Crystal Dreams of Destiny

Hi everyone! Consider this the rewritten version of Pokemon GSC: League of Legends. Except, with different characters and new personalities! This has been changed to a Questshipping fanfic, not Mangaquestshipping anymore. The reason for this is that even though I haven't seen the special, I can sort of see what Kenta and Marina's personalities are. But since this is my story, what I see of them will become their personalities, so please don't, in all of your reviews, say, "Kenta and Marina are both really OOC." Okay?

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any characters related to it. I own my original ideas, though.

The polished center of a shiny mirror gleamed as sunlight shone on it through a window. Spotless silver which glistened as bright as the morning light made up the frame of the large, life-sized mirror. Sparkling glass cast a glare upon the wall vertical to it, and the clear image of a young girl could be made out.

The girl had glossy, bright blue pigtails which ended above her shoulders and a small white cap just behind the top of her head. Her watery blue eyes and cheerful smile stayed still upon her face. She wore a white coat with a single pink stripe on either side. It went just below her bent elbows. A magenta colored shirt could be seen underneath her jacket, and her black and purple shorts ended above her knees. A white PokeGear hung around her neck.

This was Marina Conera, an 11-year-old girl from New Bark Town whose dream was to become a well-known idol trainer. She had held on to that dream since she saw Lance, the famous idol Dragon Master on television when she was six years old. Since then, her own idol had become Lance, and she also hoped to meet him someday.

But she went a little overboard at times. She made and kept her own scrapbook of pictures of Lance in different poses. Some people thought she was in love with the Dragon Master, but she denied it, claiming that he was simply her idol. She just hoped to be like him someday.

The girl smiled and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing her new journey clothes, ones that were made especially to resist the hardships of a Pokemon journey. They had been given to her for her eleventh birthday, which wasn't too long ago, and Marina had waited for what seemed to be a long time to wear them.

She walked quietly over to her bed and picked up her new pink knapsack. She observed it carefully to make sure everything was in place, and there weren't any rips or tears. Everything had to be perfect or nearly perfect at the start of a Pokemon journey, as her father had stated. Marina wanted everything to be perfect, as a quest to become an idol trainer was going to be tough. But she knew that it would be even tougher if her knapsack tore and her belongings spilled out.

Finding no major flaws, Marina grinned and slung her knapsack over her right shoulder. She took one last look at herself in the mirror and opened her bedroom door, which creaked in response.

A young boy at the age of twelve munched quietly on his toast and eggs. He wore a red sweatshirt with a white hood and white pockets on his torso with red and black patterned shorts to match. A yellow and black cap turned backwards rested on top of his head, and a lock of black hair stuck out from underneath it. A black device was around his left wrist like a watch.

The boy's eyebrows were furrowed into deep thought, and his head rested on his hand. He ate his breakfast slowly, for his mind kept wandering off to the exciting adventure that awaited him.

"Kenta, dear," a woman said from behind. Her straight black hair rested on her shoulders, and a joyful smile was planted on her face. She had on a purple long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and blue capris on her legs. A white apron hung loosely around her neck and was tied into a bow at the back of her waist.

"Eat quickly," the woman, who happened to be Kenta's mother, said hastily. She picked up a dish from the sink and started scrubbing it with a damp towel. "All the other young trainers will have claimed all of Professor Elm's Pokemon if you don't hurry."

Kenta shrugged and finished the last of his toast. He gulped down his milk and wiped his mouth with a napkin by his plate. Getting up, he observed the black device on his wrist and approached his mother.

"What the heck did you guys get me?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face. He raised an eyebrow. "For a birthday present, that is."

Mrs. Savin smiled and laughed. "Oh, Kenta, how could you not know?" she giggled. "This is a PokeGear. It's the latest fashion, you know. Instead of carrying around a map and radio, you can now get "cards" which let your PokeGear do both those things. It's very convenient, and most of the card locations aren't very far away. It also saves quite a bit of pack space."

