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I was betrayed, how can you say that you feel sorry inside

It's devastating, losing close friends

I've gone away, you make me stay but I can't deal with the lies

I've gone insane, losing close friends

Close Friends by Adema

There first thing Ryou realized when he woke up was that where ever he was- was cold and dark. Then the feeling of cold metal around his ankles and wrist mad itself known. His head throbbed with pain and he tried to hold back a groan but it slipped through his lips anyway.

"Who's there?" A terrified, horse, but familiar voice came from the darkness.

"Anzu.." Ryou said lowly though the noise only made his head hurt worse.

"Ryou" she sounded almost broken. "They got you too then."

"Are you alright Anzu?" Ryou asked he still couldn't see anything though his eyes were wide open.

"I….I don't know…I'm just sore all over…I think my leg might be broken but I can't tell for sure." She said her voice becoming weaker.

"The others…their working on this almost no stop they will save us." Ryou said leaving of his silent plea of "I hope"

Yugi sat at the table dagger out. Things were going exactly to plan which didn't settle well with him. They should have had at least SOME trouble with executing their plans. Well he knew how things worked. He wasn't going to get lured into a false sense of security. The pharaoh had powers he hadn't even attempted to tap into yet. Mostly likely simply because he thought Yugi could still be saved and didn't want to harm him. Fool that he was, and with Bakura showing up probably figured the Tomb Robber was controlling Yugi in some way. 'As if' Yugi though as he gave a short laugh and tossed his head back.

Either way he was going to continue to be careful. Originally he had hoped to break the pharaoh of his ideas of salvation for himself, but if he was so determined to cling to them, it game his little play a whole new dimension. The pharaoh needed to be totally broken, so any angle that pierced him deep was good. Plus if he honestly thought Yugi was savable then it would make things for them so much easier.

But for this to work properly he had to be cautious. Prepare for the possibility that the pharaoh /might/ grow a brain cell and realize what his former hikari had truly become. Either way his goal would be accomplished. And Monday morning Kaiba would be short one puppy dog and Yami would be short another friend.

See Yugi knew the group from the inside out. Those that held others together and those that needed held together. Anzu held Honda together, quelled his temper and his hotheadedness. Ryou quelled Yami and eased his competitive nature a bit. And Jounouchi well Jounouchi was what brought Seto Kaiba into the real world. They both grounded each other, and tamed the other, equals and opposites at the same time.

No one was up yet and that suited Yugi just fine. Bakura was likely still sleeping of last night's activities. Marik and Malik were doing only Ra knows what. He spun the dagger around going over the details of his latest plan. For this one he would have to delve into Seto Kaiba's home security system. Fun but with his current ability all too easy, shadow-shift in mock, them for a bit before grabbing Jounouchi and out. Then he would move on to the next Act of his play. The stage was almost set.

Bakura was walking down the stairs in a hazy daze as he made his way to the fridge Yugi appreciated his figure.

"You know I've been thinking of getting a pet" Said Yugi off handily still playing with his dagger.

Bakura took can of Mountain Dew from the fridge. He turned and smirked at Yugi "Oh really something we have to house break?"

"Yes, a cute little sandy haired puppy" Yugi said with a wink and Bakura sat down at the table.

"Does he perhaps have another owner current?" Bakura said as he took a drink from the can.

"Yes but I'm sure he can be persuaded to give him up." Said Yugi off handily

"How's that." Bakura asked honestly curious.

"Simple, make him choice between his puppy and his brother. Then take them both anyway." Yugi said picking up an apple.

"Have I told you I love how you think yet today?" Bakura stated grabbing an orange for himself.

"No but the comments always welcome" Yugi flashed a grin as he peeled his apple.

"What is the grandmaster planning now" Malik said as he trotted down the stairs.

"Don't say that you'll cause his head to inflate" Marik said as he came down after Malik.

"To late he's already a megalomaniac" Bakura smirked.

"Aren't we all?" mused Yugi stabbing his apple.

"No" they said together casually.

"Oh well that's good only room for one of me." Yugi said as he tossed Marik's customary grapefruit.

"Ew can't see how you eat that thing" Bakura said as he scrunched up his nose.

"Its easy he's a masochist" Malik said taking a seat at the table and grabbing and apple himself.

"More then I needed to know" Bakura shook his head.

"Not that you didn't already know that" Marik winked at Bakura.

