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Echoes of the Past.

Part 4


"Did you see where they went?" Gibbs leaned over the desk in the foyer towards the clearly terrified student on duty.

"No Sir."

"Damn." Gibbs hit the desk with his fist making the teenager scoot backwards in his chair.

"Gibbs?" Kate interrupted before Gibbs could refocus on the student.

"Shaw took DiNozzo outside."

"They left about 15 minutes ago. The blonde agent said Agent DiNozzo wasn't feeling well and needed some fresh air. He really didn't look well." The boy told her seemingly relieved to have Gibbs' attention off him for the moment.

"Maybe he really wasn't feeling well and they did go out for some fresh air..." McGee trailed off as Gibbs glared at him.

"They aren't outside and Shaw's car has gone. Dammit, I shouldn't have left him I told him he had to stay with one of us at all times!"

McGee flinched at the implications of that statement.

"What building did the assault take place in?"

"Uh the gym. Wasn't it?" McGee looked to Kate for confirmation.

"Which one?" Gibbs glared at McGee.

"Is everything all right here? I heard shouting." Commander Wood eyed the three agents and the beleaguered student warily.

"Fine." Gibbs snapped then paused, turning to look the XO. "Commander, the earlier assault, you don't remember which gym it happened in?"

"302. It's the secondary gym, up near the BEQ. Why?"

Gibbs ignored the question and looked back at his remaining team members. "Let's go!" He snapped.

"You know where the gym is?" Kate asked while hurrying to keep up with Gibbs.

"We passed it this morning." Gibbs stopped at the car he'd arrived in earlier before remembering DiNozzo had the keys. He moved over to the car Kate had driven earlier and clicked his fingers at her. "Keys!"

"Here." She dug them out of her purse and tossed them to him. Gibbs unlocked the car and slid in waiting until he heard the other doors close before backing up and squealing out of the parking lot almost sending Kate tumbling into his lap.

"Call Adams, let him know we need to find Shaw. McGee call the gates and tell them not to let Shaw off base."

The two agents made their calls while trying to brace themselves in their seats every time Gibbs swung round a corner.

"The gates report Shaw hasn't left and they'll stop him if he tries to." McGee said as Gibbs hit the brakes catapulting the agent into the back of Kate's seat.

"He's here." Gibbs pointed at a car just up the road. "That's Shaw's car."

The three agents climbed out of the car and pulled out their weapons before running up to the front door of the gym and carefully going in. The sight of the three agents, guns in hand startled a group of students waiting in the main hall way outside the Weight Coach's office.

"NCIS." Gibbs pulled out his badge and showed it to the nervous students dropping his gun down to his side as he approached.

"Can I help you?" The instructor came out of his office to stand between the students and the agents.

Gibbs flashed his badge again and holstered his weapon. "NCIS. We need into to the basement. How'd we get access?"

"The only access to the basement is the doors round the side of the building."

Gibbs turned to leave and Kate nodded her thanks to the instructor.

"Wait!" The coach called. "The doors are always kept locked. The outside door has a self-locking mechanism."

"Do you have the keys?"

"One minute." The coach turned back into his office and dug in his desk drawer for the correct key ring.

"Go into the locker room and stay there." He told the student as he rejoined the agents in the hallway.

The coach led the way out of the building and along the path at the side of the gym round to the double doors leading to the basement. At the doors Gibbs held out his hand for the keys.

"There's a set of steps going down as soon as you go in after that there's a series of rooms going off each side of the corridor. The lighting isn't great but the switch is just inside the door." The coach warned holding out the keys by the key for the outer doors.

"What's in them?" Gibbs took the keys carefully, keeping hold of the uppermost key.

"Not much, some old exercise equipment, spare weights and benches. The boiler room is right at the end of the corridor."

"And this is the only way in and out?"


"Thank you. Can you go back inside and make sure no-one comes out here?"

"Will do."


Gibbs waited until the coach disappeared back round the corners before putting the key in the left-hand door and pulling his gun. Kate and McGee redrew their weapons and took up position against the opposite door.

"Ready?" Gibbs asked.

The younger agents nodded and Gibbs pulled the door open. The three agents peered into the dim interior of the basement. Not seeing anything moving Kate moved round the door and into the basement pausing at the top of the steps to better view the basement floor.

