A/N:The is completely AU. I just wanted to see if it would work. Let's say instead of a girl, Lorelai had a boy, who she named Christopher Jess. He is the male version of Rory. Kind, nice, intelligent, and a reader. His best friend is still Lane but goes to Chilton, Friday night dinners included. You ask if he's got a female Dean? Oh, yes. Her name is Dana. She's from Chicago and looks like a Barbie doll. Rory, on the other hand, is Rory Adriana Mariano and the offspring of Jimmy and Liz. She's the bad girl with an attitude that's even worse. Sarcastic, lazy, extremely misanthropic, but a book worm nonetheless. The point is, if their lives switched, would they still find each other? You'll have to read and find out.

Disclaimer: It all belongs to the genius of Amy Sherman-Palladino

On with the story,

It was your typical day in the beautiful, quaint town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. It's people were kind, generous, a tad bit on the eccentric side, but nevertheless, kind and generous. And two of Stars Hollow's infamous citizens walked into Luke's Diner for their afternoon caffeine fix: Mother and son combo, Lorelai and Jess Gilmore.

"You're usual?" Luke Danes asked in his usual monotone.

The both nodded, as Luke placed two plates in front of them, cheeseburgers and fries, while filling their mugs with coffee.

"How was school?" She asked him.

"Fine. Paris, Tristen, and I are doing some kind of Dickens thing in Mr. Medina's class." He replied, loosening the knot in his tie before removing his Chilton blazer.

"Interesting," She answered, munching on warm fries.

Luke looked at Lorelai as if he was about to tell her some deep, dark secret. "What?" She exclaimed.

"You remember me telling you about my sister Liz?" Luke asked.

"Vaguely. Why?"

"She called me last night. Told me she left something on my doorstep. I thought she was crazy. Flipped her lid. Drunk most assuredly."

Lorelai nodded, sipping on her coffee.

"Well, after we hung up, I went down to the diner, and there she was."

"Who? Your sister?"

"No. My niece," Luke explained.

As if on cue, a skin&bones brunette padded down the stairs, her blue eyes piercing everything in their path. Her long, chocolate locks swished as she walked. Her peaches and cream complexion glowed, out-shining her grungy jeans, gray tank top, and black Chuck Taylors. Her only jewelry was a silver thumb ring and the buttons on her leather jacket that hung off her shoulder.

"Well, speak of the devil, Rory this is Lorelai Gilmore and her son Jess. Lorelai, Jess, this is my niece. Rory Mariano."

"Charmed, I'm sure." She stated, before shuffling towards the glass door.

"Hey, where're you going?" Luke exclaimed."

Without turning around, she simply said, "Out."

Very short, I know. However, it will get longer. You'll see scenes you're very familiar with such as those that have to do with, the novel Howl, dead chalk people, gnomes, Bjork, fractured arms, dance marathons, swans, if you get my drift. I hope you liked it as much as I have cultivating how I'm going to put a spin on it. Please, R/R. I thrive on it.

The next chapter: Remember the dinner at the Gilmore house when Jess first moved to town?