Crystal Dreams of Destiny
In a Flash

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The mysterious and sudden thunderstorm continued to rage throughout New Bark Town. Rain poured from the clouds to the ground below, creating large puddles and drenching flowers. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed, threatening to destroy all of what the small town had. The sea east of the town leading to the Tohjo Falls was on a rampage. Waves crashed onto the shoreline, washing up many water Pokemon onto the sand. Trees wobbled in the strong wind and a few even toppled over, narrowly missing some houses.

The town's residents had all fled for shelter inside their homes, in fear of being struck by lightning or being the victim of a fallen tree. Children were running around helplessly while fathers and mothers were frantically searching for their kids. Elders prayed to the legendary Pokemon to stop the terrifying storm which was making a mess of the once peaceful town.

In the shadows surrounding the famous Elm Pokemon Lab was a young boy, carefully hidden. He had long red hair, a black sweatshirt, and gray sweatpants. Two sturdy black boots were on his feet, and his arms were crossed in an arrogant manner. A serious frown was on his face and his eyebrows were furrowed into a glare.

The boy, named Kamon, was silently observing what was going inside the Elm Pokemon Lab with the help of the side window. Professor Elm himself looked nervously at two trainers who were hugging their Pokemon. One of them was a boy with black hair and the other was a girl with blue pigtails. The boy was smiling and embracing a Cyndaquil and the girl was cuddling a Chikorita. Kamon recognized the Pokemon right away as the Johto League starter Pokemon given to trainers by Professor Elm.

The young boy smirked as a devious plan came to his mind.

Look at that shiny Poke Ball that's sitting there as plain as day on that table! He thought to himself, eyeing the dusty gray table where one lone Poke Ball sat. So the boy picked Cyndaquil, the girl chose Chikorita . . . That one must be Totodile then! He grinned, seeing that his favorite Pokemon hadn't been claimed already. Perfect! Now, if I can just get in there . . .

He frowned, seeing that people would recognize him right away if he went into the lab properly and asked to take Totodile. "No, that won't work . . ." he muttered to himself. "Humph, I'll just have to go and snag it . . ."

He eyed the two trainers inside the lab. They seemed to have recalled their Pokemon and were putting on their knapsacks. Another researcher handed them each some Poke Balls, and the two of them waved goodbye to the Professor and his assistant. Kamon heard a door creaking open, and he quickly returned to his hiding place deeper into the corner and waited until they passed.

The two young trainers walked right by him, one with his hands in his pockets in frustration, the other skipping merrily beside him. How pathetic . . . Kamon thought, looking at Marina in disgust. That idiot with the blue pigtails is acting like this thunderstorm is just a passing shower or something . . . It's like she's oblivious to the weather. If I had a Hitmonchan, I'd have it knock some sense into that brain of hers . . .

Kamon smiled as the two passed him without even a hint of suspicion. He turned his attention back to watching the Elm Pokemon Lab, where Professor Elm and his assistant were busily working on research. He grasped a nearby pole and pulled himself up to the windowsill. He stood up and pressed his back to the hard, brick wall. Placing a foot behind the ledge and being careful not to be seen, he prepared to strike. "This is it . . ." he whispered to himself with a smirk.

Marina walked cheerily down the path to Route 29, even though there was a thunderstorm raging. As she loved to do, she began happily talking with Kenta, who rolled his eyes.

"Hey, Kenta! Wouldn't it be cool if we made it to Cherrygrove City today?" she asked excitedly. "That would probably be a blessing from Ho-oh if we did!" She smiled happily at the thought. Lightning flashed and thunder roared as she spoke.

Kenta shrugged. "What do you mean, "we"?" he muttered. "We're going to journey separately. And I plan to make it to Cherrygrove City today." He glanced at Marina, who was still daydreaming about Cherrygrove City. "I'm not really sure about you, though." He pulled his cap further over his eyes to protect them from the pouring rain.

Marina turned to Kenta with big, dreamy eyes. "I wonder what the city will be like?" she said vaguely. "Why is it called Cherrygrove City? Is the town famous for cherries?" She looked at him curiously. "Kenta, have you ever thought about these things?" She closed her eyes and her smile turned into a frown. "And WHY the heck is our town is named after tree bark?"

Kenta rolled his eyes. Mood swings . . . Marina's getting mood swings, he thought to himself. Does this go with all girls?

"Er . . . I'm not sure. Maybe a big tree inspired the mayor to build a town," he replied sarcastically. "Why don't you go ask him?" He hoped to get Marina off track so that he could get ahead of her in their Pokemon quests.

Marina shrugged. "Ah, it's okay," she assured and winked, making Kenta scowl. "I'm not that curious anyways. I just want to catch some really cute Pokemon!" She smiled and clasped her hands together eagerly.

Kenta grumbled silently to himself. Marina's not quite as air-headed as I imagined . . . he thought. Maybe there's really intelligence underneath that bubbly personality of hers? He shook his head at the thought of the bright-eyed trainer being intelligent. Even though he had known her most of his life, she would rarely show even the tiniest sliver of cleverness.

