Ok I've become addicted to Yugioh for a while now and have had several different fanfic idea's spinning in my head. That's why I've been posted so many. I have to write them down. This offering is one of the darker ones. Closer to what I'm use to writing. It is Yaoi but the only /common/ pairing is a slight Joey/ Seto and Marik/Malik. I've got Yami/Ryou and I'm thinking about doing Bakura/Yugi but I haven't made up my mind yet. In this the memory arc never occurred and the spirits never departed for the afterlife, instead they were granted bodies by the gods to make something out of a life that had taken from them. If you have anymore questions ask them in a review plz. I may just answer "will be explained later in the story" but hey…you'll get your answer -.

I walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams

Where the city sleeps and I'm the only one and I walk alone

My shallow heart is the only thing that's beating

Sometimes I wish someone up their will find me

Until then I walk alone.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day

Ok so I'm taking out the lyrics at the bottom of the page but I don't see the difference between quoting a song and quoting someone speaking or a book. If the people at DO have a problem with this please let me know. I'll fix it. (the people at not random reviewers)

Yugi glanced down at the note he left. He doubted they would even notice he was gone nor care. Yami would probably find the note and immediately jump for joy that his burden had been lifted. He flipped the newly acquired blade in his hand. A gift from the only one left he would possibly call a friend. Ironic because he was once the one who had many time tried to kill him. No correction he had tried to kill Yami, Yugi's death at the time was needed to accomplish this goal being as the spirit was using his body as a host.

It had happened so slow once the Yami's got their own bodies. Ryou had immediately turned his back on Bakura, finally glad to be rid of the spirits presence. Yugi on the other hand embraced his darker half. A fool he was, Yami took everything. Sure at first it was innocent enough. Yami often being the one of the two of them to go out while Yugi watched the shop, of course this was reasonable as Yami was the one to be stuck with out a body for 5000 years and new to this world. Yugi was glad to let him enjoy the wonders of this world.

With Bakura gone the others were more relaxed to let Ryou in their group. It seemed everyone was closer then ever. That is expect Yugi. It got to the point they didn't even try to pretend. Honda started dating Anzu, and Yami well he feel for Ryou. Joey had some how hooked up with Seto Kaiba. Leaving him Yugi alone, but that was ok Yugi was a light and never felt emotions like anger hurt vengeance or hate.

Yami would borrow money off of Yugi smiling sweetly and rushing off to his friends. They hardly noticed the changes going through the not so petite boy anymore. He was now a couple inches taller the Yami, and strong, spending all day carting around boxes was as good as hitting the gym. He rarely wore anything but black (not that much of a change he had to admit, he had always gone for the slightly gothic look). But the biggest change was in his eyes. His once sweet innocent gaze was filled with cold ice.

Then one day someone he never expected to see graced his door step. Bakura- The Yami not the Hikari. He was actually looking for a pack of the new duel monsters expansion. It had a card in it he /had/ to have. He had tried other stores but it seemed the only store in town to manage to get a shipment of the set was the Kame Game Shop.

Bakura almost gasped with surprise when he eyed Yugi. He almost didn't recognize him. He quickly hid his surprise behind a smirk. The boy looked up and his eyes almost scared the living hell out him. It was if the devil himself had taken up resident.

"I hope you don't greet all your customers like that. It would put you out of business." Bakura said as he strode into the store.

"I'm not up for your games Bakura. If your really here to /buy/ something then do it. If not get the fuck out of my store" Yugi said barely sparing the ancient /former/ spirit a glance.

With that Bakura grinned. "Oh so the Pharaoh's light developed and attitude. I like" he said with a purr leaning on the counter.

"I'm not his damn light anymore. He could drop dead for all I care. Actually I'd probably throw a party. Same goes for the rest of that pack of misfits" Yugi said in a tone dripping with hatred.

"Ah so Yami got his body and tossed you aside. And your friends abandoned you so now you pout." Bakura said he could help it.

