The Drawbacks of Gills

A/N: I unearthed this while looking through some old notebooks of mine, and found this extremely funny. Don't know if you will, but… Please R&R, and if you do, please don't include profanity.

Harry had tied with Cedric for the Second Task. It hadn't been fair, as Victor saw it. Now, Herm-own-ninny wouldn't like him best. He sat there as she raved about Harry's wonderful work, and suddenly Victor realized something.

He couldn't breathe.

He sucked air in deep breaths, but there was no oxygen filling his lungs. Then, he realized something else. He was still part shark! He threw himself in the lake and began pulling water through his gills. He once again popped up out of the water.


Hermione stopped talking to Harry and turned to Victor, her eyes wide in fear.

"Herm-own-ninny!" Victor called again. He dove under for another breath. "I must – " Dive. " – Tell you – " Dive. " – About – " Dive. " – Something!" Dive. "Eet's very – " Dive. " – Eemportant!"

Hermione gaped at him. "Victor?"

"Oooh, Transfiguration spell gone wrong," Harry said.

Ron jabbed a finger at Hermione. "I now have every right to call him stupid."

Hermione shook her head. "Yes, you do."