Disclaimer: Bah!

This is another poem, one from Terra's POV. She is restored from her rocky state, but with the worry of hurting the Titans again, she know she must move on and leave her old life behind.


Let me be alone

No one here to see my fears

No one there to sum me up

No one to laugh at my tears

Let me be alone

Safe from prying eyes

Safe from all the judging stares

Safe from all their lies

I'm so tired of being judged

I'm so tired of being such a show

I'm tired of all the things they say

I'm so tired saying things they should know

I want to know for a moment that I'm real

That I'm not just fabricating everything I feel

Please don't turn out the light

Please just tell me I'll be alright

I don't want to die alone

I don't want to feel the pain

I don't want to be like a stone

I don't want to bear this stain

Take me away from all I've become

Let me cease to be me

I don't want to be myself

I don't even want to bleed

Help me break away

From all that I have wronged

I know that I cannot be saved

I know I can't belong

Let me be emotionless

Let me be a stone

Let me be the lonely one;

Let me be alone

Just give me a moment

Before I walk away

Let me say I'm sorry

Let me say all the things I need to say

I know you think I never loved you

You think I never cared

But you were my dearest friends

I wish I could have been there

As I slip into the distance

You don't know that I'm even here

But your memory is enough to strengthen me

And keep me safe from my fear

As I walk away from the life I've lived

I can't be what you need me to be

But as I leave this life behind

You'll always be with me