A/N: This chapter is an interlude, a flashback to explain a few things. I hope this helps.

We had been out of action for two years. Aliens and monsters just became less and less of an occurrence until finally it ended. We slowly moved on with our lives and slowly grew up along the way. I attended the local community college, at the begging of my Mom, and majored in computer programming and design. That's where I met her, she was majoring in biological medical engineering. Acting mature tends to win girls over more.

Coop didn't adjust as well. The Glorft were still out there, somewhere. They were not defeated. It bothered him that his sidekick found someone else. He could have made it without me, he chose not to. He didn't come to my wedding.

Kiva never gave up on going home. Her desperation only increased with the years, even though it seemed her hope gave out long ago. She would still take Coop out for "training", if only to break the monotony. Having a giant robot without any evil to pummel makes life a disappointment. We were like retired Super Heroes. Sad.

And then our purpose returned. Full blown. They were uncannily like us. They appeared human but thinner, taller, and black hollow eyes. They weren't like the others. They were here to take our planet and find new slaves, and they didn't mind if a few million died instead. They had done this many times before. We understood what happened to the Glorft. But Coop..

Coop was sure he could do it. His hubris blinded him. He begged me to join him, begged, as I held my infant daughter, my wife standing behind me not understanding. I was blinded by self-righteousness. I thought I knew what was best for my family. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone with him. He could have done it without me. He chose not to. Kiva didn't go with him. She was on the ground, fighting off the ones who were already trying to take prisoners. The fight lasted days. Things almost looked up, he was doing it, he was going to win.

The greatest explosion New Jersey had ever seen ended all hope. Luckily, we were not alone. Other alien governments who were following their exploits and understood the threat this race posed offered help. They figured it was better to fight now on someone else's planet before they made their way to theirs. One planet sent soldiers, another sent technologically advanced weapons and armor. And one more offered sabotage. Together, the four races combined strength formed the first rebellion. They sabotaged their ship, destroyed as much of their technology as possible. The armor we received gave us a chance. The playing field became even.

Thousands were dead. My wife among them. She died as an innocent bystander. That's when I left the action. Being a parent forces you to make tough decisions.

The enemy's base was moved somewhere in Europe, but they had secret holdings all over Earth. Their pride would not let them leave until they finished what they started. We lived in constant fear. Kiva and I led one of the thousands of "underground" bases, made up mostly of leftover New Jersey citizens and the Raynian soldiers who aided us. I named it Tattooine. Coop and I always loved Star Wars.

Our rule became law there, and nobody questioned us. If we told them to pack up and move-right-now, they would. We did what we could to survive and successfully fought of two intrusions. Other bases weren't so well off.

I watched my daughter grow up in this hell hole of a life. She was full of hatred, all she wanted was revenge. Kiva taught her everything she knew. Kiva finally gave up on finding her way to the future. Her future was now.

Every night I told my daughter. I passed on what life was like before all of this. She laughed and dreamed of tasting a slushy from 7-11. The older she got, the more my stories became a fantasy. They became surreal to me as well.

She had her first battle when she was thirteen. We found an enemy holdout close to ours. That night was an end to the stories. Seeing your best friends die in front of you tends to end your childhood. And then Kiva died. It wasn't right. She was supposed to die a hero's death. Instead she was one more name on the casualty list. Nothing special. Everything fell apart. And I watched as my teenage daughter became just like him. She wanted to fight, she wanted to win, but this time, I was with her.