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"There's a kind of a... sort of a cost."

FLASH. It was dark. The rain still poured.

FLASH. The base of a tree.

FLASH. A few torn scraps of burlap.


Elphaba sits at the base of the tree, staring at what used to be the person she loved most in the world, for a long time. The rain pours. And then slowly, as the sky lightens from night into day, the rain stops. The sun comes out. The birds start to sing.

Elphaba wants to cover her ears. She wants it to stay dark, quiet. How dare the world continue on when her lover is dead?

"Shut up!" She yells at the birds, and then, finally, she cries. She cries for Glinda. She cries for Fiyero. But she doesn't cry for herself. No, instead, a hard knot tightens in her chest. The tears dry on her face and she rises to her feet. She is going to continue on. She is going to get out of Oz just like Fiyero had planned for them.

Bending down, she plucks a scrap of burlap from the sodden heap at her feet, and tucks it inside of her dress.

She stumbles blindly in the direction they had been headed for most of the morning, but by afternoon her energy is drained and she collapses next to a rock. Her clothes are dry now, but the elements have still taken a toll on her and she is feverish again. She doesn't realize this. Her heart is empty and her mind is dark. As she slides into unconsciousness, she sees a tree that is practically black with crows. One particularly large bird lifts off from the tree and lands on the rock next to her. In its beak is a piece of straw.

"Fiyero..." She mutters, and then everything is black.

"Elphaba." He's standing in front of her. Fiyero - but not a scarecrow. Fiyero the way he used to be, not the horrible sodden bunch of straw she had managed to turn him into.

Elphaba sits up. Everything is white, Fiyero is standing before her in a white room.

"Elphaba, I came to say goodbye." the man says, and Elphaba looks into his eyes. She can't tell what she sees there. Is this her Yero? It doesn't feel like it. Suddenly, his face melts into a sneer.

"And good riddance," He says. "I never should have chosen you. I should have stayed with Glinda. You could never love me like she can."

"Fiyero?" Elphaba's voice trembles. What was going on?

"I'm leaving, Elphaba. And I don't want you to follow me. I don't love you any more."

Elphaba watched dumbly as the man gave her a disparaging look, turned, and walked away, until he faded out of view.

Her eyes open, and she begins to become aware of her surroundings again. A forest. The sun beats down on her. Her mind slowly takes the traumatizing scene of the branch tearing Fiyero apart and replaces it with the man sneering at her and walking away. 'Fiyero left me.' she thinks.

She looks up, and realizes that there is a large crow standing on the rock next to her. She looks at the bird for a moment, and then jumps as it begins to speak.

"Ah yes, Elphaba, I presume. We've been looking for you." the Crow says, as his brethren in the tree rise up as if they are a single entity and surround her.