With a flash and reflexes even faster then his own he found a knife to his neck. He briefly wondered how purple could look like ice but the thought quickly passed from his thoughts. "Like I said they can die for all I care. And so can you. I'd kill you in an instant and not regret it. Watch your tongue. Now I'll repeat myself. Buy something or get the fuck out of my store. I don't like repeating myself I wont do it again" Yugi seethed.

Bakura was now officially scared. The knife still at his throat, he realized when he entered something was different about Yugi, but now has he stood here he realized just what it was.

Bakura back away, something he rarely did. "By Ra they created a monster" he said rubbing his throat.

With that Yugi flashed Bakura a sadistic grin "I know" and then he went back to work not sparing Bakura another glance. Having already experienced death once he wasn't to thrilled at the idea of repeating the process.

"Why make an enemy out of me?" Bakura said in an instant of either genius or foolishness he wasn't sure which.

"I didn't exactly make you my enemy Bakura you did that on your own" Yugi said as he had now taken to sweeping the shop.

"Nah I was never out for you just the Pharaoh." Said Bakura. Ouch that didn't sound right he thought wincing at his own words.

"That makes things all better" Yugi stated his voice dripping with venom.

"Don't you want revenge on him?" Bakura stated "For using you and making a fool out of you."

Yugi's eyes flickered a bit and his gaze fell on Bakura once again. "What do you want?" he said bitterly.

"Meet me tonight. Unless you have other plans" Bakura said writing his address down and handing it to Yugi.

Yugi took the address and shoved it in his pocket.

That's how he ended up trudging down the street that night. He didn't bother telling Yami he was leaving, not like he noticed or cared. Though he did think he was crazy for going to meet the tomb robber. What was he proposing? Friendship? Yugi scoffed. Friends were useless and only turned their back on you. Then what? Ally maybe. Yes Ally that was a nice word. Maybe he and Bakura could be allies. Two people who had been rejected "friendship crew".

When he knocked on the door, a scowl on his face, he thought he should turn and leave he had no business here. Marik answered the door and grinned. Bakura was fuming behind him. Yugi just glared. "Damn Bakura I thought you were lying but the little pharaoh has become a bad ass." Marik said looking in half shock half amusement at the boy before him.

"Don't fucking call me that" Yugi hissed pushing past Marik and sending a death glare ad Bakura.

"What the hell is he doing here" Yugi said point to Marik.

"I told you to leave ass. Now your ruin everything" Bakura growled.

"Ruin what" The venom in Yugi's voice returned.

"Trying to get you to join us, you after all have more right in some way to be a part of this little club" Marik stated.

"What 'little club'" Yugi growled out.

"Those that the pharaoh has used and thrown away. Stepped on and broken. We're all allies here." Said Bakura.

"Well have you done anything about it?" Yugi said looking between the two.

"No , there isn't much we can do. We don't have enough power." Said Marik walking into the living room and sitting down.

"Well now you do and I have a plan." Stated Yugi. Yes not friends but allies. Allies in a fight to get vengeance on the pharaoh who toyed with peoples lives and threw them away.

This is what found Yugi the next night packing his bags. He picked up his deck. At the last minute he shoved it in his pocket. He took one last look around his room. It was 7 it would be 9 or 10 before Yami was back. Marik and Bakura were grabbing his bags. As and after thought he grabbed two boxes of the new shipment of duel monsters cards. They might help with the plan plus Yugi had found out that that's what had brought Bakura to the shop before anyway.

He glanced down at the box in his lap. It held all the millennium items except the puzzle ring and eye. Yes they too would play a part in his plan. Marik and Bakura understood he alone had the power to wield them all. And that's exactly what he was going to do. Stage one was completely. Stage two would start tomorrow.

It was late and Yami was worried about his hikari. He had been so distant lately and a shadow seemed to hang over him. Ok lately was the last 6 months but Yami didn't know what to do. He spoke to the others and they seemed at a loss as well. None of them had seen him in such a state before. They had meant to make more of an effort to include him but life just seemed to get in the way. Yami slowly began to realize that he took for granted Yugi's presence. A solid rock that would always be there.

