché," He smirked.

The brunette could only shake his head, bringing his hand up to his temple. "You know, you act as if you don't care about Lacus at all, Athrun," he remarked. "I didn't know you were this cold,"

Athrun merely shrugged his shoulders. "That's because unlike you, I'm fully capable of controlling my feelings well,"

"Uh-huh," the other man scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Which is why you look twice your age right now,"

"Screw you," He punched him lightly in the shoulder, before straightening himself. He shuffled his feet and prepared to leave the area, yet stopped in his tracks the moment he heard Kira speak to him once again.

"When are you going to stop pretending that you don't care about anything, Athrun?" he questioned. "I know you're the one who is the most affected by what happened to Lacus, so just drop the act,"

And almost instantly, he felt something spark near the center of his chest. "…Kira,"


"You've received proper military training from the Earth Forces, haven't you?" he asked him curtly.

Kira furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, not quite comprehending where his friend was getting at. "N-not really," he answered, somewhat hesitantly. "But Lieutenant Mwu did teach me some pretty decent martial arts. W-why?"

With this, Athrun turned around, determination glinting in his emerald-green eyes. "Spar with me,"

An unusual silence soon swathed the whole corridor, and Kira felt his jaw drop at the Justice pilot's unexpected demand as his wide, amethyst-purple orbs stared at his resolved expression in disbelief. "…O-Oh boy…" he choked out, and seeing Athrun's lips curl into a smug smirk, he could only nod his head hesitantly, whilst slapping himself mentally. "If I had known that he'd vent his anger out on me, I never should have provoked him like that…"



Everything was black.

Blindingly black.

Her tiny hands tried to grasp for something to hold on, yet she couldn't feel anything. I can't see. It's too dark! She was on the verge of crying, and panic was already about to overwhelm her, when a deep voice came out from the blue.

Why, of course it is, Princess. You're blindfolded, remember? Suddenly, she felt someone clamp her shoulder, patting it gently.

P-Papa? She sniveled, and almost gasped out loud as her hand was then taken by another; this time, much softer and smoother than her father's.

Don't be afraid, Lacus. It was a feminine voice, a very familiar one as well. This is simply a part of our surprise for you.

With this, she broke out into an excited beam. Mama! I-is that you?

Yes, it's me, Honey. She squeezed her hand. Is there a problem?

No… She smiled, blushing. I love you, Mama. And you too, Papa.

Regardless of the blindfold, she could still tell that they were smiling back at her.

We love you too, Dear. They took her hands and led her forward, guiding her to the place where she assumed her surprise would be.

Her excitement was apparent on her face by now – despite the piece of clothe that was covering half of it – and she beamed a bigger smile, one full of clear, unadulterated happiness.

Yes, this was her life – peaceful, grand and colorful. Her Mama and Papa would always stay by her side, holding her and smiling at her, and the three of them would love one another dearly.

She would always be their sweet, little princess.

And she would never be alone.

We're here! They stopped walking, and her parents let go of her hands.

Now, Cupcake. This time, she felt her mother kneel before her small frame, clasping her narrow shoulders gently. Count to three before removing the blindfold, okay?

Yes, Mama!

Giggling lightly, she kissed her in the forehead. That's a good girl. She delicately tapped her daughter's nose with a lean finger before standing up, and the pink-haired princess took this as a prompt to start her count.

One… Two… She reached for the blindfold and pulled it down to her neck, squealing in excitement. Three!

Yet as she opened her eyes, nothing but dimness greeted her sight.

There wasn't any surprise.

No cakes.

No gifts.

No ponies.

No giant teddy bears.

No Mama and Papa.


It was just her. Only her.

And the cold darkness surrounding her petite form, threatening to engulf her whole being once again.


Gasping softly, she gradually sat up, the blanket slipping off her naked self. She shakily raised her hands to her face, looking at them in disbelief. "W-why…? How…?" she breathed, a combined feeling of what seemed like confusion and disappointment working its way on her pale features.


The face of a familiar, blue-haired young man then flashed in her mind, and realization instantly dawned on her.

"He saved me… just in time…"

With this, her lips quivered into a bitter smile. "I'm… alive…?" she asked herself, feeling weak all of a sudden. She bowed her head feebly, pink tresses overshadowing her eyes.

"I'm alive…" Hardening her fists, the smile never left her lips despite the mixed emotions that were starting to flare up in her veins once again, and she hugged her knees tight against her chest, before finally letting the silent tears trickle down her porcelain cheeks. "I'm still alive…"


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