Epilogue / What Goes Around, Comes Around

It had been a mouth since Buffy had started dating Spike publicly and Xander still wasn't able to understand what had gone wrong. Although things had taken a turn for the better for all the other Scoobies, he was the only one that seemed to have a problem.

It hadn't taken long before Willow master her control over her magic enough that she and Tara had gotten back together. With the heavy load of misery taken off Dawn, she had managed to quell her own torn feelings about always being left out since Spike was helping out at home. And lastly there was Anya who was so happy about her upcoming wedding. But Xander was miserable. He didn't have a really good reason for being so, but he stuck with the saying that it was just jitters of being soon to be married.

So that was what had brought him to wander about the streets of Sunnydale that bright and sunny afternoon. There was a fair set up in Wetherly Park and he thought that it would be just as good a place as any to help him keep his mind off of Buffy and Spike.

"Have your fortune read! Come and see what is in the stars for you" a voice shouted through the crowds of people.

Xander turned and looked towards a small tent only twenty feet way.

"You mister, I think you need your fortune read" the speaker was a gangly young woman with stingy rust red hair, large glasses and a long gauzy multicolored gown.

"Umm… how much?"

"Oh it's free and you don't have to worry about it being a lie, I'm not into the evils and dark magics"

"Sure, why not" Xander shrugged and followed the woman towards the tent.

Within the tent, it was like a whole knew world. Candles with glittering flames stood on Celtic holders and the smell over frankincense was thick on the air. Coughing slightly at the mugginess, Xander dropped down onto a stool next to a small circular table.

"Okay" the young woman smile. "I'm Kismet, but I'd rather be called Kizzy. In English it means fate or destiny – a rather typical name for a minor clairvoyant don't you think?"

"Sure… I'm Xander, well Alexander"

"Alexander – in Greek, protector of mankind"

For the first time in weeks, Xander really smiled. A protector of mankind; he liked that.

"So what'll it be?" Kizzy smiled back. "Palm reading, Tarot cards, etc. You take your pick"

"Anything in the other category?"

"Well… I met this nice demon Loren in L.A last year that runs his own Karaoke bar. He specializes in reading an individual's destiny by having people sing for him"

"Sing?" Xander blanched.

"Oh sure. He's the best there is. When I sang for him, he told me I have the talent for that gift – it's really rare. I've been practicing and I think I good enough to get everything that you might need out of a reading"

There was a silence as Xander contemplated his choice. Even if he did have to sing, it would tell he what he wanted and more. It could tell him about his future with Anya, his problem with Buffy and Spike as well as everything else.

"Let's do it" he nodded.

"Great!" she grinned and rubbed her hands together. "You are going to have to sing you song acapella. I don't have any music to go with it"

He nodded and took a deep breath.

"This burden's not a heavy one
But I assure you, it's present
This burden's not a heavy one
But I assure you, it is present

You say that you're in control
You say that you are
I can't think of a time
When you looked less alive
You said, "Wait until light, my dear"
Just wait until light
One more day will go by
Maybe today you should try
Look past the mirror and find
Look past the mirror
That there's something inside
Something more to your life
My words won't heal you now
My words won't heal
It is you who decides
It is you who decides

This burden's not a heavy one
But I assure you, it's present
This burden's not a heavy one
I assure you

Believe that you are just fine
Believe that you are
You'll feel so alive
You'll feel so alive
Be what you are now (be what you are)
Be what you are
Do not keep it inside
That hate will not subside
Be what you are now (be what you are)
Be what you are
Do not keep it inside
That hate will not subside

It's you, decide
It's you, decide

So alive
You'll feel so alive

This burden's not a heavy one
But I assure, I assure you
This burden's not a heavy one
Not a heavy one
Not a heavy one"

"Ooh…" Kizzy smiled. "Control by Alexisonfire. I like. Really good singing Xander have you practiced?"

"Well there was a demon that came to town earlier this year that caused everyone in town to sing" he shrugged. "So what's the verdict do? Am I doomed?"

It was only when he asked Kizzy, did she turn away. She looked as though she had a secret that she wanted to tell really bad, but couldn't. She fidgeted and grinned nervously as he crossed his arms.


"Umm, you really want to know?"

"I came here didn't I?"

"… For starters, you… umm you're kind of going ditch you fiancée at the altar…" Kizzy whispered.

"What!" Xander cried jumping to his feet. "I'd never do that to Anya"

"Maybe you will, maybe you wont, but that was what I saw. The future isn't written in stone, it can still be changed. I also saw bitterness towards one of your closest friends. You have to give up on that grudge you hold so close to your heart – she's a big girl now and is able to protect herself. She doesn't need to be mauled by a jealous overprotective friend. She had made her own choices and will face suffer the consequences for them if they come. For you, you need to need to learn some control – and there's no pun intended on the song you picked – in order to heal your own problems"

Now she was far from the momentary hesitant twitching, but rather a red-faced irate and she wasn't finished.

"Stay on this path and you will leave your fiancée. She'll be so heartbroken that she'll go back to being a vengeance demon. It will effect everyone in your life: she will go to the vampire for revenge against you and the vampire that loves the Slayer will seek his soul fully as punishment. The Slayer will be devastated causing the lead geek to exact revenge by wounding her and killing the blonde witch. Then to top it off red-haired witch will go insane with grief due to the loss over her lover and try to destroy the world. Shall I continue?"

Xander stood speechlessly, looking down into the young clairvoyant's serious eyes. She wasn't lying or hoaxing him at all. Everything she had told him was true or actually going to come true. But…

"How can I trust that you aren't lying to me?" he demanded as he backed away from the young woman towards the flap of the tent.

"You'll just have to" she snapped.


With that Xander turned and fled her tent, feeling much worse then when he had arrived.

Kismet Destine growled at the departure of the young mortal boy from her tent. With a heavy sigh she let the glamours that covered her true appearance fade. Beneath with was a slim valumptous pixie like young woman. She was a far cry from the awkward young woman she had chosen to disguise herself as.

That boy needed to learn a lesson or his destiny would destroy everything. And nobody messes with a Fae.

Spreading her arms wide, she began to chant.

"Obedience must this child learn,

So shall it be a painful burn,

The will of others you must carry,

In doing so though shalt not be merry,

My will be done,

They're will be done,

I grant to thee the Gift of Obedience"

I'm officially done! This story is complete! So what did you think? I loved how I whipped up the irony of Xander getting himself into the same mess as Spike did. I hope the chapter wasn't too abrupt, but I am really strapped for time of late. I'd really to like to make a special thanks to ReganX who first created the Spike Enchanted Challenge and to all you reviews who have read my work along the way – you're the greatest!

So with the conclusion of this story, I challenge all of you: write the sequel to this story based on Xander's trouble stuck with the Gift/Curse of Obedience.

Requirements for the Xander Enchanted Challenge:

-If you are doing your own story of the first challenge, the next requirement does not apply.
-Must be based right after the finish of 'Less Then Obedient'
- Xander trying to hide his gift and fail miserably.
- Spike getting his revenge on Xander for having commanded him about when he was curse.
- Someone making getting Xander to do something that would embarrass him so badly it would leave a scar.

- Decided how Xander will brake the curse.