nothingleft I've learned enough by myself. i don't need you. and i never will again. who cares? i don't. that's why i'm ending this with you. ending it forever. i never needed you. and you never needed me. so let's just end it now before it's too late for sorries. good bye, squall.

Smile, you'll steal away my soul
Smile, I'll hide away and cry

thats how it ended. me and rinoa, no more. she ended it. last night, in the pouring rain. hanging me out to dry. leaving me alone in the darkness. i didn't know what happened. i didn't know why. i just felt useless, and empty inside. i stayed outside that night. walking. a little rain never hurt anybody. i needed time to think. i wanted to be alone. but i guess i was more alone than i wanted to be. no one went to look for me. no one asked where i was. i was no one. and it seemed just like rinoa had said. no one cared.

Smile, don't complicate my time
Smile, don't ask me if I'm fine
My world blown down
There's nothing left that words can say

i had no reason to cry. our relationship was going down. we never fought. but we never talked. but i cried anyway. i didn't understand. the whole reason she ended it with me was because we both could get out without hurt feelings. but she ended up hurting both of us. i wasn't sure if she even cared anymore what her heart was for. but i knew she had a good reason to break it off with me. i knew the reason. i would do it too. but i didn't. my last shred of hope for happiness was with rinoa. and the minute she broke it off the last piece of my broken heart crumbled into a million pieces. unable to fix. unable to put back together. and i knew it. but i forced myself to go on. and i had no idea why. i was dead inside. a robot. walking endlessly in a world that has been so bad to me.

Smile, you'll steal away my soul
Smile, I'll hide away and cry
Smile, no doubt I'll keep my pride
But it may be hard to find.

i never knew we had a problem. but i finally saw it when we were together alone. we didn't talk. we had nothing to talk about. everything was changing. and i couldn't do anything to keep it from changing. so i started walking. i never looked back. i didn't need to. rinoa was no longer there waiting for me. she didn't waste time. i turned my head to see nothing but the quiet shadows of the trees. she was gone. i had lost her. and the worst part. i wasn't even too sure why. There was nothing left to do. Nothing

There's nothing left, there's nothing left......


"Smile" by Olive