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Chapter 3 – The Naming of the Clones

On the third floor of Fowl Manor, if you peeked in through just the right windows, you would see a curious sight. Five people were occupying three bedrooms on the West Wing of the huge estate. All of these five people looked curiously and freakishly and unnaturally alike.

There were two clones in two separate bedrooms, and Artemis the Original in a separate bedroom. Each and every one of the teenagers was sulking in true teenager fashion. Artemis very rarely sulked, in fact, he had only done it once in his life, but he had been doing a lot of things he very rarely did within the past two days.

And he had been grounded. Now how often did that happen to an evil, plotting, child prodigy that had more than the IQ of both his parents' added together? Never, I'll tell you that. But it had happened to Artemis Fowl II.

Instead of the cheering, hugging, and praising he had expected when his parents found out about his accomplishment, his father had grounded him. A few years ago the man would have shaken his hand and welcomed his son to the family business. But now, since Holly had healed him and given him this new attitude, Artemis Fowl I had seen fit to punish his son in a most indignant manner. It was very discouraging for Artemis II.

But he wasn't just sulking, of course. Butler and Juliet had both also received sharp reprimands from Artemis Senior, and Angeline was still in a state of shock. Artemis the Original was conjuring up a plan to set these matters as right as he could.

The clones were walking around, flexing what little muscles they had, and all in all getting used to themselves. It was all a very new experience to them. But they also had Artemis's intelligence, if not yet his wisdom of fifteen years. So, of course, they were rather busy, too. The clones had been instructed to stay in their assigned rooms, but they, unlike Artemis the Original, had not had their doors firmly locked.

"Come on, I don't see anyone in the hallway," one Artemis waved to the other over while speaking in a hushed tone.

"All right, all right, Artemis, I'm coming!" the other Artemis said irritably as he followed the first Artemis. The two silently padded over to the room next door, wincing at the creak of the door. They did not want to face the wrath of Artemis Senior again.

"Hello, well, come on!" a third Artemis said to the two coming in.

"Yes, yes, we're hurrying as best we can!" the first one to speak snapped at the third one. "Can't you be patient?" he asked as he closed the door and peered around the room.

"Well, gentlemen, I propose we assign each other separate names," the last Artemis, who had not spoken before now, said to the others.

"Of course. Inspired idea, though, if I do say so myself, it was quite obvious," quipped the one who was in the room with the one that had just spoken.

"Well, no use standing here trading flattery, come one! Think of names!" The one who had called to the other to hurry up to get out of the room tapped his loafered left foot rather impatiently.

The one who had first suggested the idea cleared his throat. "I propose that we each choose our names. I myself will give myself the name Apollo." The other three immediately began to bicker.

"And why do you get right of way, may I ask?" one asked angrily.

"Yes, I quite agree. I was going to suggest the name Apollo for myself!" another said, glaring at the one sitting on one of the twin beds.

"Settle down, gentlemen! I myself was too, going to suggest the name Apollo," the last one spoke up.

"Well we can't all be Apollo," the one who first suggested the name Apollo declared and threw down his hands in exasperation.

"I see that this discussion is not going in any particular direction, gentlemen. So I suppose I shall select another name for myself. I will be known as Hephaestus." The other two nodded in acknowledgement, not even bothering to point out that they, too, had thought of Hephaestus.

"Then I will claim Hermes," the third said, smiling at the others' choices.

"Well, Apollo, Hephaestus, Hermes," the last said, nodding, "I take the god Poseidon."

All four chuckled at these names, and seated themselves on the two beds to await their fate.