Hey everybody this is my first danny phantom fanfic any advice on how to make it better would be appreciated. Sorry about the length but this is only a prologue

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom or any characters related therein. All the situations in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to any situation Real or Imagined is pure coincidence

As he opened his eyes, the young man couldn,t recognize where he was. It appeared to be some sort of factory. A crash from the other side of the building drew his attention to a person with hair as white as snow fighting something he couldn't see. Suddenly, two others appeared and threw the young man a thermos. The girl yelled "Danny! Catch." When he dived for the thermos something appeared behind him. The kid with white hair grabbed the thermos and a strange light emenated from within and sucked the creature into it. By the time the three teens passed his hiding spot he could hear them talking, "That was one tough ghost." said the boy with the weird hat. "You okay Danny?" Asked the girl at the same time. As he watched the boy with white hair pass, he realized he could see his own breath.

Who is thisguy who witnessed Danny capturing a ghost. find out in the next chapter of Reborn.