"Do not even elude to the idea that I have a personal knowledge of your sex life." Bakura glared daggers at Marik as Yugi laughed.

"Well all that aside this is the plan….." Yugi said as he explained their newest operation.

The group had decided to stay collectively at Seto's mansion. It was considered the safest place. Even then they were still cautious. Jounouchi swore Seto really was going to put a leash on him, so that he would always know he was safe. Mokuba was kept under tight lock and key. Yami was in a constant depressed daze. Ryou was gone taken by someone Yami once trusted with his very soul. He was being forced to choice between the two people who meant most to him in the world- His soul partner and his soul mate. Honda wasn't in much better shape. Loosing Anzu hit him hard. Otogi found himself feeling like an outsider in this. He had been away for so long and hadn't seen the progression of the situation.

"Its all that damn tomb robber's fault. He sunk his claws into Yugi when he couldn't get to me." Yami slammed his fist down on the coffee table causing it to crack. Seto normally would of said something scathing about breaking his furniture but tonight didn't have the heart. Yami had lost a lot over the past couple of days. He still had what was precious to him. He wouldn't take it for granted. He swore he never again would. Jounouchi had been complaining he spent to much time at the office and he was beginning to think that work getting a little behind wasn't so bad.

They had taken to studying what they could in the Mansion. Otogi still ventured out on the streets. Doing what he could to help but they turned up nothing. There were no clues to where Bakura and Yugi were staying. It had been two days since Ryou's capture and nothing so far. The air was un easy and the thought in everyone's mind was "Who is next?"

"Well that will happen this evening right now I think its time to play with the new toy" Yugi said standing up from the table. "Mind bring him to the play room?" Yugi asked Bakura

"Oh of course" And Bakura headed to the basement as Yugi head upstairs. Malik and Marik looked at each other. They had a torture victim to play with as well as Marik went to retrieve the chest.

Bakura slinked down the stairs. Ryou knew his Yami was here from what Anzu had told him but he didn't want to believe it….Yugi working with him…Yugi doing any of this….Was Bakura controlling Yugi? What about Malik…he had been such good friends with Malik…

Bakura must have been controlling them all. Ryou's thoughts where cut off as the figure from his nightmares came into view. Some would say it would be psychologically damaging to be so fearful of someone who looked so much like you. Ryou however would tell you that his striking resemblance had nothing to do with his fear. The malicious cold look in his eyes was enough to shatter that effect. But now he had a gleam in his eye. A look he got only when things were going according to plan- or better. It made Ryou's blood run cold.

"Come on sweet hikari. Its play time." He whispered grasping Ryou's chains and releasing them from the wall. Ryou struggled but Bakura jerked back. "No No hikari I see we have a lot of work to do to get you house broken."

"Stop it you monster." Anzu screamed out.

"I would keep your tongue if you don't wish to loose it slut" Bakura let out as he slapped Anzu hard enough across the face to bloody her and knock out two of her teeth. It was sure to leave a bruise.

"Hey now I don't go breaking your toys" Marik said heading down the stairs.

"No but I was fixing yours" said Bakura tugging at Ryou's chains, killing the comment in his throat as he smacked into the floor.

"True enough" Marik said moving past Bakura down the stairs.

Bakura lifted a struggling Ryou into his arms. "Quiet down."

"What have you done to him. What did you do to Yugi." Ryou said vainly punching Bakura's chest.

"I did nothing. Actually you did more then I can ever thank you for" Bakura lean in close to Ryou's ear, licking it as his statement finished. "Time to repay you in my own way."

"No no no no." Ryou scrambled to get out of Bakura's hold

Bakura just held on tighter. "Oh yes my dear puppet And you'll enjoy it"

Bakura made it up the stairs with his hikari and former host. He tossed the struggling teen on to the bed. Yugi walked out of the shadows as Bakura looked the door.

"I'm sure I look enough like the Pharaoh, your koi to cause some permanent damage. In the mean time I have a promise to keep." Yugi said as his grin turned feral.

The screams were heard all through the house but no beyond. Some from the basement the others upstairs. Though Yugi did fulfill his promise. Ryou screamed his name loud and so often his throat bleed and he couldn't speak.