Her eyes lit up. "Which reminds me…" She walked hastily away, leaving Kenta even more confused than ever.

He rolled his eyes. Whatever, he thought. I need to get to Elm's lab anyways.

He looked around to make sure everything was in its proper place and attempted to set out. But then he realized that something was missing.

He looked frantically around until the thought came to him.

His knapsack.

"Mom!" Kenta yelled, throwing up a pile of papers. "Where'd you put my knapsack?!"

There was a moment of silence. The ruffled papers fell silently to the floor.

Suddenly, Mrs. Savin came rushing down the hall and into the kitchen. She was holding a pale gray backpack with many pockets and a red Poke Ball pattern on one of them.

After heaving a sigh of relief, she handed the backpack to Kenta, who took it graciously. "I'm sorry, honey," she said apologetically. "I completely forgot about your knapsack."

She looked at Kenta, who was wearing his new knapsack and a determined look on his face. She smiled.

"Oh, and your PokeGear," she reminded him. "Do you know how to use it?"

Kenta glanced at his PokeGear, and then nodded. "Yep," he replied. "I know."

Mrs. Savin beamed. "Good," she said, relieved. I already put our house number in there, so if you need anything, just give me a call."

Kenta nodded in slight annoyance at his mother's continuous worrying. "Don't worry, Mom," he assured. "I'll be fine. And don't forget, I'll be getting a Pokemon too."

Signs of anxiety still showed in Mrs. Savin's eyes. "Be careful, then," she warned. "The world of Pokemon is far more dangerous than you think."

Kenta shrugged. "I'll be fine, Mom," he said, peeved. "I need to get going now." He hugged his mother quickly and opened up the front door to the fresh air outside.

Mrs. Savin's lip quivered. Her hands trembled, and she closed her eyes. "Be careful, Kenta…" she whispered.

Marina squinted and turned her head away from the strong wind in front of her. She held her hand over her eyes and looked up at the cloudy, gray sky. In confusion, she stopped walking to think.

Hm, it had been sunny just a few minutes ago, Marina thought, puzzled at the strange weather. What happened? How am I supposed to begin my journey in this weather? She shook her head.

A faint beam of sunlight managed to slither its way through the thick clouds to shine into Marina's eyes. Surprised and curious, she squinted harder.

Marina could make out the faint image of a Pokemon with a flowing mane, long streamers for tails, and glowing blue eyes with the sun in her face. She couldn't quite make out the color though, as the clouds darkened the sky, and even the faint beam of sunlight couldn't complete the image.

A roll of thunder followed the sighting of the mysterious Pokemon, and in an instant, it had disappeared. Rain began to fall, and soon, it began to pour, drenching Marina's coat and hair. Despite being uncomfortable, she looked around in hopes of seeing the Pokemon again, but the rain made her vision foggy, and she found no trace of the creature anywhere.

Marina sighed, and disappointedly attempted to make her way to the Elm Pokemon Lab, when a flash of lightning crossed her eyes. It gave her no time to react, and before she could even scream, it narrowly missed her neck and struck her hand, sending a surge of pain to the rest of her body.

Marina winced painfully, squinting at the area the lightning bolt had hit. A deep, straight gash was now on the back of her hand, gushing with blood. The girl weakly tried wiping the blood away with her coat sleeve, but it only soaked in, and more came rushing out.

Marina almost panicked, when she spotted the Elm Pokemon Lab in front of her. The building half calmed her, and half worried her over how anxious Elm would be over her injury.

Not wasting a second, and desperate for a cure of some sort, she ran as fast as she could towards the wide building ahead of her.

Kenta crossed his arms and waited impatiently for Professor Elm to get the starter Pokemon's Poke Balls ready. The young, brown-haired man was working furiously in deep concentration to polish the three Poke Balls to their highest extents. He was bent down over the dusty gray table, scrubbing the balls with a gray, almost black in some spots, cloth.

