Bats in My Belfry

Chapter 4

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Sleep was a blanket of darkness to pull around me so I could forget about everything. But even in my dreams, his midnight cape brushed against me, the feel of his firm muscles under my fingertips, his breath against my mouth. I'd cried myself to sleep, wading in my own sorrow, despair, and worry.

Some time during the night, a cold draft blew shrilly over balcony doors, making the hinges whistle and draw me from my black dreams. I blinked slowly, sleepily, and slid from under the covers, peering at the balcony doors. They weren't locked all the way.

I slid my robe on and crossed the room to close them completely. My hand was on the lock when he appeared. I stepped back as the wind pushed the doors open for him, as if it were alive and bent to his will. My breath caught in my throat and tears burned at the back of my eyes. Tears of joy.

"Roger Thomas has been arrested for the sale of illegal drugs, the possession deadly biochemical weapons, theft, assault, battery, sexual battery…and being a lousy husband."

I was not going to cry, damnit. A soft smile curled on my lips.

"Nice job. Good to see you're in one piece."

I stepped closer to him, voice low.

"Do I get to thank you this time?"

I didn't give a damn about the cold that swept up my robe as I looped my arms around his neck and pressed my mouth to his. His lips were soft and warm and surprisingly kissing me back. Dreams do come true.

" I'm so afraid of waking

Please don't shake me

Afraid of waking

Please don't shake me!

Now that we're here, so far away

All the struggle we thought was in vain

And all the mistakes one life contained

They all finally start to away

And now that we're here, so far away

And I feel like I can face the day

I can forgive

And I'm not ashamed to be the person that I am today."

The next morning, I awoke fresh and feeling like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. God, it was good to be free of Roger. I shoved my face in my pillow and could still Batman's scent, warm and intoxicating as that first cup of coffee in the morning. My joy began to slip away as I realized I still owed him debts legally. Damn…almost free.

I sighed, running a hand through my hair and touched my wedding picture frame wistfully. My hand came in contact with an envelope taped to the back. Shocked, I opened it and found a note that read,

" Anita,

Thank you."

I unfolded the note all the way and a fresh stack of dollar bills fell into my lap. At the bottom of the note read;

"The rest of the money for Roger's loan, plus a little extra to get you started on your new penthouse in New York."

I stared wordlessly at the newspaper clip of a beautiful penthouse attached to the money. This time, I really couldn't stop the tears.

"God bless him…"

"You know, the strangest thing happened when I went into the kitchen this morning," Gail said as she watched me fold a t-shirt neatly and place it in my suitcase.


"It was a note that said, 'I owe you my life. Thanks for the revelations.' And it had ten thousand dollars in it! With my name! Can you believe it?!"

I smiled faintly and shook my head.

"Actually, I can."

Realization flooded onto her face and she covered her mouth in shock, face paling.

"You mean…he…"

She leaned against my nightstand, staring into space wistfully.

"What a thoughtful guy…"

I sighed. "Yeah."

"But more importantly…how did he know where I lived?"

I sent a playful glare at her.

"Wasn't it in my DIARY?"

She blushed slightly, then a slow, malicious grin touched her lips.

"So that's what he meant by 'revelations'…"


The plane was wide and shiny and beckoning its riders like an extravagant bribe. Once I stepped onto this thing, Gotham would become my past. Some part of me was happy while the other was sad and regretful. But that was what Batman wanted; for me to start a new life and forget the pain of old scars and memories. I'd miss him, though. Maybe a little part of me really did love him…

A shadow passed out of the corner of my eye. The plane still had ten to fifteen minutes before it finished boarding. I slipped past the influx of people boarding to the quiet corner of the airport building.

"Come to see me off?" I spoke casually.

"Something like that."

A small smirk touched my lips, then faltered.

"Thank you. For everything."

He spoke in a low, quiet voice of uplifting confidence.

"It's hard to leave it all behind that I'm sure of. We all have to choose our own paths. Maybe yours has led you here."

My eyes softened, watching the sun sink beyond the golden horizon, opening the bottle of inky darkness to splash into the sky and call the Dark Knight to his city.

"And yours has led you to Gotham."

It was time to go. I sighed and glanced wistfully at the shadows, knowing he had left and also knowing that he could still hear me.

"Take care of yourself."

I left my broken dreams behind and stepped into new hope.

"Why Anita, it's been forever since you've called me!" My great aunt Seline cooed pleasantly.

I stared out of my new balcony window at the new city and smiled.

"Well, let's just say I've had a few bats in my belfry."


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"Uh-one bat hanging in the steeple-uh!

One bat flies in through the door!

That makes two bats in my belfry!

Wonderful!…But wait, there's more!

Uh-Two bats hanging in the steeple-uh!

One bat flies in through the door!…"

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