Death and life


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Xev lay in her big, circular bed on board the Lexx. She slept and dreamt for the thousandth time of Kai. The only man in her life she was really addicted to. Her love was very one-sided, because Kai was dead. For this reason he was incapable to feel - or to show only the slightest reaction to her sometime really desperate efforts to worm some out of him.

In her dreams now, he was maximum alive, and in her fantasy, she acted out everything what wasn't possible in her reality.

A smile appeared on her face and she snuggled deeper in her silken pillows and blankets. She pulled a pillow closer to her and embraced it tightly. In her dream it was Kai. Smiling she whispered his name and wanted to kiss him – but, as always at this point, her dream faded away and she woke up. Disappointed, Xev opened her eyes when the cold reality hit her, a reality cold as Kais body really was. She struggled with her blankets and put them away with a sigh. Slowly, she dressed herself, her thoughts far away in her recent erotic dream. It was one of the few things that kept her hope up, the hope that her dream would come true anytime.

Hope – could there be any for her? For Kai? Sometime, maybe, but until that day would come, she was doomed to wait. Xev left her chamber, she decided to go to the bridge, and maybe there were news, which distract her a bit. But her feelings directed her to the cryochamber first, automatically.

The chamber was quiet. Only the constant humming of the cryo-units was hearable. It was very cold here, and Xev shivered a little, the clusterlizard inside her didn't like the cold.

One of the cryopods was occupied and she stopped in front of it. Inside laid a black clad figure, apparently sleeping peaceful and calm. Xev often stopped by to talk to her deep frozen love, to clear up her feelings. It was easier when he was frozen and sleeping than awake. She couldn't expect any reaction in one way or the other, so it was less painful if he wasn´t wake.

Sometimes she only stared at him and was lost in reverie. Kai was a very attractive man, the paleness of his skin stood in deep contrast to his black clothes and the raven black hair, which was stuck together in a complicate bun on his head, except for his lovelock at the left side and the braid on the back. Xev´s eyes searched his face, but his expression was calm. Nearly peaceful she thought. Her gaze wandered over his right cheek, where the burgundy tattoo was. Both, the hair and his tattoo were so unique for his people – the BrunnenG. Kai once had explained her that the tattoo marked the way of his people from the DarkZone into the LightZone. Many thousand years were gone since that day. The BrunnenG had been abolished, like so many other people destroyed by the hands of His Divine Shadow. Kai was the last one alive – well, existing was the more correct word. In physically meaning Kai was dead, killed in action during the last heroic battle between the BrunnenG and the armies of His Divine Shadow. Kai´s destiny had been sealed this day, an unimaginable, inhuman destiny. As last of his people, he had been killed by the hands of His Shadow himself. His soul and memories were stolen as well, everything that Kai once was had been wiped out in one merciless moment. But that hadn't been the end. His Shadow, as the insect he was, hated everything human, especially the BrunnenG, which once had destroyed his own race thousands of years ago. He wanted revenge…he wanted to punish Kai´s people beyond their death. Kais body had been taken to the Cluster, to the bioscholars, who changed him into an unstoppable, indestructible killing machine. He became the leading assassin of His Divine Shadow and all successors for 2000 years - an instrument of horror, a dark legend among all those other assassins. He killed and he tortured all of His Shadow's enemies, without asking – without calling it into question. As the mindless assassin he had been, he followed the orders of his Shadow without hesitation. Until the day he had met them and got his memories back.

Xev wiped a tear from her eye. How many wrongs can be done to a single human being? Every one of them had his own sad story, but in Xevs opinion, Kais destiny was the teariest. 2000 years doomed to murder, no volition, no soul, no memories, far longer no feelings, no wants. His condition now was better, but far from being a fair existence. It was her deepest wish that he could be alive some day. It must be possible to unban him anytime – without

annihilating his existence. "Oh, Kai", she whispered. "I wished that my hope will fulfill itself, you don't deserve that!" Xev painted a small heart at the frozen top of the cryopod. "Life – and death, can be so unfair sometimes!" After a while she turned full of sadness and continued her way to the bridge.