Introduction: It's been awhile since I posted anything, until I got heavily into MXLR. I've noticed a surge in fiction, and hopefullyit will have it's own section soon. Anyways, a couple of necessary notes:

1) This was written before last weekends episode. Like, months ago.

2) I'm my own worst critic, so I wan't some real feedback to decide if I want to continue. Be honest, I can take it.

3) Yes, Chp.1 centers a lot on OC's, but that will change.

4) The title is a nod to Star Wars...but you probably figured that out.

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Nicki lied at still as she could on her back behind the hill, awaiting further commands. The General's scruffy voice rang in her ear faster than she had expected. "Black Fox, what is your status?" he whispered. "Target sighted. Request permission to exterminate." she spoke so softly she could barely hear herself. "Negative Black Fox. Civilians in way." Nicki sighed to herself. She had been lying there without moving for over 2 hours, and in her position she could easily be snuck up on. All she wanted was to kill the scientist, go home, and take a long hot bath.

"Come in Black Fox." the General's voice was broken and staticy. "This is Black Fox." she said, a little louder than she had meant to. "Fire at will." Nicki smiled. She slowly raised herself to her knees, her eyes peering over the hill. "There he is." She thought, lining up her shot. "One clean shot, and get out." Unfortunately, it took one less than clean shot and one shot right through the brain. "Shit." she whispered, knowing full well she gave the enemy time to track her down. She scrambled to her feet and ran back to base as fast as she could, surprisingly, without any sign of them. "They're getting sloppy."

General Johansen was, for lack of a better description, pissed. "I gave you this assignment because you are the best shooter in your class. Two shots for a stationery target? In a crowded area?!" he tried, unsuccessfully, not to yell. "I'll leave you at that. I will see you all Wednesday. You are dismissed." he turned sharply and walked out the door, leaving the ten soldiers alone. "Well, it could have been worse Nik. A lot worse." Devin, a blonde haired boy, smiled jokingly. "Don't remind me." Nicki sighed, taking off her shoulder armor. "You know he just goes easy on us because we're kids. You should see what happens when the adult battalion wastes bullets." Katy said in a fearful tone. It was true. The ten were all sixteen and seventeen years old, the top in their class. In this time, you either went to a trade school or became a soldier, and Nicki did what she could to get her revenge.

"I'll see you all Wednesday." Nicki said softly, her failure still plaguing her mind. "Can I walk you home?" Devin asked. Nicki looked at him for a second. "No. I want to be alone." she began walking, tying her shoulder length black hair back.

"I'm home Dad." Nicki called through the two room apartment she shared with him. Her Mother had died in the first rebellion when she was a child and she had no siblings. Being in a secret underground community was depressing. Every family had their own home, most were like the apartment she lived in. Of course if you were a soldier you had special privileges, an added incentive for building up their declining armed forces. And being the daughter of a well respected engineer for the army, Nicki lived a little better-off then most others.

"..Dad?" Nicki called again. Her heart stopped when there wasn't an answer. It wasn't unusual for underground towns like this one to eventually be discovered with the population either wiped out or returned to slavery. Every day she came home thankful her Father was still there. He was asleep, his head on his desk, a little drool on the latest plans for a high tech mechanical weapon. Nicki peered over, trying to read the designs name. "Eh...huh?" It was the most awkward design he ever made, looking nothing like a standard mech. "This losing sleep thing is really taking its toll on him." She decided not to wake him and went to take the bath she had wanted all day.

"You need to start going to sleep earlier." Nicki stared in disbelief, over the whatever it was she was eating, at her Father. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked. "You're going to design a mech after the robot in my bedtime stories? You're getting hard-pressed for ideas, aren't you?" she asked. Her Father sighed in discouragement. "Nicki, that robot in your bedtime stories was real, as was every story. I'm just trying to remember how it was designed. It was a perfect robot, nothing could defeat it." he said staring back down at his sketches, frowning slightly. " and your friend and some girl from the future rode around in a giant robot fighting evil aliens?" she asked, a hint of sarcasm in her voice. "Yes." he stated firmly. "Ok.... I'm going to bed now."