"All clear." She called back quietly.

McGee came forward onto the steps to cover her as she moved over and switched the corridor lights on.

With the lights on Gibbs moved onto the narrow landing as well letting the door close gently behind him.

"You know which store room it was?" Kate asked.

Gibbs shook his head and moved quietly down the steps past McGee looking for any evidence of recent disturbance. McGee came down the rest of the stairs and Kate moved to join them when Gibbs turned to look up at her and motioned for her to go back up.

"Kill the lights." Gibbs hissed up at her.

Kate frowned but did as she was told plunging the basement into darkness broken only by the exit sign over the double doors and a small square of blue light somewhere at the other end of the corridor. From below her she heard someone move.

"Gibbs?" She peered down the steps in front of her to where she knew the older man was.

"Found them."


Gibbs fished a penlight out of his pocket and turned it on to see Kate frowning on at him. In answer to her question he turned and traced the beam along the floor to a faint patch of light spilling out from under one of the storeroom doors along the right hand wall.

Moving the beam back Gibbs counted the doors along the wall.

"Turn the lights back on Kate and let's move."

Kate flipped the switch again and took a moment to let her eyes readjust before joining Gibbs and McGee as they moved further into the corridor.


Reaching the door they'd seen the light from Kate and McGee took up defensive positions to cover Gibbs as he tried the handle and finding it unlocked pushed it open slowly.

The heavy door opened inward smoothly revealing four steps down into the room and a pile of boxes stacked on the concrete floor along the wall to the right. The rest of the large room was hidden from view by the open door. Gibbs slowly moved down the steps and peered round the door into the room, wary of his lower legs being exposed under the bottom of the door. Seeing nothing Gibbs stepped onto the floor. The room contained multiple piles of boxes that blocked a complete view of the room. Gibbs frowned looking for any sign of his missing agent.

"Anything?" Kate whispered in his ear as she moved onto the steps behind him.

Gibbs shook his head and moved further into the room staying close to the wall. Turning back he motioned for McGee to stay at the door to keep an eye on the corridor and keep the door from slamming shut. He pointed for Kate to move into the room away from the wall.

The pair progressed further into the storeroom keeping one eye on each other as they negotiated the obstacles in the room.


An odd metallic grating noise sounded near the back of the room Gibbs glanced across at Kate who appeared from behind a large box marked as gym equipment. Gibbs pointed to a row of metal shelving units blocking their view of the back wall and indicated Kate should take the far side while Gibbs went round the near side.

Back at the door McGee watched the senior agents move purposely towards the back of the room and tightened his grip on his own weapon.


Reaching the shelving Gibbs crouched and glanced round the end unit aware of Kate doing the same across the room.

Not ten feet away from him DiNozzo lay sprawled awkwardly on the floor, from his position Gibbs couldn't tell if the younger agent was alive or not. He lay on his front, his right arm trapped under him, his head twisted to one side facing the back wall and Gibbs could see blood staining the back of his jacket and the ground under his head.

Shaw was standing over DiNozzo's body with an iron bar in his hand staring transfixed at his victim.

"Shaw?" Gibbs straightened and stepped round the crates keeping his gun trained on the blond man.

Shaw startled and looked up at Gibbs his face twisting with anger for a moment before smiling pleasantly.

"Step away from him and put the bar down." Gibbs' voice was cold

"Agent Gibbs..." Shaw took a couple of paces away from DiNozzo putting his hands in the air but keeping hold of the bar. "You're a military man, you can understand."

"Understand what?" Gibbs raised an eyebrow at the earnest expression on Shaw's face.

"That people like him don't have any place here. They can't be trusted."

"And if I told you you're wrong?"

"I'm never wrong!" Shaw screamed tightening his grip on the bar and taking a step forward.

"Put the bar down!" Gibbs barked the command. He could see Shaw visibly struggle with his emotions before calming again and reaching out to set the bar on a shelf and action that turned his body away from Gibbs. The bar clattered onto the shelf and Shaw spun back to face Gibbs revealing his gun gripped in his right hand.

"Don't be an idiot Shaw."

The man just shrugged and aimed the weapon and DiNozzo. Before Gibbs could react a shot rang out and Shaw slumped to the ground blood quickly soaking through the back his jacket.