Kenta rolled his eyes, for to him, the Poke Balls were already as shiny as they would ever be. He tried to keep his mind off the professor and the starter Pokemon, but he was too excited to let his mind wander.

"Um, Professor," Kenta asked impatiently. "Are you done cleaning the balls? You know, we can clean them ourselves." As an example, he pulled out a clean, white cloth from his knapsack.

Professor Elm shrugged. "Keeping Poke Balls clean also helps keep the Pokemon inside happy," he explained, his glasses slipping further down the bridge of his nose. "To become a good Pokemon Trainer, it's essential to get off to a happy and fresh start."

His eyes darted to the window of the Pokemon Lab. "Looks like you won't be getting very far today," he murmured, observing the pouring rain outside. He looked up in thought. "It was sunny a few hours ago. I don't know what happened."

Kenta shrugged. "Raining or not, I still plan to make it to Cherrygrove City today," he said confidently. "After all, I need to sign up to compete in the Johto League."

Before Elm could reply, the door of the lab swung upon to reveal a soaking wet Marina. Her white mini-coat was dripping, and the rest of her body and clothes were too. Her formerly bouncy pigtails were now drenched and hung down like a withered flower.

She gave a weak smile at Elm and Kenta. Their mouths both dropped open at the same time.

"What happened to you?" they asked in unison.

Marina shook her head. A puddle of water had formed beneath her. "I was out when it started raining…" she croaked, trying to sound cheerful. "But Kenta…I saw the most amazing thing…"

Her coat sleeve was over her left hand, and it was soaked with blood. Kenta gasped, and rushed to the young girl's side, desperate to know what had happened to her.

"What's up with all that blood?" he demanded. He lifted Marina's blood-stained sleeve to reveal a deep gash of which blood was rushing out of.

Marina winced in pain as Kenta tried touching her cut. "DON'T!" she screamed, pulling her hand away. Kenta looked puzzled, and Elm hurried over to inspect Marina's gash.

He tilted his glasses and gently took her hand. Some of the blood left by the wound had dried up around the cut itself, and more was coming out.

"You can tell about what happened later," Elm said, directing Marina over to the sink. "Go wash that and dry it clean. We don't want any infections."

Marina nodded and headed over to clean her wound. Kenta's eyes followed her, and he wondered what had happened to her to get such a bad cut.

"Professor," he whispered to Elm. "Do you have any idea what happened to Marina? That cut doesn't seem like any ordinary one to me."

Elm bit his lip and watched the soaked trainer nervously. "I don't know," he admitted in a soft voice. "I'm sure she'll tell us later."

Kenta's face still had an unsure look about it, but he nodded and waited patiently for Marina to finish.

"…And then…" Marina's voice grew softer. Kenta's bent down impatiently in preparations for the exciting part of the story of Marina's wound.

"What?" Kenta asked impatiently. "Tell us!"

Marina frowned. "That's the bad part though. You sure you want to hear it?" She eyed them hopefully.

"Of course we do!" Elm exclaimed. "Please, go on!"

Marina hesitated. "Hmmm…okay then," she agreed. "And then…I saw a lightning bolt right before my eyes!" She giggled as Kenta and Elm's eyes grew wide.

"The lightning bolt narrowly missed my neck," she said. She turned her neck sideways to show the small cut the bolt had left behind. "But…" her voice trailed off. "It hit my hand instead. So either way, I would've been hit. That's where my huge gash came from."

"Obviously…" Kenta murmured. He tilted his head to face Marina. "Are you okay?"

Marina grinned and nodded. "Of course I am!" she cried, standing up. "See? My wounds are healing, and my clothes are dry!" She giggled again excitedly.

"Yep…" Kenta muttered under his breath. "The rain didn't dampen her spirits one bit…"

Elm looked at Kenta in confusion. "Did you say something, Kenta?" he asked.

