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Saturday afternoon, Harry's bed (!), noon-ish

Sorry about the abrupt cut-off. I slammed the book shut.

Anyway, onto more important things.

I am in love with life.

Well, that and Harry Potter, but whatever.

I don't know where to begin, really. Maybe I'll just start with when I was dragged (rather rudely and roughly, I might add…it hurt!) out of the Great Hall by a certain Harry Potter. He led me out into the corridor and planted me firmly in front of him.

"That was you," he stated, more of a declaration than a question. I managed a weak nod-he was touching me! His hands were on my shoulders! And he was…was…RIGHT THERE! "What did you do! I've never seen Snape act like that before!"

I grinned, although still a little thrown off by our close proximity. (So I borrowed Hermione's vocabulary. So what?) "Fire Whiskey," I said smartly. And then, suddenly, Harry broke into his ginormous grin and he started laughing hysterically. He reeled back from me (NO! HARRY! COME BACK!) and used the opposite wall for support.

"Where is my lover?" He mimicked. "Where is my precious hand-toy Sybil?"

I laughed. "With Firenze, professor!" I called in a high-squeaky voice. He laughed again and then turned somber suddenly.

"Hey…are you and your friends talking again?" He asked softly, cocking his head to the side. A lock of black hair fell over an emerald eye.

I nodded, smiling a little. "Yes," I said. "We've 'reconciled.'" He abruptly started pacing back and forth in front of me.

"Well, good," he said, not looking at me. "Because you're a really amazing person, Ginny, and just because you made a mistake, or there are circumstances beyond your control, doesn't mean that you are any worse a person or anything else equally ridiculous. I'd really like to get to know you better, because you're beautiful and funny and charming, and I just wanted to tell you that Dean was an idiot to think you were cheating on him, and I…I don't know what else. So."

He stopped pacing, looking helplessly at me. "There. I didn't botch it up that badly this time, did I?"

I grinned shakily, completely blown away. "Um, no?" I forced out, my throat dry. Then I laughed. "No…that was pretty damn good." He smiled in such an adorable, utterly boyish way and I just couldn't resist, journal, really I couldn't. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Then suddenly I laughed. "So what you're really trying to say is that I'm the best, right?"

He smirked. "You caught me," he said affably, and I was suddenly aware that he still had his arms around my waist. My head screamed, Don't make a fool of yourself, Weasley…just back away slowly…but everything else overrode it with a wild, HE'S HUGGING ME! EMBRACING ME! I AM PRESSED AGAINST HIS TORSO! WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOO! We trailed off into a companionable silence and I didn't dare move for fear that he'd let go of me.

"So…" He said, a devilishly mischievous look in his eye. "How have you been?"

I was forced back into stuttering. "Um. Good."

He grinned and brushed his nose against mine, an impish smile on his lips. "Nervous, Weasley?" He asked. I wondered vaguely where his newfound confidence had come from.

"A little," I confessed, my voice weak. He butterfly-kissed me again and I wondered aloud, "What are you doing, Harry?" He smirked and gently pressed his forehead against mine, whispering, "You're beautiful when you're confused." His words were hot on my lips and I felt myself blush. He laughed. "And when you blush." He paused and then added, "…And always, actually…"

I laughed a little. "I don't think that I, um. Understand."

"Guess what?"

I choked. "What?"

He grinned. "I'd really like to kiss you right now."

I blinked.

And then blinked again.

And once more, for good measure.

And then spluttered, "You…you what?" He laughed and repeated himself. And although I was frozen with amazement and incredulity, my better half took over and said firmly, "I think that might be able to be arranged."

He grinned impishly. "Good." He said, and then brushed his lips against mine once, twice…he covered my lips with his a little more firmly, and moved his hand from my chin to my hair, grabbing handfuls and massaging it. My hands found his hair.

Somehow, I wound up against the wall, one of his hands holding himself up beside my head, and the other entwined in my hair. His tongue caressed my lip. I kept one of my hands in his (silky, messy, amazing) hair and slid the other down to the nape of his neck, deepening the kiss.

Finally, I needed oxygen and he pulled back. We were both breathing heavily, my hair was mussed, my lips wet and swollen, and we were grinning like idiots.