Kate pushed herself up from her crouched position at the end of the shelves lowering her gun from firing position but still keeping it trained on Shaw.

Leaving Kate to deal with Shaw, Gibbs moved to DiNozzo's side.

"He's dead." Kate stood and stepped away from the corpse.

"Tony?" Gibbs crouched down by the prone body and touched his shoulder. When DiNozzo remained unresponsive he slid his hand round to press against the pulse point. "McGee! Call Ducky and tell him to send an ambulance."

"Yes boss!" McGee called back sounding stressed.

Gibbs shifted to a kneeling position and looked Tony over seeing blood in his hair and a lump at the back of his head. Gibbs lightly ran a hand over the back of his skull finding a small cut buried in hair that was still bleeding sluggishly to one side of the bump.


"He's alive." Gibbs ran a hand over DiNozzo's back and arms searching for any other injuries.

"Ducky says he's on his way." McGee appeared round the end of the shelves; weapon still clutched in his hand.

Gibbs fished in his jacket pocket and produced the basement keys. "Go open the doors and let them in. And find something to jam the door open with."

"Yes boss." McGee stared at DiNozzo's unmoving form in horror.

"Now McGee."

"Right." He turned and all but ran from the room.

Gibbs turned his attention back to DiNozzo and pulled off his jacket bundling it up and gently lifted DiNozzo's head to push the jacket under it.

"Should we move him?" Kate joined Gibbs beside her partner.

A soft groan caught their attention as DiNozzo beginning to stir.

"Hey. Easy, easy." Gibbs put a gentle hand on his shoulder to limit the restless movements. The body under his hand tensed and went still.

"DiNozzo?" Gibbs leaned forward to see the younger man's eyes flutter open. "Hey. Nice to have you back with us."

DiNozzo relaxed again at the words and moved his free hand up to rub at his eyes before trying to roll over.

"Don't." Gibbs warned.

"My head hurts."

"Yeah you took quite a knock on it by the looks of it. Anywhere else hurt?"

DiNozzo seemed to consider this for a moment. "No. Nothing beyond a few bruises anyway."


DiNozzo nodded then hissed as his head objected to the movement. He stayed still for a moment letting the pain recede a little then tried to push himself off the floor.

"Whoa easy." Gibbs grabbed DiNozzo's shoulder to still him.

"I want to sit up."

"Okay." Gibbs though for a moment about the best way to move Tony.

"Maybe we should wait for the ambulance." Kate interjected.

"Up." DiNozzo insisted.

"Okay. We roll you on to your back, then Kate, you take his hands and pull him upright."

Kate stepped over DiNozzo's legs and crouched in front of him while Gibbs eased his hand under Tony's neck, careful not to jostle him or brush against the bruising.


Tony closed his eyes and rolled over on to his back while Gibbs kept his head steady. Once over Kate grabbed both of his hands and they eased him into a sitting position. Once up the world seemed to tilt and spin alarmingly and he lost all sense of his surroundings.

"Gibbs." Kate warned as Tony lost what little colour that remained in his face.

"Move him against the wall." Gibbs let DiNozzo's had fall forward slightly and gripped him under the arm

"Shouldn't we lay him back down."

"He'll only try and get up again."

"You still with us?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah." Was the slurred reply.

Gibbs met Kate's gave over DiNozzo's bowed head and together they moved him round and back the short distance until his back rested against the wall. Gibbs sat back beside him letting DiNozzo's weight settle against his shoulder. The three of them sat there a moment before Tony took a shuddering breath and raised his knees up to rest his arms and forehead on them.


From her place on Tony's right Kate could see where the rough concrete had cut into his cheek. She pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and gently dabbed at the cuts.

DiNozzo's eyes slitted open and he watched her for a few seconds before closing them again.

Out in the corridor a door slammed shut the noise making the three agents flinch. Gibbs jerked his head towards the door indicating Kate should check it out while trying not to jostle DiNozzo who was still leaning against his side.

"Any better?" He asked gently when Kate was out of earshot.

DiNozzo slowly turned his face towards Gibbs and pain filled hazel eye opened to peer at him. "Who are you?"

Gibbs' felt like he'd been punched in the gut and he swallowed harshly.

"And where's the real Gibbs?" Tony finished trying desperately to keep from smirking at the horrified expression on his boss' face. He winced as the knot at the back of his head twinged and let his eyes slid shut again.

