Changing Winds of Many Ships

By: Kuroi Neko-kun

Summary: A few changes and some new faces could make three crime labs either go to hell or go the right way.

Disclaimer: All three CSIs belong to CBS. I only write stories.

Warnings: This fic contains multiple slash pairings of both f/f and m/m. And het relationships too.

A/N: Don't worry. There isn't a single OC in here. I'm not good at writing OCs apparently. When I first thought about this, I wasn't really serious about writing it. Multiple pairings is something I haven't tried. Even with pairings I write two tops. Well, I hope this works.


Chapter 1: Understanding New Yorkers


It was a typical day for Aiden Burn. Wake up, go to work, wait for assignment or work on the current one, go home. She's actually stuck from the going home part as she worked her case with Mac, the workaholic of all workaholics. She didn't want to be seen as someone who would be unreliable to Mac, especially when he was working and pulling triple shifts, so she stayed with him and went through evidence once again. Currently, she was running fingerprints through AFIS and was trying to keep her eyes open as the search ran through endlessly. Her eyes drooped and her head followed after. In one quick motion, her head banged into the table, rattling the cobwebs in her head and now created the possibility of a bump on her forehead. For a moment she saw spots before it cleared. The only thing left was the pain on the area of her head that contacted with the table. She groaned before glancing over to the computer. It was still searching. She glanced at the clock. Shift was going to start soon and she hadn't left hers three days ago. She heard the door to the lab open and turned. Danny walked in the room with a smile on his face and a coffee cup in his hand.

"Good morning," he said.

"It's morning?" Aiden asked before stretching out the muscles on her body.

"Yeah… it is," he said, still smiling.

"You look like you got laid," Aiden pointed out," But that's not possible since Mac is still here." Aiden knew about Mac and Danny. Of course, she egged Danny to tell Mac how he felt. The younger man only did it after Mac went missing for a few days that eventually led to a sick kidnapper who was hunting down ex-Marines, sodomizing them before murdering them. Mac was left untouched but when he saw Danny, he was glad. After Danny's revelation, they slowly went into a relationship. Five months later, Danny had moved in with Mac. She couldn't be happier for them both. And now she was wondering why Danny was so happy.

"Just because Mac didn't leave doesn't mean I can't have sex with him," he answered, still smiling.

"Okay, the three places you could do it with him are the janitor's closet, his office or your car," Aiden pointed out," I'm going with your car."

"Do you always have to be right?" he said, shooting her a look. Aiden shrugged before turning back to the computer. The words 'No Match' was flashing on it. She sighed before loading up the next fingerprint. Danny loomed over her for a while, sipping his coffee even after Mac telling him not to. Before she could remind him of what their boss said about eating in the labs, her cell phone rang. She answered it hurriedly.

"Aiden," she said.

"Hey, honey…" went the southern drawl on the other line. Aiden smiled, despite the tiredness and newfound pain.

"You know it's nice to hear your voice in the morning," she said, grinning. Danny mouthed 'Girlfriend' and she nodded. He shrugged before waving her goodbye. Now alone, she finally could talk to her.

"I didn't realize it was morning there," said the other line.

"Sadly, neither did I."


"Mac." The supervisor looked up to the source of the voice. Usually, he was glad to see Danny Messer, leaning against the doorframe with a Styrofoam cup filled with Starbucks goodness while staring at him with an expression that he couldn't read at all. But this morning he wasn't because he could read the expression on Danny's face. It was annoyance.

"Morning, Danny," he said. The younger CSI entered the room before closing his door. His blue eyes looking straight into Mac's.

"You're on your fourth shift and you didn't come home again last night. You can't work yourself to the ground like this," he said, looking worriedly at his lover. Mac sighed.

"Bonasera's on vacation for the week and you break my peace by nagging at me?" he said, breaking to humor. Danny gave him a solemn smirk.

"What can I say? She left you in capable hands," he said, now cupping Mac's cheek," Mac, you keep up your shifts and Aiden will follow you to the end. She's really drained."

"You worried about Burn?"

"I'm worried for the both of you," Danny clarified, caressing his cheek with a thumb," You've got to clock out tonight or you'll be pleasuring yourself for a month." Mac sighed, not able to resist Danny on any given day.

"Okay… fine," he said," I'll do it."

"And you'll give me a pay raise," he added, joking. Mac gave him a look.

"Danny, I thought we were in a relationship. I'm not paying you for your services," Mac quipped. Danny smiled at him and was about to say something when Mac's cell phone went off. He excused himself and answered it.

"Mac, it's Flack. There's another body."


Don Flack couldn't help feeling particularly miserable. He was called up for yet another dead body this morning and didn't enjoy the sight of it. A five year old kid apparently. He was looking forward to some of Stella's kind words and helpful support but he remembered that she was on vacation. He sighed as he watched Danny and Mac coming onto the scene. He knew about their relationship and, though it was something to get used to, he was glad to see Mac move on. What he could take was being around them half the time without noticing their secret lovey-dovey gestures. Though he tried to ignore them, it was getting harder to. It actually made him to reflect on his love life and how pitiful it was getting, despite his good looks, charming smile and personality. Maybe he should get a girl but Aiden was taken by another chick in Miami and Stella made it sure she wasn't interested. He wasn't interested in anyone else. Maybe he just had to wait. Now, he had to just ignore the two CSIs that were in love with each other. He sighed.


To Be Continued


More A/N: Seriously, I never thought of posting this up so soon. I haven't completed chapter 8 yet and I have many more chapters to go. With the damn flu bug I have right now, I only hope I can finish up till chapter 10 and get the story properly going. On a lighter note, I'm putting up all three of the introduction chapters, just to get a feel of what's happening. Enjoy!