Okay so while I don't know if you guys are going to like this story. I want to thank you for liking and replying to the other stories. Well anyway here it is all short and finished.

Max Voiceover-

Yea, just look at what I've done.

I know Logan had been proud of me as they raised that flag…I know those words meant that I had become everything he knew I was capable of being from the first day we met, but I'd be lying to say that this is what I wanted.

I mean yea I'm proud of who I am, I can honestly say that now. For so many years I was disgusted by the fact that I wasn't like everyone else, I had impulses I couldn't control, I could never just blend in like I always wanted to.

But this isn't what I wanted for my life.

I didn't want to be a leader of a nation of freaks.

I just wanted to blend in…Be normal.

I would never admit this to anyone, but there are so many times that I wish I never went back to Manticore…Never followed Lydecker's plan.

I would be with Logan right now, sitting on his couch with a bottle of wine in front of us. He'd be explaining some great travesty that was going on in the world, I'd occasionally grab the remote and see what was on tv. You had to do that with Logan, even though I'd be decently captivated by his words…okay not really his words more of the sounds of those words. He could say blah blah woof woof for hours and I would hang on every word.

He smiles at me from the platform as I walk back inside. He's doing something on the computers, he's always doing something on those damn computers.

I smile to myself thinking of all the times I thought of sneaking in and bashing them as he slept and throwing that damn phone of his out of a window.

But just as soon as that happy memory hits me, I realize it's over. Logan's apartment is no more, my job is no more, my anonymity is no more, just like we are no more and chances are we won't find a cure before one of us gets taken out in this war.

There's this overwhelming sadness that hasn't left me in all the months I've been home, the depression that settles in when I remember that life doesn't have a rewind button. All I want is to feel the safety of his arms again, his arms minus the layers of protection that I still worry about, worry that the evil that resides within me will find a way out to pollute him. There's nothing I can do about that though, so I have to push it to the side like always and go see about keeping all these people safe for at least another day.