"That was…"


We stared at one another, and I was unable to keep the beam off of my face, no matter how idiotic it looked. Then suddenly he laughed, stepped closer, and captured my lips with his. His nibbled my lower lip and he tugged me forward. We stumbled across the hall and against the other wall so that he was the one with his back to it; I broke the kiss this time.

"You need to stop doing that," I panted. "I can't breathe."

He shook his head. "Won't," He said simply, and flipped us so that he had me pinned again. I groaned-not at all upset, really-as he pressed his lips firmly against mine. My lungs screamed but I ignored them, completely amazed at what was happening. Then, finally, he pulled back. "Got…to…catch…my…breath…" he gasped.

I put my hand on his chest and then leaned into it. He wrapped his arms around me. "Why are you doing this, Harry?" I murmured, almost afraid of the answer.

He chuckled, and I felt it through his chest. "I should have thought it quite obvious," he said amiably. "I'm completely and totally smitten with you."

My head shot up and my wide eyes met his amused one. "You are?" I asked, incredulous. "Since when?"

He grinned. "Probably since this summer, when I was forced into being your slave." I grinned at him and laughed, "Oh, yeah. I'd forgotten."

He raised his eyebrows suggestively. "You know, I believe my service hasn't expired yet…" I smirked at him, countering, "What are you suggesting?" He just laughed and started to drag me off into an empty classroom. I stopped him suddenly and he turned back, a little concerned.

"I can't right now." I said firmly. His face fell.

"Why not?" He whined, pulling me into his chest.

I shook my head. "Because I have to go gush, of course." He looked amused.


I nodded. "Yes. Gush. It's what girls do after the guy that they'd cherished and adored since they were eleven years old makes out with them in a hallway." Harry laughed and shook his head, but relented. I kissed his cheek. "I suppose I'll see you later," I said. "I'll have cardiac arrest, tell every single detail to my friends - " Harry groaned here, " - and then I'll come back and we can start the process over again. Deal?"

He just laughed, nodding, and started jogging away. Then, suddenly, he stopped and turned. "Oi! Ginny!" I turned back with raised eyebrows. "Are you going to go out with me, then?"

I think that's when it all caught up with me. "Yes," I squeaked, then turned and dashed hell-for-leather to the Great Hall, yelling, "MERAJERE!" at the top of my lungs.

So now here I am, sitting on Harry's bed and waiting for him to come out of the shower so that we can go to Hogsmeade. And you know? Everything is just…perfect.

Well, except that I can't find my favorite knickers. You know, the ones with the snitch right in the corner? And my socks have a huge hole, right in the heel…

Ugh, not to mention that Snape found out that it was me who slipped him the Fire Whiskey and is bent on world domination for the sole purpose of making me his slave so that he can beat me and starve me and force me to brush his hair. Ew.

But other than that, life is good.

Well, it's good as long as Reshy lets me copy her Charms essay, that is…

Hey, did I mention that Filch and Mrs. Norris died? Yeah, they did. They were patrolling the corridors and one of the stairs moved as they were stepping on to it. Mrs. Norris managed to jump on, but Filch plunged to his (rather messy) death. Mrs. Norris was too grieved to keep living; she jumped after him…I guess cats really don't have nine lives. On the bright side, she's going down in history as the first cat to commit suicide!

Don't look forward any more from me: I expect I'll be entirely too busy snogging my boyfriend to bother writing anymore. Besides. There won't be much to write about, now that Harry and I are together. I mean, what do you want: broodiness?

Yeah right.

Okay, so now I really am leaving.

Well…bye then.

And stop getting all sentimental on me. It's not like I'll throw you into the fire and burn you or anything. I'll keep you in the very bottom of my trunk.


Now stop looking at me like that. You'll distract me from Harry and his kisses. And then I will never forgive you. So go on now, get out of here. Maybe I'll take up journaling again someday.

Don't get your hopes up, though.

Speaking of hopes, do you even have them? You are a journal, after all…ah, well.

Top Ten Reasons Why Ginny Weasley Is Glad She Never Got Over Harry Potter

10.) It's soooo adorable when he gets all shy around me if he's trying to tell me I look pretty or something.