Another 3 days had passed and Seto was on his last nerve. He was nervous and scared and as his usual self refused to admit it. He made his way down the stairs grab something to eat after neglecting food for the past 24 hours. He was stressed and it was starting to show. He turned to shut the fridge when a chill ran up his spine. The house seemed to suddenly drop in temperature…this was bad very very bad. He dropped his sandwich and ran back up the stairs. Throwing the doors open as he came to them. Otogi and Honda check. Though they were startled by the abrupt entrance. They jumped to their feet and followed Seto as he came to the room Yami was staying in. Again Yami was simply laying in the darkness of his room. Seto immediately moved on as Yami called out to him questioning his actions.

His stomach fell as he moved forward. Something was very very wrong. 'Jou' flittered across his mind…they…they couldn't get to him here could they? His pace quickened as he throw open his bedroom door. Nothing…Jounouchi wasn't there. He breathed in for a moment thinking he might be over reacting. Then he though again 'Mokuba' and turned throwing open his brothers door. Still ignoring the thoughts and concerns of those behind him. His eyes widened. He heard a gasp from behind him, not sure who it was issued from though.

On Mokuba's bed sat Yugi – Alone. His hair- all black his eyes the same shade. Most of his body was covered in black as well. He looked like something out of a gothic horror novel. Complete with a red stone around his neck.

At first he look passed Seto to Yami stroking the necklace. "Do you like it?" Yugi asked in a mock innocent voice. "My father told me how to make it." He said hand moving side to side. "It contains Ryou's blood and if you harm me he dies." Yugi smiled as Yami's blood ran cold.

"Snap out of it Yugi, Bakura's controlling you.. Help us save you Ryou and Anzu" Yami pleaded

"First off. Bakura is not controlling me. I'm just finally showing my true colors. My heritage as it were. Secondly Help you doesn't sound like fun and I would rather like to keep my new pets. But right now I'm here to add to my collection. I couldn't decide though on what to get. A dragon's little brother or a puppy dog. So I'll let their former master choice" Yugi's head slowly looked off to the left and then to the right and Bakura walked out from the shadows holding an unconscious Jounouchi in his arms…Marik then with Mokuba much the same.

Seto snapped as he ran forward only to be blown back. "Temper Temper. And after I was nice enough to let you choice who you love most." Yugi said making a tisk tisk noice.

"You bastard." Honda yelled shaking in fury.

"I like the title master better." Yugi said with a grin on his face

"Yugi please stop this madness this isn't you." Yami pleaded again.

"And how would you know. And anyway the question wasn't for you. This is Kaiba's choice." Yugi said staring at his Yami before his gaze returned to Seto. "Tick Tock time goes by the clock this scene is almost over. Choose now or loose them both"

"Yugi so help me god. I will kill you." Seto said seething at him.

Yugi gracefully stood and glided over to Seto. He stared into his eyes. Less then a foot a part, dark energy crackling around him. "When I am a god there will be nothing left to help you. Time is up choose or loose"

Seto made move to grab his shirt as the energy crackled and through him back smacking his head against the wall. Otogi moved to his side trying to wake him up.

"Times up Marik Bakura lets go" With that the portal opened. Yami reached out for Yugi as Honda ran at Bakura who was holding Jounouchi he collided with him as they both went through the portal…before Yami could reach Yugi though he was gone-they all were.

He just stared in a span of a few minutes they had lost Mokuba Jounouchi and Honda. He stood and looked to Otogi lifting Seto as he woke up.

"There …gon..e" his voice cracked.

Seto staggered as his rage over took him. "Yami I warn you I will kill him. I don't care what you say. He's doing it willingly. He's toying with us."

With that he turned and left the room. He needed to be alone…he couldn't let anyone see him cry. Having his brother and his lover taken from him in his very house had shook him to his core.

Back in the basement. Bakura dropped Jounouchi as he got into a wrestling match with Honda.

"You asshole I'll kill you I'll kill you" Honda yelled

"Get this bug off me. Someone" He yelled as Malik hauled him back then used the Millennium Rod to knock him out.

"I thought you were only bring back two." Malik said dropping Honda' unconscious body.

"Guess Honda had different plans. No matter. Just speed things up a bit. Last to go one Seto Kaiba." Yugi as the other chained up the new arrivals. (Ie the basement has two rooms Anzu and Ryou are in one the others are in another room)

"What about that Dungeon Dice guy?" Malik asked.

"He's not worth it. Might nab him when we get Kaiba though." Said Yugi as he walked up the stairs already making corrections to his script as his play shifted on him. Yami's time was running short. Soon very soon it would all be over.

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