What if something had happened to Yugi while he was neglecting him? He would never forgive himself. Yugi was world famous and dangerous people were still out there and after the god cards. What made Yami even more nervous was that their dueling deck was gone. A very very bad sign. He had called the others to see if they had heard anything out of the petite duelist but no one had. Ryou though was on his way over.

The door opened and Ryou walked over and gave Yami a kiss and pulled him into an embrace. "I'm sure he's ok. He's strong he always has been" Ryou whispered. "He probably just went out for a walk. It's a beautiful night you know." (A/N as for the missing stuff. Yugi's door is locked. Not uncommon these days.)

When Ryou brushed his bangs out of his eyes Yami caught something out of the corner of his eye. A piece of paper under the desk. He reached down and picked it up. It was folded up with his name in Yugi's handwriting scribbled on the front. Ryou watched him curiously. Yami read the note and as he did Ryou watched him pale.

Ryou walked up behind him and placed his arms around Yami's waste and read.

Dear Yami

I'm sure you don't care but I've given you a present something you can really throw a party over. I'm leaving, gone, not coming back, you ain't to hear from me ever again. I'm tired of it. You guys act like I didn't even exist anymore. Talking in whispered tones when I'm near so I can hear your 'secret conversation'. Its not like I was actually human right? Just a doll for you to use and then throw away when you got a better body. Well your doll is gone. Have a nice life. Well on second thought don't. I hope you die soon and root in hell.

-Never see you later


Yami couldn't breath as Ryou tried to calm him tears came down from his eyes. "Oh Ra what have I done"

With that the pharaoh fell to his knees and cried. Ryou pulled him into his lap as sobs wracked his body. Eventually Yami fell into a fitful sleep. Ryou lifted him up and placed him in the bed and curled up next to him.

He sent out a silent plea. 'Oh Yugi how could you do this to him.' Then he thought for a moment 'How could we do that to you?'

"So tell me again how he ended up in the house" Malik said rubbing the space between the eyes. He didn't exactly feel comfortable living with the reincarnation of the one that had caused them so much pain.

"I told you Bakura found him. He's been betrayed just like we have. Talk to him take one look at him and it will show you he has as much if not more right to this then we do. Plus" Marik added with a sparkle in his eye. "He has a plan for revenge"

"Really now" Malik said placing his hands on his hips.

"Yes and unlike the rest of you hikari's , he actually has control over his shadow powers." Marik added.

Malik growled "If you would train me that would be different now wouldn't it?"

"Temper temper dear light" Marik said with a bid of sadistic tones in his voice. "I told you there is no real way to train someone in the use of shadow magics"

"Then how did he come to possess them?" Malik spat.

"Naturally of course. You see he's not really a hikari anymore after all. His connection with his Yami has been sliced" Said Marik.

"But so has Ryou's" Said Malik.

"Oh yes but in that case it was Ryou's doing the light turning his back on the dark. This is the other way around. Yugi has embraced the darkness. Actually right now he's probably the most mentally unstable one here and the most dangerous." Said Marik.

"That's really something coming from you" Said Malik sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Hey I did say Probably" Marik said "But enough talk."

With that Marik stepped forward and pulled Malik into a heated kiss.

"Yes time for fun" Malik said and pulled his yami down onto their bed.

Two rooms down Yugi stared at the mirror. He was pleased with himself. Yet that ever present shadow was always there. A dark hand materialized and laid it upon Yugi shoulder in the mirror.

"You've done well my child I'm proud of you." The voice hissed.

"I'm sorry to have ever doubted you. You were right all along. Friends are a waste of time and are only good for stabbing you in the back. But soon I will have the last laugh father." Yugi stated in a cold tone looking at the mirror. Two red eyes appeared in the shadows.

"Yes my prince of darkness and soon your power will be awakened and you will take your place. Rightfully and your allies will be rewarded for their efforts"

"Yes if they prove useful." Yugi stated and the shadow faded but the ever present sadistic grin on his face never did.

One last sentence whispered by him "I'm glad that fool didn't taint you to much"

Ok end chapter one! Like it ? Hate it?