9.) He is an amazing kisser.

8.) And he's so cute when he pulls away, too! His hair all mussed…awww.

7.) What other excuse would I have to rub it in Ronnie's face that I'm not two anymore and can make out with whoever I want?

6.) Maybe it'll even make the Brother Brigade lay off…

5.) Of course, that's about as likely as Trelawny being Snape's lover!

4.) Oh, wait…

3.) I can openly stare dreamily at him in public.

2.) I would never be in this amazing relationship - hence, no access to that amazing, amazing hair. And the lips. And just…Harry. And, of course, the Firebolt. Score.

1.) If I had gotten over him, I would never be able to sneak into his bed at night and just…talk to him. (No, we don't do anything else! Get your mind out of the gutter!) And he's really the only one I can talk to about a lot of stuff. Like the nightmares and Tom and…

…I'm sorry, I just lost my train of thought because: Harry just came out of the bathroom. And sweet merry Merlin… his hair is wet and mussed and he's grinning and I'm sorry but I have to go snog him now.

Looking forward to being snogged into senselessness (screw Hogsmeade!),


2 Months Later, the Astronomy Tower, 10:34 p.m.

Jenni sighed, resting her hand in her palm. She and her four roommates stared out at the lakeside, where two figures could be obviously made out in the moonlight. The smaller, more petite one let out a laugh and a shriek as the larger made a move to tickle her. He finally managed to succeed, but decided against torture and pulled her into a-rather passionate-kiss instead.

"Gods, this is such a cliché," Jenni whined as she watched the couple, who had not yet broken the kiss. "I mean, we're spying on her from the Astronomy Tower. It's doesn't get anymore clichéd!"

Rae laughed, tugging her away from the window. "Well, fine then. I'll watch if you don't want to." She sighed as she watched the boy and the girl. "It is romantic, isn't it?"

Jenni rolled her eyes. "Sure. Whatever."

Melanie snickered from the back of the room. "You're just jealous, Jen," she teased, grinning. "I mean, I don't think Draco has done anything that romantic for you in ages."

Jenni smirked. "That's all you know," she retorted, causing raised eyebrows. "What?" She asked innocently. "Who said I wasn't allowed to be taken for a broom ride out into a hidden tower and stargaze while we poured our souls out to one another before passionately snogging?" She grinned devilishly. "I mean, what?"

Reshma beamed from behind her copy of the Quibbler. "What about you, Mel?" She asked, winking at Jenni. "I mean, I know that Dean and I have a lot of fun in that broom cupboard I told you about, but what about your little boy-toy?"

Melanie huffed. "Fred is not a boy-toy!" She said indignantly. "I really like him! And he likes me, so back off."

Rae snickered from the window. "I still can't believe you're dating a guy three years older . . ." she paused. "Not to mention that he's Weasley. A Weasley twin."

Jennie grinned conspiratorially with Rae. "I agree. I mean, I dread to know what you two do when you're alone . . ."

Melanie glared. "Fred is the picture of a gentleman, I'll have you know," she said sharply. "He's never asked me to do anything. Not once. And he comes to see me every weekend!"

Reshma, luckily, stepped in before things got out of hand. "We know, Mel," she said soothingly. "Really. We're just teasing. I imagine you and Fred will get married some day." This seemed to settle Mel's ruffled feathers and she blushed behind a smile.

"We'll see," she said shyly.

Jenni and Rae had caught Reshma's look and nodded enthusiastically. "Hey, he must really like you if he's going out with someone four years younger," Jenni pointed out.

"Yeah. I mean, Harry and Draco are only a year older than Jen and Ginny. But Fred…"

Jenni glared. "I'll have you know that Draco told me he loved me, and just to prove it, he apologized to everyone that he'd been horrid to in the past few years. Including Harry, Ron, and Hermione. And Ginny. So back off!"

She flushed and then added, ". . . Yeah, I deserved that. Sorry for teasing you before, Melanie."

Rae raised her eyebrows. "What's all this, then? Has Draco brought about a change in you?"