Marina raised an eyebrow at Kenta's angry face. "Something the matter, Kenta?" she asked suspiciously. "You look like something's bugging you."

Her words didn't get to Kenta's ears. He murmured quietly to himself under his breath. "Marina . . . Intelligent? No way! She's too cheerful and obvious . . . Not the type . . ." He sighed and shook his head.

Marina looked at the dark-haired boy questioningly. "Hey, Kenta?" she asked, tapping him on the shoulder. "Um . . . Are you okay? Is something wrong?" Her puzzled look turned into anxiety.

Kenta jerked his head up to see the other trainer. He laughed nervously. "Oh! Er…nothing, really," he said, his face turning red. "I was just saying that . . . Well, I could race you there to Cherrygrove City!" He bit his lip and mentally slapped himself for creating such an obvious cover-up. "So . . . Ready, set, go!" He ran off as fast as his legs could carry him, his face as red as a beet.

Marina looked confused and shrugged. "Uh . . . Okay then!" she called, running after him. Her blue pigtails bounced as she ran with her hands over her head in protection to the rain and lightning. "You know, we shouldn't be out in this thunderstorm anyway!" Lightning flashed above her and again, narrowly missed her neck. The girl's eyes widened when she saw the streak of bright orange and immediately darted towards her right to avoid the bolt of lightning.

Marina shook her head rapidly and ran forward as fast as she could muster. Her face burned with anger as she sprinted forward to catch up with Kenta. The rain poured down on her clothes and soaked her from head to toe. Flames of fury sprang up in her mind towards the older trainer. Why did I even bother to go along with his stupid plan anyway? She thought angrily to herself. That overconfident dimwit . . .

Her anger was about to explode when a thought hit her mind. Wait…didn't Kenta say that he, not we wanted to head for Cherrygrove City today? Him, not I . . . Marina felt her face still burning, not from anger, but from embarrassment. It was her own fault that she had decided to go along with Kenta, and she mentally slapped herself for her stupidity.

Marina cringed as the rain battered even harder on her body. She dashed forward in a desperate attempt to catch up with Kenta. She wondered where the dark-haired trainer could be. Where the heck is he now! She thought in frustration. He probably isn't even bothering to come find me; at least not that I know of . . . The young trainer gritted her teeth and made a run forward.

Kenta ran at a steady pace down the curvy dirt path of Route 29. The hood of his sweatshirt was up covering his head, and his hands were in his pockets. Even with the little protection his clothing offered, he was soaked in most parts of his body. The boy's legs were also wet, and the water was seeping its way into his socks.

"How far is Cherrygrove City from here anyway?" he murmured to himself, the rain pouring down onto him. He gazed at a nearby group of Ledyba, huddled together in the leaves of a large oak tree. The leaves didn't provide the Pokemon with much protection, and some of the branches had snapped off with the weight of the heavy rain and the small ladybugs.

He sighed. Running in the rain isn't fun, he thought. And what about that wound Marina got from the lightning bolt? Wouldn't want to get hit by one of those . . .

Kenta tried shaking the water off of his hood. It was now soaked. He squinted to look for signs of Cherrygrove City through the rain.

Marina had finally caught up to her companion. She pulled the hood of his sweatshirt off of his head and stopped him in his tracks.

"Ouch! What the heck!" Kenta cried, twirling around to face the cyan-haired girl. He cast a glare at her.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded, reclaiming his hood. "Trying to slow me down!"

Marina cocked her head and looked at him innocently. "I was just trying to catch up with you, that's all!" she told him with another smile.

Kenta didn't buy the excuse. He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, right. Then why'd you stop me?"

Marina giggled. "So I could get ahead of you!"

"Liar." The dark-haired boy began jogging again.

Marina ran up beside him. "So where are we off to after Cherrygrove City?" she asked, shielding her eyes from the pouring rain. "Are we going to go straight to Violet City?"

The young boy hung his head in frustration. "I told you, I'm not traveling with you," he sighed.

The girl ignored him. "Okay, so we'll just stop by at the Berry Man's house along the way then," she concluded happily. "Great! I'll race you to the city!"

She sped off ahead and the city soon loomed into her vision. The dark-haired teen bit his lip and ran off after her. Am I really going to have to go on a journey with her? He thought bitterly.

Marina was waiting for Kenta at the gates of Cherrygrove City. The city itself was beautiful and cute, pink flowers bloomed all over the place. If it hadn't been for all of the mud, the girl would have gone and picked some.

When the dark-haired boy saw her, he glared and found shelter underneath the roof of a small hut. Marina followed him and began her chattering again.

"I'm so happy we made it!" she said gleefully, holding her hands together happily. "I would never have expected to make it in this kind of weather!"

