Logan was right, we did make it through it. Eight and a half months later, back up popped Lydecker and all of his connections, but Logan didn't throw me to the floor because while Joshua's stem cells worked longer than mine, they didn't work forever, but they hadn't conked out completely either.

I snuck into his house, bypassing all of the security features he's spent so many hours planning. It was almost 3am and I knew he'd be in bed, we all slept well nowadays because despite how much there was to worry about, there was enough work to always tire us out.

"Logan?" I whisper softly, pushing back a strand of hair that had fallen forward, it was starting to get long again, I had to get Original Cindy on him to get it cut.

He's probably one of the cutest sleepers in the world, he's definitely the cutest one I'd ever seen. He alway says that I look, graceful, angelic, sensuous when I sleep, he looks like a little boy, which probably makes it a little freaky because of how much I want him. I brush my hand across his cheek and whisper his name again.

"Hmm?" his eyes slightly open "Max?"

"Mmmhmm" I get choked up, I can't speak, now that the time is here again I'm at a total loss once more.

He realizes my hand on his face, "You're not wearing gloves?"

I shake my head

He extends his hand out and touches my cheek in turn "Am I dreaming?"

Once more I shake my head

"Come here" he says making room on the bed next to him, his eyes never losing contact with mine

"What about it being perfect and candlelight?"

He laughs, "It's 3am as much as I love you Max I'm exhausted, I'm not getting up to put on that suit and make you a meal. Now get in here and go to sleep."

"Sleep?" I say as my mouth drops, sleep? After two and a half years the man wants to sleep?

"I've been up since 6am and in bed for a whole twenty minutes. Get in here and sleep." He lifts up the sheet.

"Sleep?" my mouth stays down still astonished

"Sleep" he confirms.

I just shake my head and start to strip, all while Logan is watching from his pillow…Almost 3 years and all he wants to do is sleep? He lifts the sheet back up when I'm down to my undies and suddenly I was rather glad I'd actually managed put pull on a semi matching bra and underwear set this morning, I'm pretty sure he couldn't tell the difference in blacks. I'm grumbling to myself as I slip in between the sheets he was so patiently holding up for me. "Good night" I force myself to say. Then suddenly I feel his lips on my neck. "I thought you were sleepy"

"I lied"

I turn over to see him smiling

"I can't throw you to the floor like I promised so I had to be a little manipulative."

"You sure you're not too tired?" I try to look serious

"Not in the least" he says capturing my lips

"Hey Max" he says as I'm drifting off to sleep


I feel his breath still from my position on his chest, I look up at him and he's staring down at me, he smiles, "Nothing"

"You sure?" I respond with my own smile

"Yea" he nods "there aren't really any words left."

I smile as my head drops back down and he strokes the back of my head as he falls asleep. All the words have been said, we're beyond them now. The word love is insignificant, true love that's what my girl called Logan, it pales to what he is. I listen to his heartbeat and his deep and steady breathes, I have one final thought before I join him in sleep. I'm home, Logan is my home.