"Hey Nicki, you are not going to believe this." Devin smirked as she entered the training room. Five other students were crowded around him; she could not deny her curiosity. "You remember that mission of immediate priority we carried out yesterday?" A girl asked. "Turns out, we stuck our necks out for a valid reason for once." Devin held his hand out; a small red gem with a black string tied around it was lying there. "Uh huh, we almost got killed to liberate a pretty trinket. I feel so important." She thought for a moment. "How did you get this?" she asked suddenly. "Nicked it during the mission. I had no idea it was what we were after until I overheard the general talking to some Officers. Can you guess what this is?" he smiled deviously in that I-know-something-you-don't way. "It's a time travel thingy!" Karen burst out excitedly.

"It makes perfect sense. All those scientists we had to kill, all those documents burned, we were assassinating everyone and destroying anything that had to do with this project. Cover all tracks." Linda, the oldest in the group, said seriously. "Why would they want a time travel thingy though?" Karen asked. "I think I know this one." Nicki walked closer to the group. "They want to go back in time and stop the rebellion from ever starting." She said, a hint of pride in contributing to the conversation. "Bingo." Devin clenched his fist over the gem. "So then, we can do one of three things. A, we destroy it and pretend this never happened. B, we turn it into General Johansen and God knows what will become of it, or C, we risked our lives therefore we keep it." A general unanimous "C" was mumbled amongst the teenagers.

"That's what I figured. So now the question: Who holds onto it?" Devin asked, now letting the gem dangle from his thumb and index finger. "Wait, how do we know it even works?" Linda almost interrupted him. "What if it's just junk? Not to mention we burned all the papers so how would we know how to use it if it does work?" She pushed her glasses up, peering at the older students hoping for a reply. Devin thought for a moment. "We need a guinea pig." He searched the group for any volunteers. A few moments passed, and there were none. "Alright, how about this. Whoever tries it out gets to hold onto it." Still no volunteers. "You all are willing to lay down your lives at Johansen's command and yet you're too scared to time travel?" he said with disappointment. "Don't be a hypocrite Devin. I didn't see your hand up." Nicki finally gave her input. "Besides, whoever goes needs to be mature and responsible. If we send the wrong person back or even forward into the future, we have to trust he or she won't do anything stupid to screw up the entire universe." Nicki looked as serious as she ever had. "Right. I nominate Nicki." Devin smirked, seeing the sudden agreement amongst the others. "What?!" She almost jumped back. "Mature. Responsible. Won't screw up. That's you." Linda said. Nicki was reluctant, but her curiosity was slowly killing her.

"Ok….magic red gem of great time travel powers, take me back to the past!" Nicki said monotonously. Nothing. Again. "Well I'm all out." Devin sighed. "Maybe you gotta break it!" Karen burst out. "What?" another boy asked. "You know, break it on the ground, stand in the shards, and say where you want to go!" Karen chirped. "Where did you get that idea from?" Devin asked. "My mom has these comic book thingies from before the invasion and they have great storylines, like this one called Bishoujo Sens-" "Ok. Fine. I'll try it. It's not like this thing is important anyways." Nicki said, raising the jewel over her head. "Oh geeze." Devin sighed, hoping this would work. Nicki threw it down with all her strength. It shattered into several large pieces. She took a deep breathe and stepped into the middle. "Ok. Take me back…" Nicki thought until she came up with a definite idea. "Thirty years." She smirked. Nothing. Yet Again. "Just thirty?" Linda asked. "There was something I wanted to see for myself. If it was true..." She stepped forward. "It was stu-d an-ee-ays" her voice broke like a broken transmission. "Nicki…?" Karen asked. She looked to be fading in and out until she appeared to be a hologram. "Wh-" she was gone. "….wow." Linda said open-mouthed. "…How does she get back?" Karen asked. There was a long silence. "Karen…go get your Mom's comic books."

"What the freak?!" Nicki screamed. One moment she was looking at her classmates and suddenly she was staring at a street filled with cars surrounded by strangers. These strangers were also staring at her. "Um…hi…" Nicki slowly walked backwards and ran. "It worked? Karen's idea actually worked?!" Nicki thought to herself. "Those aliens are so weird."