"Huh?" Kenta looked up. "Oh…um, nothing! Really! I was just doing a little thinking on my own, that's all!"

Elm eyed him suspiciously, and Kenta sweatdropped in embarrassment. "If you say so," Elm replied doubtfully.

"Oh, right!" Marina squealed from the other side of the room. "Professor Elm, when are we going to get our starter Pokemon?" She ran by his side excitedly.

Kenta's eyes widened. He had almost forgotten about his starter Pokemon when Marina appeared with her wound.

"Yeah, Professor," he added excitedly. "When will you give us our starters? Can we get them now?" He tapped his foot impatiently.

Elm tilted his chin thoughtfully. "Hmmm…I suppose right now wouldn't be a bad time," he agreed. He got up and proceeded to walk into the main room of the lab. "Come, Kenta and Marina," he motioned, opening the door. "Follow me."

Kenta and Marina nodded and followed the Professor to the main room. Three shimmering, polished Poke Balls sat on the gray table behind the numerous columns of bookshelves. Marina's eyes were filled with awe as she approached.

"I have three starter Pokemon which you can choose from," Elm explained. "Don't pick by how rare they are, because they all share the same rarity." He picked up the first Poke Ball. "This is Cyndaquil, the Fire Pokemon," he said, releasing the Pokemon. A cute mouse-like creature popped out. It had a yellow body with a dark blue back and red spots.

"Cynda!" Cyndaquil squeaked. It looked at the two trainers curiously. Kenta's eyes widened in awe. Marina, however, remained uninterested and motioned for Elm to move on.

"Now this is my personal favorite, Totodile, the Water Pokemon," he said excitedly, gently throwing the Poke Ball. A small alligator-like Pokemon appeared in a flash of white light. It was blue all over except for a thick red stripe near its legs, and red spikes on its back. Two big, dark eyes looked at Kenta and Marina cheerfully.

"Toto!" Totodile cried excitedly.

Kenta frowned at the Pokemon, and his attention focused on the Cyndaquil from before. Marina remained with a neutral look on herface.

Elm frowned. He was surprised that no one was interested in Totodile, and seemingly disappointed.

"Well, then…" he heaved a deep sigh. "Here's the last choice, Chikorita, the Grass Pokemon." He tossed last, shiny Poke Ball. Marina and Kenta were greeted with a small cry from the Pokemon.

"Chika!" Chikorita chirped softly. It looked around at the people around it shyly. Marina took a look at it closely.

Its eyes were big with red irises, and it had a dark green leaf growing from the top of its head. Its body was light green, and a ring of green balls ran around its neck. Marina thought it looked quite cute.

"So…" Elm began slowly. "It is time to pick your starter. Kenta, you can go first."

Kenta grinned as he approached the three Pokemon. He already knew which one he wanted. "Cyndaquil!" he blurted out, picking up the Pokemon. The mouse squirmed in his arms.

Marina heaved a sigh of relief at her choice not being taken by Kenta. Elm handed the gleaming Poke Ball to the young trainer.

"For Cyndaquil," he said quietly. Kenta took the Poke Ball eagerly and tucked it into his pocket. He continued to admire his new Pokemon.

Elm turned to Marina. "Marina, you can choose now," he said, with a bit of hope rising in his voice.

Marina smiled and immediately picked up Chikorita. She hugged it close, while Elm hung his head in disappointment.

Without a word, he handed the girl a new Poke Ball for her Chikorita. She willingly accepted, and put the ball into her knapsack. She hugged Chikorita closer, making the Pokemon almost gasp for air.

Elm watched the two trainers hug their new starters and completely forget about him. He sweatdropped and approached the two trainers' knapsacks. He quietly tucked in six empty Poke Balls into each of them for Pokemon capture.

With a sigh, he patiently waited for Kenta and Marina to recall their Pokemon and leave for Cherrygrove City.

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