She just grinned. Rae sighed, turning her eyes back to Harry and Ginny as they held hands and looked out at the lake. "They're made for each other," she said dreamily. "I want something like that."

The rest nodded. "Look how much they seem to . . . fit. I mean, they adore one another."

"Do you think they'll get married?"

"Yes!" Came the instant reply. All four laughed. "Yes," repeated Reshma. "I mean, just look. They bring out the absolute best in one another. Ginny's definitely still the same crazy, spunky girl she's always been, but she has been a bit more serious, more down-to-Earth. And Harry is learning to lighten up a little and say what he's feeling."

She blushed as they all turned to stare. "I heard Ginny mention it," she mumbled, and then grinned. "It's not like I was spying on her and Hermione when they were in the Gryffindor Quidditch locker rooms or anything." She winked and laughter followed again.

They all turned their eyes to the lake as Ginny let out another delighted yowl. Harry had thrown her into the water and she walked out slowly. Harry backed up, apparently frightened. Suddenly, she tackled him and they both toppled in.

"Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it . . ." Jenni chanted as Harry and Ginny's laughter tapered off and they were left staring at one another, chest-deep in water, the moonlight filtering down and forming a clear path on the serene water. They leaned in, wrapped their arms around one another, and . . . "Don't do it, don't do it . . ." Their lips met and they lost themselves in one another's arms.

Jenni sighed. "I repeat: Gods, this is such a cliché!"

Snickers. Suddenly, the door opened and four boys tromped in. The girls turned in surprise to find themselves being laughed at. "Spying again?" The voice of Fred Weasley asked. The girls grinned at one another and burst out laughing.

"Shut up, you," Melanie teased, grabbing his hand and drawing him to her. She covered his lips with hers. "And don't tell Ginny. She'd freak."

Her boyfriend blinked, apparently a bit dazed. Then he grinned. "Right. Yeah. Ginny tell don't. I mean, tell don't Ginny. I mean . . ."

Melanie smirked. And he laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. "You're not supposed to be able to do that to me," he mumbled, ears flaming.

Somewhere far below them, hell froze over. Lucifer swore, handing over ten Galleons to the nearest demon, mumbling something about 'A Weasley twin blushing'.

Fred's girlfriend grinned, an impish look in her eye. He appeared not to be able to stand it, grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the room, presumably to the nearest empty classroom or closet. Rae, Reshma, and Jenni laughed at them once they had gone. Draco snaked his arm around his girlfriend's waist and whispered, "Well, well, well - they are romantic, aren't they?" As he nodded to the pair below.

She grinned. "You could take a leaf or seven out of Harry's book, you know."

Draco groaned. "Oh, damn. Now I have to be like Potter, too?"

Jenni smirked and turned so that her face was inches from her boyfriend's. "Nah. I like blonde hair much better than black."

Draco sighed and prodded her out of the tower. "You're killing me, woman," he muttered. "We have to go snog now." Jenni's laughter echoed down the hallway.

"Wasted no time at all, those two," Dean said, amusement in his voice. "Shall we follow their lead?"

Rae and Reshma laughed. "So you three came up here just to find us and take us away from our spying?" Reshma asked, mock-scowling. "Shame on you."

Dean shrugged and tossed his girlfriend over his shoulder. "Oi! Lemme go!"

He didn't, just strode out of the tower.

Rae turned back to the window, sighing again. She heard someone clear their throat from behind and twirled around, hand over her heart. "Oh dear Merlin, you scared me!"

The boy laughed. "Sorry," he said easily, sitting smoothly beside her. "Name's George. George Weasley."

She laughed. "I'll be sure to check the furniture before I sit down," she said, winking. He grinned at her and they sat in companionable silence for a moment. Finally, she said, exasperated, "Well then, Weasley, are you going to kiss me or not?"

He laughed. "I thought you'd never ask."

From behind the closed door, Jenni winced as she pulled her ear away from it. "They have a secret relationship, in which they meet in the astronomy tower every few weeks." She groaned, burying her head in her hands. "What is it with you people and clichés!"

Back in the closed room, Rae turned her eyes back to Harry and Ginny. She sat up, quite alarmed. "Heavens!" She yelped. "Don't they need to breathe?"