Bats in My Belfry

Kyoko: (bounces on title) Uh-one bat hanging in the steeple-uh! One bat flies in through the door-AH! (dodges batarang)

Terry: (eye twitching) Kyo…you know I hate that song…

Kyoko: (grins) Love you.

Terry: (glares)

Kyoko: Aaaanywaaay, I do not own Batman: The Animated Series, but I do own the original character in this fic…'CUZ I AIN'T GOT NO LEGS! OR, NO BRAIN! NICE TO MEET YOU, HI, MY NAME IS-I FORGOT MY NAME!!! (runs around singing 'Rain Man')

Terry: - -;; New Eminem CD. She won't stop singing that song. PG for some mush, but that's about it. I have to make her stop singing now…(brandishes batarang)

"Now that we're here, so far away

All the struggle we thought was in vain

And all the mistakes one life contained

They all finally start to go away

Now that we're here, so far away

And I feel like I can face the day

I can forgive

And I'm not ashamed

To be the person that I am today…"

I sang "So Far Away" softly as I brushed my medium-length black hair in front of the mirror, watching my own emerald eyes as the notes flooded the room. Night had folded around the city of Gotham, quiet except for the blare of police sirens every now and again. This city had way too many problems. I'd always thought about moving but there were certain factors I couldn't ignore that prevented me from going.

I set my brush down and turned off the radio, glancing at the clock on my wall. It was almost ten. I yawned and went to my balcony. That's when I saw them.

A dark form cloaked in black on the rooftop across from me, fighting a monstrous man in a black-and-white mask. My heart rate tripled and my palms got clammy and moist. Batman!

The big man he was fighting I knew as Bane, an assassin that he'd turned in a month ago. I knew because Batman had rescued me when he took me hostage to lure the Bat out of hiding. He saved my life. I even had a huge blown-up photo over my canopy bed with a piece of his cape. Pathetic, but true.

I thought of calling 911 but that would stupid. They'd arrest them both. The press would have a frenzy and eat me alive for being an eyewitness. I could only stare in shock and awe as they battled fiercely. Suddenly, Bane's fist flew like a locomotive into Batman's chest and he was airborne.

And aimed straight at my balcony window.

Kyoko: (hanging from ceiling upside down) Ahem, er, hope she didn't sound like a Mary-Sue to ya'll but I did me best. Chapter 2's coming up real soon and all the pieces will come together, I promise. Uh, McGinnis? Let me down…please?

Terry: Will you stop singing?

Kyoko: Yes…

Terry: (cuts her down)

Kyoko: …until the end of the fic where I teach the readers to sing the "Bat" song.

Terry: (grumbles)

Kyoko: (grins) Review, please! BAI!