"Don't do that." Gibbs growled automatically lifting a hand to clip him on the head then dropping it before it made contact.

"Jethro?" Ducky appeared round the shelves following Kate. He frowned when he saw DiNozzo sitting up leaning against Gibbs and the wall.

"Hey Ducky." Tony lifted his head carefully to greet the M.E. with a tight smile.

"How do you feel Anthony."

"Head's sore."

Ducky leant down to examine the back of DiNozzo's head.

"Dizzy? Nauseous?"

"A little, it's okay if I don't move too quickly. Owww!" He objected as Ducky ran a hand over the bump.

"I don't think anything it's anything worse than a concussion and those cuts but we'll get it checked out when the ambulance gets here."

More noise out in the corridor announced the arrival of the EMT's from the base hospital.


Gibbs got up and moved away from DiNozzo when the EMT's came to crouch on either side crossing to where Ducky and Kate were leaning over Shaw's body, gloves on, starting the preliminary examination.

"It was a clean shot."

"Good. There won't be any difficulty then." Gibbs watched them taking the pictures for a minute. "Get Adams to send a team over here and let them clean up their own mess. I want to head home ASAP."

Kate looked up from the camera. "McGee's outside calling them. He's also letting everyone upstairs know they can leave."


"Excuse me?" The senior EMT came over, giving the corpse a curious glance before catching Gibbs' eye. "I think he's just got a mild concussion but I want a doctor to look at the bump on the back of his head and maybe get a x-ray."

"Right. I'll meet you at the base hospital."

The medic hesitated. "He's, ah, refusing to go."


"Yes boss?" Tony winced as he turned his head too quickly.

"Hospital DiNozzo."

"I'm fine boss, nothing a couple of Tylenol wouldn't cure."

"We'll let the doctors decide that."

"Yes boss." DiNozzo sighed defeated.

The EMT's helped him up and waited for a few seconds for him to steady then escorted him from the room.

Gibbs watched them go and turned back to Kate. "Kate make a report to Adams and tell him we'll finish the reports back in Washington. Then pack up I'll call you about the flight details. The proper copy of DiNozzo's file is in the desk in my room." Gibbs handed her the keys, grabbed his jacket off the floor and followed the EMT's out.


At the hospital the Doctor ran the basic diagnostic tests again and agreed with the medic's suggestion and sent DiNozzo down to Radiology then threw Gibbs out into the waiting room where he made the necessary calls.

"The doctor's happy enough to release DiNozzo unless something shows up in the x-ray. We'll meet you at the airport." Gibbs ignored the pointed glare he received from the duty nurse as he finished using his cell phone. Dropping it into the pocket of his jacket, which was sitting on the windowsill beside him, he turned to look out over the base and picked up the plastic cup of a substance the vending machine claimed was coffee. Not convinced Gibbs crossed back to the machine and poured the remaining liquid down the drain.

"Agent Gibbs, How is Agent DiNozzo?"

Gibbs turned to see Director Adams standing just inside the waiting room door.

"Concussed." He said shortly throwing the cup in the bin and moving back to his position by the window.

"Will you be staying on base?"

"No. As soon as DiNozzo is released we're heading home the others are already. We'll send you copies of everything."

"Of course." Adams hesitated for a moment before walking over to Gibbs at the window. "I did some checking back though Shaw's previous locations it seems there where several other unsolved murders happening while he was in the areas." Adams looked Gibbs in the eye. "I'm sorry this ever happened."

"So am I." Gibbs stared out the window again effectively dismissing the director, keenly aware when Adams gave up and left the room.

A few minutes after the door closed behind Adams the door to the consulting rooms opened and DiNozzo joined him at the window.

"Everything OK?"

"Yeah one hell of a headache but everything checks out ok."

"Good." Gibbs picked up his jacket and palmed the car keys.

Tony leaned his head back against the cool glass. "The doctor suggested I should take a few days off."

Gibbs turned his head to look at the younger agent and smiled. "Not a chance DiNozzo. Though if you're not up to normal field work I'm sure we can find something round the office for you to do."

DiNozzo made a face. "I'm sure I'll be fine." He said dryly.

"Come on. Plane leaves in just over an hour." Gibbs led the way out of the hospital to the car.


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