Title: Less Than Obedient

Author: DarkLegaices

Rating: PG-13 due to language

Summary: Based on 'Ella Enchanted', Spike makes the mistake of crossing a demon sorcerer and is cursed with the gift of obedience. So whatever he is told to do, he does – meaning a few Scoobies and their demonic enemies will be wanting to take advantage of the less than obedient bleach blonde.

Disclaimer: Any and all characters Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon. This plot belongs to the rightful movie owner and ReganX.

A/N: This story is a response to a challenge by ReganX at Chocolate Covered Strawberries


- Can be set at any time between seasons four and seven of Buffy or during season five of Angel.
- Spike trying to hide his 'gift'.
- Xander figuring out what's going on and taking advantage.
- Someone making the mistake of saying 'Bite me' in Spike's hearing.


It was only a mere hour before sunrise and already the late lonely night that had crept up upon Sunnydale was begging vanish. The demonic activity had gone to rest and any late goers were getting their last little bit of fun out before their mostly unsuspecting human populous started its day. But as for all night creatures, it is the vampire that both fears and longs for the sunlight. As it goes, most of them end up getting very cocky with their 'all powerfulness'. And that fit the persona of one certain bleach blonde perfectly.

Yawning lazily as he made his way through the cemetery, Spike couldn't think of anytime is had felt this great. After having loved the Slayer for over a year, she was finally with him. Sure she was abusive, though he could live with that. And even it actually frightened him greatly; it was those fleeting moments she was with him wither it was in the sack or just being near her, he felt like he was William again. Love? Sure! He was in love and it made him feel so alive. Spike had just started to hum the tune to 'Love Story' without even when he came across a funny sent. Stopping dead in his tracks, the blonde vampire sniffed the air. The sent was like that of honey and midnight musk – there was a demon nearby.

"Do you I own all legal and illegal permits to this cemetery mate?" Spike asked as he round the corner to see a tall slender sexless looking demon that was dressed in a simple dark green robe and had candles gathered around it.

Turning, the demon looked him over with eyes that looked almost like liquid crystal.

"So this is your cemetery Vampire?" it asked, its voice betraying no emotion. "Then I am dreadfully sorry to tell you, but if you don't let me complete my spell, you'll find yourself very sorry"

Spike chuckled and rolled his eyes. Was this demon actually being polite?

"Is that so?" he smirked and walking up to the outside ring of the candles.

Bending down, Spike scooped up a small orb that had been delicately placed upon a small pillow.

"Put that down!"

"I don't think so – it's a pretty little bauble"

Spike begun to toss the orb from hand to hand, slowly picking up the pace that it traveled from each hand. He watched with something almost like glee, as the demon's eyes flashed with a mixture of something like fear and loathing.

"That orb is very fragile. Please – " the demon hissed, practically looking like it wanted to pounce on Spike and take the orb back.

"So?" Spike grinned.

"Put – that – "

Suddenly the orb slipped from Spike fingers and dropped to the ground with sharp flash and the sound of tinkling glass.

"Oops… did I do that?"

Spike laughed and then turned his back on the gaping, seething demon that was staring down at the fragments of what up till them had been its most prized possession. But as soon as he was out of sight and earshot, the demon raised began to chant.

"Obedience must this child learn,

So shall it be a painful burn,

The will of others you must carry,

In doing so though shalt not be merry,

My will be done,

They're will be done,

I grant to thee the Gift of Obedience"

Smiling wickedly, the demon laughed.

"Sleep well my obedient little vampire. You shall awaken to see just how careful so should have been"

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