Kenta sighed and leaned against the brick wall. "Why didn't you just stay at New Bark Town?" he asked wearily. "You already have a wound from that lightning bolt. It could've been dangerous . . ."

Marina smiled innocently. "If we're going on a journey together, you can't just leave me behind," she told him. "Well, you did leave me behind, but I felt it was my responsibility to follow you. So I did, and I'm happy for it."

The dark-haired boy shook his head and headed towards the Pokemon Center. He ducked and ran as fast as he could. The cyan-haired girl followed him and they both entered when the automatic doors slid open.

When they got inside, the two shook themselves off and tried to dry their clothes as well as they could. They found a table and sat down.

"I guess nothing I say is going to change anything now, is it?" he groaned, resting his head the granite which made up the table. "You're going to come along . . . No matter what . . ."

"Right. This'll be so exciting, Kenta!" the female teen replied eagerly. "It'll be our greatest adventure ever!"

"Yeah, whatever . . ." The boy buried his face in his hands and Marina looked at him with concern.

"Hey . . . Kenta?" she asked anxiously. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine . . ." the boy answered. "Must've been that rain . . ."

"Hold on. I'll get some hot chocolate and sandwiches, okay? Be right back." The girl stood up and walked over to the front desk where the local Nurse Joy stood. She had her orange hair done in two loops that hung above her shoulders and was wearing a classic white nurse hat on her head. A white apron covered her pink dress and she wore white slippers. Her bright green eyes sparkled in a welcome way.

"Excuse me," Marina began politely. "May I please have two mugs of hot chocolate and a plate of sandwiches?"

"Of course," the nurse replied cheerfully, stooping down to get the food. When she stood up, she was holding a tray with the hot chocolate and sandwiches. "Would you like a room for tonight?"

"Um, sure," the cyan-haired girl answered hesitantly, wondering what Kenta would think of it.

"Alright, then," Joy said, reaching for a key. She handed it to Marina along with the tray. "Have a good rest."

"You too." Marina walked towards the table where Kenta still sat with his face in his hands. She shook him.

"Yo, Kenta!" she said happily, putting down the tray. "Food's ready! C'mon, eat up!"

The dark-haired boy looked up and hesitantly took a sandwich. "You got us a room for tonight, didn't you?" he sighed, taking a bite.

Marina took a mug of hot chocolate and sipped it. "Yep," she replied with a smile. "After all, we wouldn't want to be sleeping in the rain, would we?"

"There are two beds, right?" the boy asked anxiously, eating his sandwich faster.

The cyan-haired girl raised an eyebrow. "Of course!" she exclaimed, taking a sandwich. "Why wouldn't there be?"

Kenta sighed in relief. "Okay . . . That's good . . ."

The girl shrugged. "Anyway, I'm letting out Chikorita. She must be hungry by now." She stood up and reached for a Poke Ball in her pocket.

Kenta rolled his eyes. "Are you sure it's a "she"?" he mumbled, reaching for his own Poke Ball. "Wasn't it an "it"?"

Marina made a face. "Pokemon have genders, too!" she protested, gently tossing Chikorita's Poke Ball.

The small, cute Grass Pokemon popped out a chirped cheerfully. "Chika!"

Its trainer smiled and picked it up. She set it on the table and went to order some Pokemon food. "Be right back, Chikorita! Look out for her, okay, Kenta?"

"Sure . . ." Kenta tossed Cyndaquil's Poke Ball and the mouse Pokemon appeared.


"Alright, buddy, get up here," the dark-haired boy said, showing hints of a smile. "Marina's gonna be back in a bit with Pokemon food, so wait just a little, okay?"

Cyndaquil nodded and eyed Chikorita. It squeaked happily at the sight of its friend and the two Pokemon began to play with each other.

This time, Kenta broke into a wide grin.

Kamon turned his red head back and forth as he peeked through the window of the Elm Pokemon Lab. It was still raining, but not lightning didn't strike anymore.

Good for me . . . he thought. This'll make things a whole lot easier . . .

When the two scientists were huddled up in a corner talking, the red-haired boy took his chance. He kicked the window and the sound of glass shattering was heard. The two men jumped up, startled, and Kamon expertly managed his way into the lab. He spotted the last shiny Poke Ball on the gray table, grinned, and grabbed it.

Out of his pocket, he pulled out an Escape Rope he had found on the ground one day. Quickly, he hooked it to a pole near the entrance to the lab and swung his way out.

"Professor Elm! Someone has stolen a Pokemon!" The scientist ran around frantically and rushed to the professor's side. "What should we do?"

Elm looked grim. He hadn't worn such an expression in a long time. "Call the police," he growled. "There has been a thief here."

Kenta spotted Marina as usual, cheerfully carrying the tray of Pokemon food back to the table. Chikorita and Cyndaquil jumped around with glee at the sight of it. The cyan-haired girl set the tray down on the table and plopped down in her chair.

"Alright, everyone, dinner time! Chikorita, Cyndaquil, eat up!"

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